hi all i am in a writing mood i will write my own wish prediction summary for the upcoming chapters not big not small just enough to be hyped :D

The battlefield front lines are colapsing
The shinobi alliance is being pushed back
The shinobi alliance loses man lot's of them
Our favorite characters die
And those we don't like
tsunade dies
raikage dies
the konoha 7 are saved by their parents they gave their lifes for their children
The shinobis are pushed back all the way to the HQ and are surrounded by 1000 and 1000 of zetsus and incredibly powerful Edo tenseis
Of the 60.000 shinobi ninjas only about 5000-10.000 are alive but exhausted and many wounded
The final moment Madara stands on a hill close to the HQ with the white/dark zetsu next to him
Madara: we Did it my plan is going according to plan the shinobi alliance will be crumbled in the next few minutes
Zetsu: dont be so sure it's not over yet, those who survived are the strongest shinobi
Sasuke is on a special mission, he is on the way to kill the feudal lords that zetsu scouted, it's his test for his new eyes (he kills them)
Naruto in middle of training (i did it finaly puff that was hard)
Backround: huge devastation looks like naruto has the ultimate jutsu.
Naruto after relief from the training that he mastered senses something really evil not far away from him he did not notice it before cuz he was to fokused on training
Naruto is outraged he feels so much suffer so much hate so much despare
In the Hq the shinobis are prepairing for the last battle.
The konoha 7 are standing and seeing in the distance they can only see masses of white zetsus moving fast towards them
It's hopeless we cannot stop them
I know but let's give the best out of us to protect our herritage, our people and our fallen
The zetsus are incredibly close and are just to overrun the remaining shinobis from 4 different directions
Sudenly a huge explosion where the zetsus where it's so bright that the shinobis have to cover their eyes after few moments the explosion fades away and a huuuuge dust cloud rises and blocks the visibility where the zetsus where, the shinobi wonder what happend
Then a shinobi points with his finger on a hill behind them
shikamaru, sakura, hinata, all of the konoha 7 are amazed
He is on the hill and a big sun is behind him he is in a new robe and looks like a angel savior

ok to long lol enough from me :p