I'm not sure where we're going
But on this highway with you is where I belong
Let's just follow the new breeze flowing
And avoid the cold winds sad song

I can't say we're "perfect" for each other
But honesty and compassion go a long way
We always seem to know what's best for one another
And love for the other is more than we can say

I'd like to say our past together was grand
But we had a rough start and a false ending
I knew you were honest though, when you took my hand
And I'm glad it was me you were befriending

This highway is long and full of waiting accidents
But we can make it through them all
If we just remember the both cold and heat vents
Our mutual trust keeps us from any possible fall

I know we can see each other through
To our own final destination
Even though one of us was without a clue
Together we'll find our best location

Some say we'll never really last
But those same people know nothing of compassion
They know nothing of truth and deny their own past
To them, love is nothing but a big complication

You & I found something bigger than us
We're not terribly selfish or blinded in our own lies
Nor do we use lies and drama to cause a fuss
We're only concerned with love, and how our time together flies..