The Wind Element is strong against lighting, but put up against fire, will only make it more powerful. As shown by Asuma, the wind element can be guided into blades to make them sharper, and as demonstrated it can cut through a tree and through a rock, while a normal blade would only be able to lodge itself into the tree.
( so if the wind user uses the fire technqie the oppent ued against him he can repel that attack wind is mostly a reppleing attack and a slcing attaack
Wind Release training as prescribed by Kakashi Hatake involves using wind natured chakra to first cut a leaf to bring out the wind chakra, and then cutting a waterfall (producing a wind strong enough to temporarily halt the flow of water) in order to make it strong enough to be combat applicable. Though rare in Konoha all of the Wind element users in the series have been very combat capable and wielded devastating techniques. Also of note six of the known wind users require a tool through which to focus their wind chakra, such as Temari's fan.