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When the titanium dragons appear at your side, I start to chain together hand seals and i use

[Fuuton: Za Hyoujin Kaze] ♦ Wind Style: The Sharp Wind ♦
Rank: S
Type: Attack
Range: Short/Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: The user will gather wind into their hand and condense it with chakra. creating long and thin projectiles in their hand. Then the user can aim these projectiles, launching them at a target. The projectiles do not deal a very much damage, though they are made for precision instead. for if aimed at a very vital, or severe pressure point, the user can cause their target to be unable to battle. Though this is quite hard to do and requires a great amount of focus and accuracy. They are really sharp and fast and could pierce through steel.
~Usable only one times per battle.
~Their as fast as Rock Lee without weights
~Five projectiles are made from the users fingers.
~No wind techniques the next turn.
~Faust can only teach this.

five wind projectiles get shot out of my fingers towards your spinning dragons.

projectile 1: Slices right through your titanium jutsu.( S rank wind jutsu with slicing capabilities > forbidden titainum. Your CE says that titanium is weak to wind jutsu with slicing properties meaning once the slicing wind missile made contact with your titanium jutsu my jutsu overcame yours)
projectile 2: This one arcs in an upwards position so it can come on your from the top

projectile 3: curves to the left so it can hit your from the left

projectile 4: curves to the right so it can hit your from the right

projectile 5: heads straight for you.

While you are distracted by my wind jutsu. I use

(Katon: Keshi Makuga Hara) - Fire Release: Exploding Flame Crater
Rank: A
Type: Offense
Range: Long
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: 60
Description: The user first stomps on the ground, making an underground tunnel form between themselves and the opponent. They then breathe out fire into the tunnel, causing the fire to turn into lava as it travels. With a single hand seal, the lava will erupt from the ground underneath the opponent, engulfing them in lava.

A tunnel forms underneath you. i then blow fire into the whole on my end creating lava in the tunnel which erupts out underneath you.
True,and that wind jutsu would have worked if not for the +10 attack bonus from my sword.(which I stated,go look if you want).Though I am not sure exactly but I think because of the +10 bonus from my sword your wind wouldnt slice both my dragons.Plus because they are swirling making a huge titanium like drill.(dont reply in posts,vm me if you want to discuss.I will get a sensei for this)