Fukasaku gave Naruto Jiraiya's first book, which I am assuming to be the book he was discussing about with Minato during the flashback in his fight with Pain:

If it really is that book then Naruto is going to find out that Jiraiya had some kind of connection with his parents:

The main character in that book is named "Naruto" for gods sakes

So with that said, do you guys think Naruto will finally find out about his mother and father?

The bottom of this page gives yet another hint:

"What will Naruto learn from Jiraiya's book?!", which could really mean anything but I'm just including it because it goes along with what I think.

He's going to need an explanation as to why his name is in the first book Jiraiya wrote, and I don't think Narutos stupid enough to just let it slide. I'll be damned if Naruto ends up thinking Jiraiya was his dad, and this is such a great time for his parents to be revealed to him. Assuming Minato also went through with the Sage training, Fukasaku might already know about Naruto's parents.

This is suppose to be where Naruto is suppose to transform (and I'm not talkin about Hermit Mode lol) and become a better ninja when he returns to Konoha, and the knowledge that his father was the Yondaime just might be the the little extra motivation he needs.