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    Naruto Manga 523 Predictions

    These Predictions are not made by me!

    Status: PREDICTION
    by: VDF

    Naruto 523: Immobilization and Illusion!

    Kabuto: It's over, hehe.
    Kakashi: Why them? Why not the new generation?
    The Blue: It's not true! Already with the guys with hereditary powers that's not easy... Beware!

    Paku kill the Blue.

    Kakashi: Training Ambush! - Electrocutes everyone -
    They plant Paku with their electrified kunai.


    Guy: Ohh! I see, well done Kakashi!
    Lee & Sakura:?
    Gai: Kakashi used his Raiton to protect the ninjas
    Kakashi: Not quite. When Paku was attacked, I plunged into an illusion of my Mangekyô and so I canceled his power. The Raiton was just there to create a diversion and inflict more damage. For the moment we have'nt more to worry about it unless Kabuto reacts.
    Kabuto: ... I can not cope with the Sharingan. My power goes. Fortunately Kakashi is the only ninja with the Sharingan, hehe. Paku is paralyzed only in illusion. But Kakashi will not hold this pace for long.

    Juugo: Raaah! - Trapping two samurai and a door at the same time -
    Suigetsu: Well done. Well, no, no, no ... It is not even!
    Suigetsu: These sons of ... of ... Samouraïs ! They robbed me!
    Juugo: Damn!
    Suigetsu: Well ... Call your birds know where the chef.
    Juugo: Hoshigaki Kisame is dead ...
    Suigetsu: What?!
    Juugo: ... His sword was bequeathed to the host of Hachibi
    Suigetsu: (remembers his fight) Hmm ... No chance of having. And the chef ?
    Juugo: The war started out ... He leads a unit of war.
    Suigetsu: Well ...

    Kakashi: They are coming!
    Kakashi VS Zabuza
    Sakura vs Haku
    Guy VS Ushuu (former owner of Samehada)
    Lee VS Girei (former owner of Hiramekarei)
    Sai VS Mangetsu (Suigetsu's brother)
    Kankuro VS Haram (former owner of the puppet Date, which is fighting with the sword Ningyofukku)
    Omoi VS the 6th
    Ittan VS the 7th

    Kakashi: You can still stop everything!
    Zabuza: I have no conscience
    Kakashi: Ugh! No choice! ... Raiton - Daburu Raikiri!

    Zabuza's sword is cracked and is pierced by two rays of electricity.

    Kabuto: Ugh!? This technique is powerful!
    Zabuza: - rises and closes the hole - I'm already dead ...
    Kakashi: Kuh!?
    Kankuro: I found only one way to kill them: take them through feelings!
    Kakashi: They haven't theses now !
    Kankuro: ... In this case, they should stop and send them in an illusion. They will not completely destroyed but it's something now.
    Guy: Wait, Kakashi! Remember to master the 3rd Hokage!
    Kakashi: (remembers) ... Yes ... We must seal the soul! - Released his Mangekyô -
    Zabuza: My sword ...!
    Kabuto: Injury Kakashi. Nobody has mastered the technique of sealing in your team, hehe.
    Kakashi: - sort of iron wire and electrified – First : Immobilization ! - The cable wraps around the Raiton Zabuza and he is paralyzed - ... Then : ... Illusion! - Zabuza collapses -
    Kabuto:! That's not true! Yet his Sharingan! I have no choice ... Sharingan VS Sharingan !

    Itachi appears

    Kakashi: That's not true! Kabuto will resurrect the entire Uchiha clan?! Argh ... I used my Sharingan following ...
    Itachi: ...
    Sakura: Yaaaahh! - Crushes the head of Haku -
    Guy: It is useless! They must be stoped !
    Sakura: I know. I intend to break his bones, it will be well immobilized and we will send him in an illusion. Yaaah! - Haku's arm is destroyed but he's reformed -
    Lee: Give suddenly to prevent them from rebuilding their bodies. If they have too many injuries, they can not quite recreate the same time and this will be the go! The weakening!
    Guy: Konoha Renpuu! Shit, he avoided! But I still in Nice Guy mode!
    Lee: Absolutely, Gai-Sama!
    Sakura: ... - jumps up and falls on Haku - SHANAROOO!

    The floor exploded and water flooded the place.
    Haku drowned while trying to recreate
    Sakura enters the water and sends Haku to a guy named Toka

    Toka: Illusion Timeless - Breaking the Mirror!

    Haku is caught in an illusion where the locks and mirrors are broken.

    Toka: Good!
    Kabuto: Or not!
    Haku: - regenerates -
    Kabuto: Only the Sharingan is able to stop my guys, hehe and Kakashi is not in his top form.

    Also Read Next Chapter Prediction
    Naruto 524 : The Seven Swordsmens of Kiri
    __________________________________________________ ________

    Status: PREDICTION

    Naruto 523: The Turn of the Tide

    Kakashi thinking: "We can't take on all of these guys at once. We need to come up with a way to stop them."
    Samurai: "Kakashi we will deal with the seven samurai if you deal with the blood line limit users and keep them distracted."
    Kakashi: "..."

    Neji is looking at Haku in the distance as two ninjas are fighting her at the same time. Neji activates his byakugan and gasps as he sees the chakra pathways of Haku. Neji looks over and sees that Hinata has the same expression.

    Neji: "Hinata do you see it too?"
    Hinata: "Yes. I guess you are thinking the same thing that I am."

    Neji and hinata race towards haku as the ninjas fall over with slash marks all over their bodies. Haku charges towards them and swings to slash at Neji when suddenly Neji vanishes and suddenly hinata appears right in front of him and neji behind him. Instantly neji and hinata both at the same time hit several gentle palm fist technique hits to haku causing him to scream in pain as he falls to the ground. Zabuza and kakashi suddenly turns to where haku is to see he has fallen. Neji and Hinata stand over as Haku as he lays there in a paralyzed state.

    Kakashi thinking: "That must be one of the weaknesses of theses puppets. They still have chakra networks that can be blocked!"
    Kakashi: "Neji! Hinata! Split up and deal with the other blood line limit users."

    Kabuto is looking at the map and smirks.
    Kabuto: "Damn it. Didn't expect that one coming. I guess I will just have to deal with them first."

    Neji is about to attack Gari from behind when suddenly he turns around nearly upper cuts neji. Neji stands there as Gari prepares to make a seal. Suddenly several of the ninja appear behind Gari and restrain him. Neji stands there gasping while the others look at him.

    Ninja: "Do it kid. Stop wasting time."

    Neji charges forward and Gari struggles to get free. Neji hits several gentle palm fist hits into the chest and stomach of Gari as he screams in rage and agony. His head then suddenly slumps over as the others let go and he collapses forward to the ground twitching still. Neji looks over at Hinata to see she is already looking back at him with paku also on the ground.

    Kabuto slams his fist on the ground.
    Kabuto: "Damn it. Guess there is no point in pressing this attack and further."
    Kabuto smiles as he makes a hand sign.

    Kakashi looks is about to charge in at Zabuza who is vaguely visable in the mist. Suddenly an explosion of smoke occurs around Zabuza as he vanishes in place of a young pale man who collapses to the ground. Suddenly the mist slowly starts to fade away as everyone looks around to see each other on the battlefield with their enemy gone. Immediately some start to cheer but kakashi looks at the fallen young man and clenches his fast as he surveys the remains of the enemy on the battlefield.

    Kabuto smiles and begins to move some positions on his map.
    Kabuto: "You may have won that one kakashi but while you were dealing with them I had a little something else happening at the same time."
    Kabuto smiles as he positions another piece on the map. Some ninja are shown heading towards a village in the distance.

    Naruto 524: Attack! The Siege of Kumogokure
    __________________________________________________ ________

    Status: PREDICTION
    by: Silverblade

    Naruto 523: The Seven Swordsmen

    Kakashi: It's time that I gotten serious.

    Sakura gulps...
    Random Ninja: Guy look out from behind!

    Gari throws his fist towards Guy
    Guy: !!!

    Guy then thinks to himself -This is the one who can cause explosions by touching an object. It's best to dodge his attacks for now.
    Guy sidesteps Gari's fist.

    Gari snickers and stomps his heel onto the terrain
    Gari: Blast Release: SinkHole of Doom!
    Guy: !!!

    Kakashi turns over to Guy
    Zabuza: Kakashi you're fight is with me.
    Mangetsu: The world of the living eh?
    Zabuza: Yes. We kill again like we used to do in the old days.
    Ex-Samehada user: Let's rejoice with our blades shall we?!

    Kakashi: No you don't
    Kakashi quickly makes some seals and raises his palms in front of his chest.
    Sakura: ?!! That techinque..

    Lee sends another spinning heel into Haku's face. But then becomes snow that encases Rock Lee's foot.
    Lee: Tch!

    Kakashi: Raiton - Dancing Wolves

    A ball of lightning emerges from Kakashi's palms landing onto the surface. The ball becomes two wolves that Kakashi can control with both of his hands.

    The two Wolves sends a sickening howl nullifying the movements of the enemies.
    Guy: Here's my chance.
    Guy performs a couple of seals and removes a scroll from his waistline.

    Gari: I.. I can't move!!
    Guy: It's all over for you. Guy sends his fist into the chest cavities of Gari, propelling him backwards.
    Gari: !!

    Zabuza: Shit.
    Kakashi: SEAL!!!

    Guy then places the scroll onto the ground. Slams his palm onto the smooth surface of the ivory sheet. A seal emerges and then Gari's soul is sent into the paper. Revealing the dead body which encased his soul.

    Kakashi: *thinking - I have to conserve my chakra here. I managed to get one down. So far. I'll have to release the jutsu on the seven.*

    The stun effect wore off.
    Zabuza: You're dead meat.

    Kakashi sends one of the wolves crashing into Zabuza.
    Mangetsu appears next to Kakashi and then Kakashi sends his second wolf into Mangetsu's core.
    The Wolf jutsu stuns them both.
    Kakashi makes his way to the other five. But is met with a wall of mist which covers the battlefield..

    The Masked Swordsman appears out of nowhere and Rock Lee is stabbed...
    Lee: GAHH!!!
    Sakura and Guy: Lee!!
    Guy: These bastards...

    A random alliance ninja dispels the mist jutsu.
    A mist swordsman is behind him and takes him by the arm then slits his throat....

    Guy: Sakura! Quick. Get Lee.

    The Masked Swordsman moves with elegant speed. He tries to go for a second assault on Lee but is stopped by Sai's short sword.

    Masked Guy: A novice stops me?! Fu Fu.
    Kakashi: Where are the other swordsmen and that girl...

    Mist Sword-tress appears out from the bushes
    Hiramekarei release!!

    The blade propels from the bushes and sends Kakashi through the trees..

    Random Shinobi: General!!

    -Scene switches to Darui-

    Ninja 1: Darui. Troops are coming by sea.
    Darui: The great Salamander.
    Hanzo: I. The Great Salamander will smite these pathetic living beings.

    Naruto 524: Assault of the Seven Swordsmen
    __________________________________________________ ________

    Status: PREDICTION
    by: SageofSixPaths

    Naruto 523: New Times Unfold

    kakashi: (thinking) more summonings looks like im gonna have to use "that" jutsu
    division: whats wrong kakashi
    kakashi: everyone cover me this is gonna take a while.
    else where
    naruto: pant pant,this is even harder then the futon rasengan
    killer bee: what the hell is that mofuka
    naruto: ill show you....wait ,maybe things will be alot easier if i stop it
    killer bee: what the hell you talking bowt fool
    naruto: ever since i left konoha i left a shadow clone at mount myoboku
    he he his learning the sage arts as we speak
    killer bee: a shadow clone.....(thinking)"so his been doing all this kyuubi stuff while trying not to disturb the clone.
    naruto: (hand seal) woooah das quite a few jutsu he learnt
    killer bee: hey retard what the hell is sage arts
    naruto: its kind of long to tell you so ill show you,hmm...o let me show you a new one
    CLAP SAGE ARTS Violent Wind Palm
    killer bee: ..... (thinking)AMAZING
    back to the war
    guy: kakashi you ready yet this is really testing my youth
    kakashi: ready, everyone stand back this technique is extremely dangerous
    all the summons get swallowed in a big swamp then the earth closes over and goes back to normal
    kakashi: pant pant panT Pant, sakura stopo being useless and hand me over a soldier pill
    Division: woow amazing so this is what the kakashi of the sharingan can do
    Kakashi: (thinking)if it wasnt for jaraiya sama i dont think we could of one.lets goe
    else where in a dark hide out
    Sasuke: zetsu i wouldnt test my patience if i were you
    zetsu gulps
    zetsu: madara will be here soon to take the bandages off just wait
    splaat a chidori spear goes threw the white zetsus head
    sasuke: like i said you overestimate my patience
    black zetsu fades into the ground as fast as tobi runs
    black zetsu: madara his out of control and he killed white zetsu
    madara: ill go deal with him,while i do go get yourself another white zetsu
    black zetsu fades away
    madara warps into sasukes location
    madara: why did you kill white zetsu
    Madara: turn roound wheen im talking to you
    sasuke: turns round and faces madara
    madara: thoosee eyes it coudnlt be
    sasuke: ha haa haa haa haa haa ha
    madara sweating
    madara: .....
    sasuke: you look a little nervous
    madara: ka ka kabuto has summoned itachi from the deaad

    with madara weary of kabutos plans and fearful of sasukes new eyes he comes up with a new plan
    __________________________________________________ ________

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    Re: Naruto Manga 523 Predictions

    All interesting predictions.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 523 Predictions

    i guess the last we can do is to wait till its released ^_^

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    Re: Naruto Manga 523 Predictions

    you can make a fanfiction out of it, I guess!

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    Re: Naruto Manga 523 Predictions

    hopefully kishi doesn't bullshit us like normal. i wanna see some decent storyline

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    Re: Naruto Manga 523 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Ikari Shinji Kun View Post
    hopefully kishi doesn't bullshit us like normal. i wanna see some decent storyline

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    Re: Naruto Manga 523 Predictions

    So which prediction do you think will happen?

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    Re: Naruto Manga 523 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by -NaruKun- View Post
    So which prediction do you think will happen?
    i think the last one:D

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    Re: Naruto Manga 523 Predictions

    It is hard to say which could be true because everyone of them has parts where Kishi could have in his manga chapter.

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