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    Re: Team Sasuke and Itachi

    i think it would b hard to beat em but i can think of a couple teams that would at least give em a run, if not beat em!!!!:

    1st n 2nd hokage's

    Madara n his brother

    "The Sage's" Naruto n Jiraiya

    "The Uzumaki's" Naruto n Nagato

    Jiraiya n Orochimaru

    i also wanted to say dat i think that people on here really discount how much power Gaara still has. He's still Kage n leader of da alliance forces for a reason...

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    Re: Team Sasuke and Itachi

    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan117 View Post
    Sage Naruto can be a pain in the neck for both of them. Also Naruto who looses control to kyuubi can. Minato alone can. All the kages can. Jiraya and orochimaru definitely can. Sage jiraya can.
    Pain could of totally owned Naruto for the record, he was just trying to not kill him.

    Orochimaru and Jariya would be total pwnage for the uchiha bros, Sasuke would die first.

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