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Shinobi such as Asuma and Hidan (Jōnin) wouldn't pose much of a challenge, anyone below that level would be trivial.
Against fellow Kages, that's where the lack of information becomes a noticeable issue for debates and such.

Depending on whom can be brought out by Edo Tensei, it's not unreasonable to say Tsunade and Hiruzen could lose.
The former hasn't exhibited any methods of sealing and her linear patterns could, over time, contribute to her losing.
Hiruzen had to use Shiki Fūjin to overcome Edo Tensei. If 2-3 are present, Tobirama would be victorious. (no arrogance)
The Fourth Kazekage would likely lose. He was killed without much trouble by Orochimaru and his Suiton should help.

There's bound to be more high-level shinobi that would lose to Tobirama. For now though, it's mostly speculation.
Ah, I see.

I do put Tobirama over Tsunade and Hiruzen, but that's due to by bias

I wonder if his S/T or Edo Tensei will ever be expanded on...