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    521 prediction/discussion

    i didn't wanna post this in the actual discussion/prediction thread because there are too many pages and my prediction would probably not have been read.
    so i would give 520 a 4.5/5 this is cuz it explained alot of stuff like edo tensei, and how the dead demon consuming seal makes edo tensei not work on the sealed bodies.

    Kabuto and Madara "MIGHT" fight. im guessing this just cause of how tense it was between the 2 when Madara was talking about "todays ally is tomorrow's enemy" if this does happen, Kabuto's probably going to somehow quickly absorb Orochimaru's chakra from anko and fight madara that way. think about it. kabuto still hasn't even explained how to stop edo tensei so when madara asks next chapter kabuto has no choice to fight him because he's obviously not gonna tell madara how to get rid of an army of invincible shinobi. maybe he'll direct parts or all of the edo army to attack madara since he's still using his chakra to control them. but who knows we'll find out soon enough

    lemme know what you guys think about this idea

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    Re: 521 prediction/discussion

    I just want to say that no matter how much I hate the Uchiha's, Madara will probably win the fight if it were to happen. The dude has Sharingan and Rinnegan! But I suppose Orochimaru did survive an attack from the Kyuubi so because Kabuto has Orochimaru's abilities it would be understandible if he could survive Madara

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