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    At the moment I would say Madara is the strongest. Not only is his life and existence shrouded in mystery, but his abilities are baffling. 6+ high level shinobi souldn't even touch him, he survived his battle with the 1st, as well as somehow managed to fight off aging and time.

    Currently he is having Akatsuki and Sasuke do his dirty work, while he sits back and schemes/gets stronger. I believe Madara, by far is the toughest and will prove it if/when he fights Raikage.

    Though after his training, this will change to naruto. With the nature chakra mastery and his secret jutsu, along with the secret to defeating Pein stored in his memory, Naruto will be a force to reckon with. I am amped to see him master his Kyuubi/9T chakra and do a similar transformation as Killerbee, he will set the standard for the strongest once he reaches that point in time.

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    If not, nevermind :p
    lol so glad i quit that game years ago
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