sumthin mysterious about this dude
ithink him and the third where almost even but well danzo messed up
now he lost an arm
or did he ?

An elder ninja of Konoha Danzo (ダンゾウ, Danzō), is a war monger whose politics operated in opposition to the Third Hokage's politics. Within the ANBU corps, he created and led the training division known as Root, which was detached from the main ANBU. The Root group was disbanded and he lost his position, however many of its old members are still loyal to him. He is still a major piece in the power play of Konoha, though with his own influence within the village

anzo is a blunt tactician, which is demonstrated by his preference of eliminating threats and ordering them executed instead of using negotiation. His ideology regarding shinobi is parallel to that of fascism. Albeit not an official part in the affairs of Konoha, he still maintain an eye on everything, and will immediately act if he sees anything that might look like a threat to Konoha.

Even though he addresses Tsunade politely, he is not pleased with her. This is mainly because she is the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju the First Hokage and like Sarutobi has inherited the same teachings and philosophy as him, something that Danzo opposes.


Fans has speculated that Danzo could also be Madara Uchiha, Tobi has bolts on the same arm that Danzo has covered up. Similar hair styles. Not only that, he and Madara share the same hate for the First, Second, and Third Hokage's Teachings and Philosophy. Plus Madara hates the Senju clan, and the first and second were both Senju. Danzo also despises Tsunade for being the Grand-daughter of the First. Danzo also has the same eye covered up that Madara has his Sharingan. Kisame's revelation of Madara being Mizukage offers more support to this theory as Danzo's Root is said to use extremely similar methods to Kirigakure earlier on, the education that led to the village being referred to as the Village in the Bloody Mist.