I was bored so I figured i post some of my poems


The close restraints of death,
Makes you feel like you're going deaf,
Feel your heart race, Can't keep the pace,
Lose control yell in pain, Nothing left to gain,
You cry and try to regain control, You really don't know if you can pay the toll,
You're scared so you try bardor and sell your soul,
Leaving nothing but an empty hole,
You yell for help, But all they hear is a silent yelp
Feel the last breath leave, Everyone learns how to grieve
Nobody knows when, it's not written out in pen
Can strike whenever and whoever
No warning no threat, no need to fret,
It will happen you will see, and you may never flee,
But the truth is after, maybe laughter
Maybe Hell, or even an empty shell,
I do not lie, don't be shy
Its a waste of your time, and also mine
See you after, or maybe not,
We only have one shot

Oh how i hate silence
so much worse than violence
no one says anything no one does nothing
silent arguments back and fourth
no one remembers the direct source
that started it all no matter how small
blown out and up till no one cares
continues with awkward silent stares
it goes on for days and the silence stays

Without You
Without you there's no reason to be,
I'll always just try to flee,
You and I right here,
We have nothing left to fear,
You say just leave me be,
So I still flee,
I know not what to say,
I just want you to stay,
You don't want a nice guy,
I still don't understand why,
You cry I ask why, You leave I'll never believe...

What Is Peace?

This is what we waited for,
Come on people this is war,
What is peace but a war in the making,
Come on people I'm not faking,
Bad decitions made, Death and waste laid,
Who am I to criticize, Hell I told my fair share of lies,
I'm as much to blame, Hell I"ll take half the shame,
Thats not the point now, I see you're dirty smile,
Lets begin this war, We'll even that damn score,
This is to the death, Till nothing is left,
Shoot the guns, Lets have some fun,
Ninety miles an hour lets get this done,
We'll have some great fun,
It's only human nature, Thats what we'll say,
We were only trying to play,
It's not our fault, We couldn't hault,
Freedom worked away, Nothing left to say,
Who's to know it was us, We'll keep it on the hush
No one has to know, We'll blame our woes,
We'll count the time on our fingers then our toes,
What can I do, It's your fault too,
You don't belive in peace you belive in the time between wars,
And just as bad as I you want to settle the scores,
The scores left by others, Our fathers and mothers,
It was those who came before who started we just finished,
Even if it just deminishes,
It wasn't us, It was the lust,
Lust for power, Lust for others to cower,
Grovel at our feet, That what it was the heat,
The heat of battle warped our minds,
The heat of battle that binds,
Us to the hate, that was our fate,
Not chosen by us, Just be quiet shush
Treaties signed peace clamed, Still the underlying flame,

What do you think?