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    Keotsu v2

    Basic Information
    Name: Keotsu Akarusa
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17

    Looks: Keotsu is a teenage of average build for a shinobi - he stands at 5'9" or 175 cm, and is of average weight. Keotsu has medium length, shaggy dark brown hair and sapphire colored eyes. He is usually seen in white-khaki colored pants, and wears a navy-black undershirt, which he wears a navy and white jacket over. He wears a pair of boots in place of the opened-toed sandels common to Shinobi, and he has a type of leather belt around his waist, for when he carries a weapon with him.

    Personality: Keotsu is a quite usually a quiet, serious, and calm person. He is not one to anger easily, but like all people, he does have a threshold. His usually composed demeanor seems to lighten with the arrival of his friends, as he becomes more lively and smiles more often when in their company than when he's not.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Land of Autumn
    Village of Alliance: Joint Alliance

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Sannin
    Kenjutsu and Taijutsu Expertise: Keotsu has not yet mastered the Way of the Sword, but through his own practicing and training, along with training in various countries, he has become renowned as one of the best in the world, though he still has far to go. His physical training that he has undertaken to supplement his sword skills, and Keotsu, though not the fastest person in the world, can easily follow movements and react to them, like a Taijutsu Master.

    Genjutsu Expertise: Keotsu took an extreme interest in Genjutsu, and thus studied their workings and effects on the body and psych. He can recognize most Genjutsu that do not require special conditions to use.

    Handseal Speed: Keotsu is an oddity in that his chakra does not sway to any particular element. He has made up for this by having a knack for preforming handseals - he can preform twelve seals in the same span of time as it takes another Shinobi to do six. And as it has been shown possible to do handseals while holding an object (as Kakashi demonstrated with a scroll), Keotsu has perfected the art of making handseals while holding a sword, though it noticeably slows him down, slowing him down from his two-one handseal ratio to one-one.

    Katon, Fuuton, Raiton, Doton, and Suiton.
    Your ninjutsu:
    Katon ~ Masted
    Fuuton ~ Mastered
    Raiton ~ Mastered
    Doton ~ Mastered
    Suiton ~ Mastered
    Ninjutsu ~ Mastered
    Jutsu list Taijutsu ~ Mastered
    Genjutsu ~ Mastered
    Keotsu's Custom Jutsu

    Background Info.
    Keotsu was born in the quiet and beautiful Land of Autumn to Tetsugi and Nyame Akarusa. A pleasant place in an everlasting Autumn, the Land of Autumn was well renounced for crafts that came out of it, and this family would be no different.

    While also the leader of the Land's Shinobi forces, Tetsugi was also a glass blower, and made astonishing sculptures that were coveted by many, while Nyame was a scholar, and expert healer; both where talented musicians, a trait they would pass on to their son.

    Keotsu, at the age of seven, was enrolled in the local Shinobi Academy alongside his best friends Rena and Diango. The three would spend all of their time together, until one fateful day during the year they would all graduate from the Shinboi Academy - at age 12. Diango and his family would be moving to the Land of Wind, far away from the Land of Autumn.

    It would be a heartfelt day, as the three spent the remainder of the day doing what it is the friends enjoyed - ending the day with ice cream as they watched the sunset over the ocean in the distance.

    The weeks following Diango's departure where quiet and gloomy - a rare storm had overtaken the land, drowning everything in it's bleak overcast. It would be a forerunner to tragedy.

    But, despite the unknown tragedy that loomed over the horizon, life went on. Keotsu and Rena tackled various missions assigned to them - it is in this solemn time that Keotsu's illustrious career as swordsman would begin.

    A simple mission - he, Rena, and their Sensei where to deliver a sculpture to the Land of Iron for an upcoming festival. They would be allowed to attend the festival, and would be expected home the week following it's end. Keotsu, while in the Land of Iron, took to watching an old man practice with his katana - the man took notice of Keotsu and asked the boy if he would like to join him in his practice. Keotsu quickly agreed, but was embarrassed by just how little he truly knew about Kenjutsu, but the man merely laughed, claiming that "Not even the gods are born with all the knowledge."

    Over the three weeks that the festival spanned, Keotsu spent much of his time with the old man, who instructed Keotsu in the very basics of Kenjutsu. The man, whom Keotsu learned was an old commander, refused to teach Keotsu anything other than the basics, claiming that simply teaching Keotsu the basics would allow him to form his own fighting style, without being influenced by his teacher.

    As their time in the Land of Iron drew to an end, the man presented Keotsu with is first katana - a simple piece, but a great one that Keotsu still uses to this day.

    And so, the trio returned home, and for a time, life went on as usual, Keotsu and Rena proceeding with their Shinobi duty, and writing letters to keep in touch with their friend Diango.

    Then the siege happened.

    A man called the Guru attacked the Land of Autumn, burning the beautiful forests with black flames. Taking the form of a large black behemoth, he attacked the Land, after one thing - Keotsu.

    The Land mobilized all of it's available Shinboi forces - Keotsu, though, was sent into hiding. Refusing to sit back as his home was destroyed, though, Keotsu went against orders, and joined the fray against the behemoth.

    By the time he returned to the village from the safe-house he had been dispersed to, much of his home already lay in ruins - homes were destroyed, the forests where ablaze with malice - even the sky itself seemed stained red with blood.

    The black beast was like a shadow against the sky, breathing pure malice from its maw, engulfing those who tried and failed to take down the beast.

    Surveying the damage, Keotsu checked the wreckage for survivors, and found amongst it, Rena. Hoisting the unconscious girl onto his back, he continued traversing through his destroyed home.

    As he neared the beast, an amount of fear welled up inside him - what was he thinking? He wasn't powerful, what could he do against something that was so easily knocking aside the veterans? But it was to late to turn back now - the beast had caught scent of Keotsu.

    With a roar, the beast turned, and faced down Keotsu - he could smell the blood on it's breath, and he would never forget the fiery red eyes. But before the beast could enact it's plan, a large wall of earth formed in front of Keotsu, whom was being swept away from none other than his father.

    Taking Keotsu to the waterfall at the edge of the land - a waterfall that connected the Land of Autumn to the rest of the world, Tetsugi cast a barrier jutsu around his son and Rena, and pushed the two off of the waterfall.

    The last Keotsu saw of his father was his back, as he turned to face the behemoth.

    Shaken and washed downstream, Keotsu awoke alone - he and Rena had separated in the current of the river. With nothing with him but his katana, Keotsu would be forced to fend for himself.

    So, for the next two years, Keotsu wandered across the continent, taking whatever jobs he could get to survive, as well as strengthening himself through all kinds of training and fighting - he refused to be weak; next time his help was needed, he would be strong enough to lend people his aid.

    Eventually, Keotsu's travels brought him to the Land of Water, which in itself would be a bitter-sweet experience. While there, Keotsu came across Rena, having been taken in by a family that was visiting the mainland, and then brought back home with them. After convincing Rena to come with him, Keotsu was unsure what to do - his whole purpose besides strengthening himself was to reunite with Rena. But, another familiar face would soon appear to him.

    A week after reuniting with Rena, Keotsu was standing on a pier, waiting for the boat that would come the next day to return them to the main land - and in a burst of fire, a man appeared next to Keotsu - it was Diango, though he was not quite as happy as Keotsu would have guessed to see him.

    Spewing words of how Keotsu was responsible for the death of his family, Diango attacked Keotsu, taunting Keotsu with how powerful he had become under no other than the Guru himself.

    The two fought with all their might - Keotsu's katana clashed with Diango's halberd-like weapon, as jutsu flew from each, destroying the pier as the two clashed. It was evident by Diango's sudden change in tone that he had not expected Keotsu to become so powerful on his own - his bladework was top notch, even being able to fight with his left hand after a strike from Diango's halberd broke Keotsu's right arm.

    The fighting only stopped when Rena and a group of shinobi came to investigate the commotion; Diango, seeing as he was now outmatched, disappeared in another burst of flames.

    Keotsu now knew his new objective - he would stop the Guru; his father had failed to best the behemoth, and it still roamed. He would defeat the beast - a small amount of revenge motivated him, but more than that, he refused to let more lives be lost to the Guru than he had already taken.

    And so Keotsu and Rena departed, their next destination Konohagakure, following Rena's advice that they may be able to find help in the largest of the Shinobi Nations.

    They agreed to help Keotsu, whom out of respect worked for Konoha for a short-time. Through his own travels, Keotsu traveled across the continent with the Konoha shinobi, and gathered any intelligence he could find about the Guru - when he saw that he could only collect meager pieces of information, Keotsu was forced to do something he wanted no part of - he would have to return to the Land of Autumn.

    Somberly, Keotsu said good-bye to Rena - in case, somehow, he came across the Guru, he did not want her there.

    It was on this lone journey that Keotsu came to terms with just how much devastation the Guru caused that night - the land still bore scars, as the forests' floors where still covered in ash, as the trees themselves where only saplings, not yet grown, how even the mountains seemed as bone, covered in black ash, the remnants of the beautiful forests that once lined the land.

    But to Keotsu's surprise, the town he grew up in was not empty, was not a pile of ash - the town had been rebuilt and, though much smaller, was as thriving as ever.

    Familiar faces called out to him from windows, from within the streets, as the all ushered him to the town square. There, working on another house, as he turned to see his son, was Tetsugi.

    Tetsugi told Keotsu the events of the night - how there were surprisingly few casualties due to the evacuations, how Keotsu's mother was indeed alive, how Rena's parents where still alive, and the tale of how Tetsugi managed to hold the Behemoth at bay.

    With Keotsu gone, and several of the Shinobi scattered across the land, Tetsugi gave the order to use one of the most powerful techniques they had at their disposal. Forming a large star, a giant seal etched itself across the ground as the very rays of the sun seemed to condense themselves, causing a massive blast to come crashing down upon the behemoth, but leveling the town in the process- the beast withered into black flames, and they had thought the battle won.

    But, with Keotsu's tale of Diango's actions, Tetsugi now knew that he was wrong. He agreed to help his son collect intelligence, and to gather any information they could. He asked, though, that Keotsu be on his own for just a while longer, to retrieve Rena and bring her home.

    Keotsu obliges and returns home with Rena within the month - in this time, though, the same dark clouds have once again fallen over the Land of Autumn - Keotsu could tell that his time of trial was drawing near.

    His father, recognizing the incoming tragedy, orders all non-military personnel out of the Land of Autumn and spent his time training his son, knowing that he would refuse to leave this time.

    And when the beast finally came, they where ready.

    A black silhouette darker than the surrounding shadows, the dragon-like beast came once again to the Land of Autumn - no black flames accompanied it this time, for it knew where it's prey was.

    The assault began - the beast launched an orb of it's black flames towards the Shinobi, only to have it doused by a large wave of water - the shinobi ran, weapons held high, and launched their attack on whatever part of the massive behemoth they could reach. They soon found, though, that the beast's skin was stronger than steel.

    The fighting raged on for hours - the beasts flames where doused as soon as they where conjured, and so it was forced to resort to physical attacks.

    As the fighting wore on, the Land of Autumn's forces slowly dwindled, and Tetsugi once again gave the command to use their most powerful jutsu. With a blinding flash of light, it seemed that they had won - the beast was gone.

    But it was not as it appeared, and all of the Land of Autumn's forces suddenly became frozen, as if their personal time had stopped, leaving only Keotsu and the Guru's human form, who raised from the center of collision, to finish their fight.

    The Guru spoke of how Keotsu was a key that must either be captured or destroyed before conjuring a blade of black fire.

    Keotsu, drawing his trusty katana, went on to fight the Guru. Keotsu could hold his own, but it was clear that the Guru was much more skilled than he was - he soon overpowered Keotsu. Swinging his black blade and unleashing a wave of fire that sent Keotsu sprawling, he aimed his blade at Keotsu's chest, about to end the fight by launching the blade at him, as he had tried to do previously in the fight.

    As the blade launched from it's hilt, it struck flesh and bone, and pierced the heart. Tetsugi fell to the ground, the blade piercing his chest - he had intercepted the blade to save his son.

    Keotsu, in a fit of blind rage, grabbed his father's katana from his body and charged at the Guru, using his two blades against the Guru's one, which replenished itself in a surge of black fire.

    With two blades and a spirit full of rage, neglecting defense and taking any attempt he could to strike, Keotsu's offensive assault gave him the upper-hand. Any movement that Keotsu moved that exposed himself was accompanied by a fatal attack that the Guru was forced to block.

    Their duel raged on, when Keotsu finally made the move he needed - feinting a cross slash, Keotsu dropped to his knees, swinging his blades around, catching the Guru across his knee.

    Then, by using both blades, he slammed the Guru hard, causing him to lose his own blade.

    The Guru made a remark - Keotsu, at the time, did not understand what he meant. Completing his objective and satisfying his thirst for vengeance, he plunged both blades through the Guru's heart.

    The beast was slain.

    For Keotsu, the next few days were all a blur - his mother returned to the Land of Autumn, where a funeral was held for Tetsugi. All the while, Keotsu was overwhelmed with both the emotional pain of losing his father as well as the strange lingering pain from his blows from the blade of black fire.

    The next few weeks where spent in quiet mourning and reflection - without a father, his family was broken, without an objective, what was he to do?

    So, Keotsu made a simple decision. He still needed to be stronger. He knew there were still people that need to be brought to justice. Diango still had to be found.

    Telling his mother and Rena -who was staying behind to watch over the Land of Autumn- goodbye, Keotsu took up his sword and left, thinking that it was time for him to revisit his teacher.

    Traveling to the Land of Iron, Keotsu trained alongside his own teacher, increasing his Kenjutsu skills even further - the Land of Iron considered him one of their finest at the end of his training, and gave him the title of "Honorary Samurai".

    Along the way, in his search for Diango, Keotsu came across a man, who used an odd style in which he made use of hundreds of blades. Keotsu's personally forged sword, that he himself made while training in the Land of Iron, was so well suited to Keotsu that it allowed him to fight on par with the man. They battled for a full day before both finally collapsed from exhaustion.

    He learned that the man's name was Mifune, and he was seeking refuge for both his charge and himself. Impressed with Keotsu, he asked if he could travel with the swordsman - Keotsu agreed, equally impressed, and thankful for the company. Mifune would come to eventually teach Keotsu his Infinite-One Sword Style.

    Keotsu continued his travels with Mifune, until the two were forced to part ways for a short time. Following a lead he had gotten, Keotsu was going to examine a cave in the far North - Rena, who had long since reunited with Keotsu after the repairs to their hometown were finished, was going to accompany him.

    With plans to meet in three weeks time in the Land of Iron, Keotsu bid Mifune farewell.

    As they made their way through the forest - which in itself was a strange challenge, where the forest was a maze - Keotsu eventually found his way to the cave and discovered, not Diango, but a strange necklace on a pedestal.

    The air was charged, and it was clear that the necklace was of importance, and held some kind of power - throwing caution to the wind, he grabbed the necklace and a blinding light engulfed him.

    He awoke inside a tent alongside a man adorned in tarnished golden armor. Keotsu was to be tried as a spy, but the man had decided to come to Keotsu's aid, and due Keotsu's lack of knowledge as to where he actually was, it was decided that he should be allowed to live. Keotsu was thankful for the man's help - there where far to many for Keotsu to defeat with his blades, and, strangely, he could not use his chakra to activate his jutsu.

    The man told Keotsu of how the land was engulfed in Darkness, and how powerful Demons reigned. He was part of a group of warriors that were on a crusade to destroy these demons.

    Through much questioning of the man - for Keotsu feared that a group with similar powers to the Guru had emerged - Keotsu learned not where he had been sent...but when. Due to his knowledge, Keotsu learned that the necklace had sent Keotsu back to the fabled times of the Rikkudo Sennin, and without a way to return to his own time.

    The man listened to Keotsu's cries of panic, and agreed that it was indeed strange and plausible, but that there was nothing he could do to help.

    Keotsu was crushed - was he to be trapped far from his home time? A sense of hopelessness overcame Keotsu.

    The man made a suggestion - obviously, Keotsu was sent into the past. Perhaps he was sent back to make sure history ran its course? Though questionable as to why it would choose him of all people, Keotsu agreed that it was a theory that would be more likely than others.

    For three years, Keotsu lived with the man and his army, living along side them, training along side them, and fighting along side them, always hoping that someday he could return home.

    Then it finally happened. One night at dinner, the man came up to the head of the table and announced that they had located one of the Greater Demons. There would be many casualties, but they were going to attack it the following day.

    Much to Keotsu's surprised, somberness was not heavy in the air - in fact, there was much festivity. It was one of the best nights of the twenty-year-old Keotsu's life.

    Adorned in gleaming silver armor, a trusty longsword, and reliable shield, Keotsu marched into battle alongside the people he had come to regard as a family. The large, wolf-like demon towered stories above them.

    With a yell, the charge started. Archers let fly arrows that blinded the beasts - heavily armored units charged in, using large pikes to pin the monsters six large paws to the ground - with breath of lightning and fire, the ability to conjure metal spikes, and the ability to "phase" short distances, the beast was an incredible sight, but the army was well organized.

    The heavy soldiers kept attacking the demon's feet, while archers pelted it with an endless barrage of arrows. Keotsu, the man, and his small battalion attacked wherever they could - striking a leg, cutting the beast's underbelly, or attacking the face when the beast fell.

    Then the demon let out a brutish yell as a powerful wind originated from it's body, blowing all but the man backwards. Harnessing some strange energy, the man charged the beast and seemed to attack it's very soul - fang met flesh as the man's attack struck home - a blinding light...

    And Keotsu found himself in the cave he found the necklace in. Rena was unconscious at his side, and Keotsu felt slightly smaller. Crawling over to a small cave, Keotsu found that he was, again, seventeen years old.

    But the memory of all that had transpired was locked away for ever in his muscles, his mind ,and his heart. Taking the simple leather necklace with the gold and blue adornments, a necklace he now realized belonged to the man he fought alongside, he put it upon himself, as a personal testament that the events where real.

    With an additional three years trials, Keotsu's skills are phenomenal, and he is widely regarded as an extremely talented swordsman.

    Still searching for Diango, Keotsu travels with Mifune - his story continues to unfold before his very eyes.



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