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    Naruto Manga 518 Spoilers / Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

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    Re: Naruto Manga 518 Spoilers / Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Credits: Ohana
    Status: Confirmed

    sai is super cool awesome!!
    he cuts!!

    547 :名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さ :2010/11/24(水) 16:53:12 ID:aL91FW7qP




    probably late sorry

    deidara and sasori are still alive
    sai's brother vanished. (unfortunately dead)

    lots of activity from sai and omoi

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    Re: Naruto Manga 518 Spoilers / Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    SOURCE== http://naruto-mangaspoiler.blogspot....8-spoiler.html

    518 The battle between the ambush corps!!

    Omoi's anxiety fades as he gets serious!!

    Deidara : "Hey, this is war!! Don't be saying nice things, yeah!!

    The ambush unit (Kankuro's) flees from battle.

    Sai Vs. Sai's brother

    Sai's brother attacks Sai. Sai stops it with a kunai. (could be the other way around)

    Sai: "Brother! Get a hold of yourself."

    Deidara: "Good movement. But attacking us (the zombies) is useless.

    Omoi: "Cloud style: URAGIRI!!" (uragiri = Betrayal / treachery). He cuts Sasori's chakra threads.

    Deidara: "Tch, you were aiming to cut behind me all along, what a dirty trick. Like I give a damn!! "

    Sasori: "You managed to cut my chakra strings... Impressive swordsmanship."

    Kankuro notices that Sasori's chakra strings have been cut, and connects his own chakra strings.

    Kankuro: "Ittan, do it!"

    Ittan: "OK! Earth Element : CHIDOUGAKU!!". The ground shifts and rises.

    Sai's brother is standing in front of Sasori

    Sasori is dragged down. " I didn't expect you to attach your chakra strings to mine... You've improved your technique a little, Kankuro".

    Kankuro: "I really appreciate the praise from a master puppeteer, but i'm better than you!" Kankuro pulls out Sasori's puppet scroll. He summons Sasori's body.

    Sasori: My puppet? No matter, I don't really care. Now I have a body that cannot be destroyed. This is the body i've always wished for!

    Kankuro: "..."

    Sasori connects his chakra strings to Sai's brother.

    Hoheto checks Sai's brother.

    Sai's brother: "Run..." He gets on Deidara's bird.

    Kankuro: "Ittan, use your earth technique to protect the wounded!!

    Hoheto "Chief... that Root guy! He's got that clay inside of him...

    Sai's brother "..."

    Sai "!?"

    Ittan "I heard that Deidara's exploding clay is weak against electricity..."

    Omoi "Maybe if I..."

    Kankuro's Sasori Vs. Sasori and Sai's brother

    If you cut the chakra strings, then Omoi can join the battle.

    The opportunity comes,

    Deidara "Too late!!"

    Kankuro "NOW! Kankuro's Sanshouuo (salamander pupper) comes out of the ground and swallows Sai's brother. He explodes.


    It was pretty lucky they were in the forest. The explosion? Anyhow, the reinforcements were killed / destroyed.

    Inside the rock : Zaji! How is it outside!?

    Zaji: It's OK. I can sense everyone's chakra, they're all alive.

    Omoi "Owowow"

    Sai's picture book falls out of his rucksack.

    Deidara "I didn't expect you to have some sort of defense puppet underground... You're lucky that that blast wasn't very powerful, yeah.

    Sasori "The defense puppet Sanshouuo. I created it long ago"

    Sai "... to use him as a bomb"

    Deidara "Yeah? Do you have a problem with that? I don't care if you're Sasuke's replacement, you watch [<-- I don't understand this part -->]

    Sai's brother starts to regenerate.

    Deidara "The soul is tied to this earth, we can regenerate as often as we like... even if we're turned into a bomb, hahahaha!…

    Sai's brother "I...don't want to hurt you... ...die... ...even though you've ( or i've) been released from Root.

    I know a little heresay about Konoha's Root... The members are raised from a young age together like siblings, they're raised to kill, they are trained to suppress their emotions...

    Sai's brother "If you lose your heart (emotions), you have no hesitation...that's what a truly strong ninja is. In Root I was close to that.

    Kankuro "..."

    Deidara "you're pretty good with your drawing! Art's a blast! Well then, lets go another round!

    Sai silently takes the brush.

    [<-- yattemiro is 'let's try to do', but i'm not sure what he's doing here. -->

    The pages in the picture book open

    Sai summons (like his ink animals) the Thunder God and the Wind God.

    Sai's brother is reminiscing.

    Sai "Brother, I've got something to show you... but it's not finished yet, please wait a little longer..."

    The Thunder God and the Wind God attack and push back Sasori and Deidara.

    Kankuro uses his 'Black' secret technique (his puppeteering technique I assume, he was talking about Sasori's 'Red' technique earlier). Deidara and Sasori are trapped inside his puppets (Kuroari and Karasu (Black ant and Raven) ).

    Deidara "****! I should have just used a suicide attack! I'll use my ultimate art, I can use it as many time as I want now! Yeah.

    I assume Deidara is opening the mouth on his chest (to ready his suicide attack). A lightning attack ripples through.

    Raiton!!? (Lightning technique!!?)

    Kankuro " [<-- No idea, it's the technique's name -->]

    Rope covered in poison comes out of Kankuro's Sasori and wraps around the puppets.

    Kankuro "Well done Omoi! Now I can definately keep these guys locked in my puppet technique.

    [<--this last part was really hard, so take it with a grain of salt guys-->]

    Sai's brother does something (for someone). [<-- Not sure without context -->]

    Omoi "Yeah!"

    Sai "I understood... When we were in Root, you said if we didn't fight it wouldn't happen... That time... we decided to stick together. [ <-- this is VERY loosely translated, i'm really not sure...something emotional-->]

    Sai's brother "It didn't seem bad"

    The book is at the page where Sai and his brother are holding hands...

    Sai's brother slowly disintergrates. He was able to see the picture.

    "It looks like your picture was able to unbind my soul..."

    Sai has a teardrop in his eye.

    Sai's brother (as his is disintergrating) "Thank you..."

    Inside the puppet, "What's the meaning of this...? There's no response coming from my chakra threads..."

    [<-- OK i'm attempting this last bit, but it's really difficult. It may be wrong so beware!-->]

    Kankuro "Sasori...Your strength you had was in your soul. Your former puppets had your soul in them, but it wasn't impossible to remove it." You put your soul in them so that they wouldn't rot, but I knew that. Now you're down to flesh and bones, you're the real you. You're just a simple puppet..."

    Sasori has his eyes closed and is listening.

    Kankuro "You were a master puppeteer (ninja). I didn't expect you to be controlled!

    The battle of the soul...The conclusion to the ambush corps' fight!!


    Fūjin Raijin (風神雷神, Thunder God and Wind God) hits Sasori and Deidara.
    Kankurō: Black Secret Technique— Deidara and Sasori are taken inside of Kankurō's puppets (Black Ant and Crow
    Deidara: ****! This way, I'll have to use suicide bombing quickly! I believe showing the world my Ultimate Art so often is rather unsophisticated, but I guess I'm left no
    Deidara is about to open the mouth on his chest, when a Raiton starts flowing [through him].
    Deidara: Raiton?!
    Kankurō: Kiki Sanpatsu! (危々三発, Danger Triple Shot)
    A poison-laced roped shoots out of Scorpion's [Sasori puppet?] abdomen and wraps around the puppets that hold Deidara and Sasori.
    Kankurō: Well done Omoi! From here on, i'll continuously keep those two bound with my Puppet Technique! You do something about Sai's elder brother!!
    Omoi: Got it!
    Sai: I understand... back when we were in Root, I had to fight my elder brother... I have to do what I didn't do at that time...
    Shin: Please do not hate me...
    The picture book with Sai and Shin holding hands is...
    Shin gradually crumbles. I finally saw the picture I wanted to see...
    It seems the
    It seems the picture of you is unravvelling the bindings of your soul...
    A tear falls from Sai's eye.
    Shin crumbles: Thank you...
    Sasori inside the puppet: What is this...? I'm not getting any respose from the threads...
    Kankurō: Sasori... You're strong because you have a soul. Once, because you wanted to become a puppet, you tried to erase your soul, but you didn't succeed.
    I understand that within the puppets you created dwell souls that never rot.
    But now, you are the real thing, flesh and blood degraded to being a puppet. Just an ordinary puppet...
    Sasori closes his eyes as he listens.
    Kankurō: You're were first-class shinobi when it comes to manipulating puppets. Now you're nothing more than a low-life being manipulated by someone else.

    Battle of the Souls... The conclusion of the battle between the suprise attack squads!!
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