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    her can you get naruto manga 416:

    so then you can realas it....
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    My thoughts on the Manga 416

    1. Naruto was shown crying while reading the book. The question is , does he understand and know the truth about his lineage.. I am not sure he does... His Parents dont feature in the book and it's the story of the character "Naruto" in the book... The question is why is Naruto Crying..... Did he realize anything or is just got all Emo .. What do you all think ??

    2. Naruto remembers his conversation with J-man regarding Sasuke's defection. He also asks about Orochimaru... Why do you think he remembers this suddenly in the middle of reading the book... It did not make sense.

    3. J-Man said he is going to change the world with his books. Which books did he mean ? He wrote just one good book and it did not sell. After that he only wrote spiced up perverted books which were bestsellers.. Am i missing something.

    4. "I ve got something more important" on Page 10 is not clear. When J-Man says that he wouldnt give Naruto his autograph, does Naruto think of that line meaning he has something more important than autograph in J-Man's book.. What do you all think ?

    5. And now to the most important point !

    I think Sasuke's discussion with Madara about destruction of Konoha is definitely a flashback. Madara thinks back to this conversation after Sasuke tells him that after healing his wounds, he is going to Konoha.

    My Reasons

    (a) This scene is shown after Sasuke leaves for healing up his wounds and in the conversation Sasuke and Madara are shown sitting opp to each other and chatting.

    (b ) I think this(destroying all of konoha) was Sasuke's original plan regarding Konoha or atleast what he wanted Madara to beleive..

    (c) We all know that Sasuke thought of team 7 during his fight with 8 tails and this definitely shows that he is not filled with so much hate so as to not remember important friends. This makes the conversation with Madara highly unlikely and hence it has to be a flashback.

    (d) One last observation to add to this. I think the black pattern drawn on the left hand side bottom corner near Madara is to tell us that it is a flashback and Madara is think back to his conversation with Sasuke.

    6. I really really think Sasuke is setting up Madara like he did with Orochimaru. Sasuke is a cleaver ******* and he'll suck up to Madara and tell him all he needs to hear until the very last moment that he is gonna give up on him.

    7. I think when Sasuke said that he is going to Konoha, he meant it differently. I think he wants to go back to Konoha to fufill his real plan (whatever it is) and meet team 7. May be help konoha against Pein till Naruto shows up and owns Pein.

    Sasuke's heart is with Konoha and Team 7, not against them. He is definitely using Madara and will show his true colors soon..

    What do you all think ?? Please rep

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    Chapter 416 is upon us!

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