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I dont mean to debate and put people down, im just saying the bible has been proven correct and most of the top sciencetists in the world believe in god and most are christian because of science.

Science does answer the question of how things happen but it doesnt answer the WHY part.
Science explains how there is gravataional pull but why is there gravitational pool? Why do we exist? if there is no god, then there is no purpose for life.

where do morals come from? How do we understand good from bad?
If you wonder why did got put us on this earth and allow us to expierence all this evil?
well if we didnt know what evil was, how would we know that good was? if we couldn't see the darkness of this earth, how would we know the holyness of god?

I rest my case.
just do it here instead on the topic of wellwishes for japan its darkest hours