My Guess Script For 416:

Cloud ninja (with glasses)#1: Raikage! your brother has been attacked and captured by akatsuki!!!!

Raikage: what!? they defeated my brother......*frustrated face*...AKATSUKI bastards ill get you!

Cloud ninja #2: oh and raikage we saw an uchiha crest on one of the akatsuki members, which was the one who released a black flame and defeated your brother...!?

Raikage:WHAT! an uchiha did they not all get whiped out....

Raikage:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????IT CANT BE

Cloud ninja#1(with glasses):?

Raikage: could the akatsuki be secretly working for konoha??.....after all there the only ones left with a Jinchuuriki besides us......

Cloud ninja#2:they wouldnt......would they?

Raikage: ok were going after my brother first when i come back have an army of cloud ninjas ready.....

*scene changes to sasuke*

Karin:ughhhhhh*groins in pain* saved me he--......

Sasuke:Karin rest dont talk

Suigetsu:at least she still has enough energy to obsess over you

*sasuke falls to the ground*
Sasuke:...dam it

Juugo:you have used to much energy sasuke...and your eyes are bleeding

Sasuke:...*flashbacks to madara saying are you sure you dont want to take your brothers eyes?*......

*Scene changes to naruto reading the book*

Pa frog:Naruto you have accomplished alot in a short amount of time im impressed

Naruto:Im gona have to work even harder! if im going to avange jiraiya...and plus i have to complete that jutsu jiraiya told me not to use....

Pa frog:?what techiniq--

Naruto:IVE GOT IT!!

Pa Frog:?

Naruto:THE CODE!!!!we have to get back to konoha now!!!

Pa Frog: thats great.....but before we go back...I have to teach you something else
that another student that jiraiya brang here before....

Pa Frog:..! actually he looked a lot like you, he later became the 4th hokage


Naruto: oh then the code can wait teach me please

*naruto drops the book*


*picks it up but something from the last page falls out*

Naruto:*picks it up*

Pa Frog:!? it cant the 4ths.... special kunai!

Naruto:??wow really *naruto throws at a statue and with high speed appears in front of the kunai that he threw at the statue*

Pa Frog:NARUTO................WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT!?

Naruto: .....its nothing i was pissed off and training after i learned pervy sages de.....

Pa Frog: NARUTO! only the 4th has been able to use that special kunai to whipe out hundreads of enemy armys single handedly

Pa show me that again one more time


*Scene changes to the two gaurds talking in the front of konoha gate*

Touji Mizuki gaurd 1: Another lame ass day....*sign*

(with scar)Guard 2: dont say might jynx us

*Konaha gate is suddenly smashed and broken by two foggy figures in the smoke*

(with scar)Guard 2:!?

*1 foggy figure dissapeers and all you can see is pains 6 bodys and 1 pain body is holding the fist up which used to smash gate*


(with scar)Guard 2K *sends bird turns around*

Touji Mizuki gaurd 1: *spitts blood and falls on the ground*

(with scar)Guard 2: TOUJI!?

Ends With

Pain standing behind (with scar)Guard 2

Hope you liked it, tell me what you think?