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    Tales of Hikusa Chapter 15

    (Here’s Chapter 15! It’s all in all knowing! You can towards the end that I got inspired by watching Sasuke at the Kage Summit and developed a new jutsu...I know you guys wills hred it to pieces!)

    The two ANBU jumped from branch to branch in the Land of Fire’s forest. “Found them, Fu!”

    “Finally, it has been three days. Couldn’t your bugs have worked any more quickly?”

    “Excuse me, but they didn’t have a strong scent!

    “Ok, let’s stop here”, they stopped, and Fu continued, “Alright, I have a plan”
    “Hi, we are nearing Border Town, the border between the Lands of Grass and Fire”

    “We’re nearing our new home in the Grass, basically. We need to rest for little while, maybe an hour, but then have to move!”

    “Right!” They stopped at town, and ate at a ramen restaurant. Border town had a large river dividing the town, and served as the border of the lands. Well-rested and fed, they prepared to leave. Hi walked out to leave but kunai flew at him! {Play:} He dodged into the river, and saw that a grotesque puppet on the river had launched it! Ama had already snuck behind it and tried to swipe it with her Gentle Fist. After, she immediately brought a kunai at her throat! “Surrender, or this girl will die! The Mind Puppet Switch Cursed Seal Justu switches my spirit into the puppet, but when the enemy strikes it, we switch places!”

    “So, you’re Fu! Give her back!”

    “Not until you surrender, and if you kill Torune, it won’t matter this time. I don’t need him to complete the mission. So, what will it be?”

    Bugs enveloped Hi, and he was immobilized. Torune leaped out next to “Ama”. “Fu, I have restrained him, but we should wait until we get back to Konoha before you release the justu” Hi tried to release the nine-tails chakra to aid him, but it disappeared as soon as it formed. “This time, that won’t work! My bugs have evolved to resist your chakra! Now, let’s go back, Fu!”

    “Right” Bugs covered Hi’s head, and he could barely breath. The end was near!

    ‘I’ll have to use THAT’ {End}
    One last bit of the conversation His father told him about! “Hi! I need to tell you one important thing before I forget!”

    “Father, what is it?”

    “You are, but here’s what is important! I planned to give to you my eyes ever since your mother was pregnant! The Sharingan has more to it than copying jutsu, predicting enemies’ moves, and enhanced reflexes! If you kill your best friend, you gain what is called the Mangekyo Sharingan, an enhanced Sharingan that can use the Tsukyomi, and Amaterasu! The Tsukyomi is the most powerful genjutsu ever created, and the Amaterasu creates black flames that won’t cease burning until the target is dead”


    “You can use it because before you were born, I killed my corrupt best friend. If you use it, then your vision normally worsens each time, but if you inherit your eyes from someone else… you get the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, like what you have! You’ll never become blind, ever! The catch is, I can see being in your body, can only use the Tsukyomi three times, and the Amaterasu twice before it will fail you. It will deplete about half your chakra, and it will not work”

    “If I have half of my chakra, why wouldn’t I be able to use more?”

    “Because you are still too weak to handle more”

    “Thanks Dad!” {For Hi’s Mangekyo use this:}
    “AMATERASU!” {Play:} Black flames consumed the bugs, and pierced a hole into the bug encasement. His eyes were bleeding, and he shrieked as he experienced great pain. He deactivated the Mangekyo Sharingan.

    Torune gasped, “IMPOSSIBLE! FU, KILL HER!” “Ama” swung the kunai towards the neck, but Hi grabbed her hand, and released her from the jutsu!

    “Thanks Hi! This guy is going to pay!” She ran towards him as he tried to escape her wrath.

    ‘He had the Mangekyo Sharingan? We didn’t calculate this!’ “MASSIVE BUG WALL!” A thick barrier of bugs protected him, but she reduced them using her rotation.

    While the clone did her rotation, she used, “8 TRIGRAMS, 64 PALMS!” Torune screamed in pain as all his chakra points were sealed. He coughed up a lot of blood and fell into river, sinking. He was unable to walk on it because he could no longer mold any chakra. The water was crimson now. “One down” The other came.

    “Torune!” ‘I was too late!’ “I’ll have to admit you two are quite skilled, but you cannot win. Now, I will-” A strong arm stopped him.

    “Fu, let me handle this. You and Torune have done enough!” {End and play:}

    “Lord Danzo!” He bowed. “You came here this quickly, and by yourself?”

    “Yes, and now I must deal with the problem myself! Uchiha Hikusa! You have done many hurtful deeds against this village! I must take you in as an ANBU”

    “My father told me of your genjutsu! I will never be controlled by you or anyone!”

    “Your father? Your…dead father?”

    “He lives through my eyes!”

    “I would not control you with a jutsu such as that, it would only be used as an emergency”

    “Die!” {End} He threw a few shuriken, and Danzo dodged them by stepping aside a couple steps on the pavement. Hi was right behind him with Chidori about to strike!

    “You’re quick, but it’s too bad that I am the worst opponent for you! Wind Style: Great Wind Wave!” He inhaled deeply, and spat out of a huge blast of wind that nullified the Chidori, and shocked Hi. He fell towards the ground, but as he was falling he stared straight into Fu’s eyes with his Mangekyo Sharingan.

    “Shoot, I’m done…genjutsu” He fell down, flat on his face, and looked utterly confused. The Tsukyomi kept Fu in a daze and unable to fight.

    “How skilled. You have the Mangekyo Sharingan? Humph! I have some things to show YOU!” He unwrapped his bandage on his right eye to reveal a Sharingan! “I may not be an Uchiha, but I transplanted this in from Uchiha Shisui! Also…” He formed a few hand seals and said, “Come here, Tsuki! Your time has time has come!” An ANBU jumped out, and Danzo said, “RELEASE!” A soul was released and entered the ANBU the screaming ANBU woman. Smoke encircled the battlefield, and Hi could not believe his eyes! “A long time ago, I sealed this person’s soul into this scroll, and I have waited to reseal it into a sacrifice, like this woman, to summon this person back” The woman now looked different. She had long, silky, blonde hair that flowed down her back, and green eyes. She was… “Say hello to your mother, Shinda!”

    “Danzo? Why am I here? How did you learn the Impure World Resurrection? Orochimaru and the Second were the only ones who knew!”

    “I did not use that. I simply used my Resurrection Seal Jutsu, an original jutsu of mine. Like the other jutsu, your mother is completely submissive to me. There is one difference though, she can be killed with my jutsu. She and the sacrifice will both die. I wanted to use your father as well, but he is sealed into you”

    “I’m sorry honey, but please, I beg of you, KILL ME!” {}


    ‘That’s my son!’ Sprinting, he leaped and used the nine-tails to stregthen a fireball that had a diameter of one kilometer!


    His mother was forced to use, “WATER STYLE: GREAT WATER WALL!”


    They both said, “TYPHOON WATER VORTEX JUTSU!” A wind-enhanced, giant water wall barely compensated for the fireball. Ama had snuck up behind the mother. She used an air palm to knock the mother off the road, and at the same time, Danzo’s Dragon Bullet projected her far away while slicing into her.

    “BECAUSE I’M GOING TO BE THE GREATEST NINJA THAT EVER LIVED! RASENGAN CANNON!” Hi came out of nowhere! The Rasengan was way quicker than before!

    ‘Damn. I have to dodge!’ Two water dragons from Shinda, guarded Danzo. “You’ll have to kill your mother if you want to win! Shinda, after me! Here’s a taste of my most powerful wind jutsu! WIND STYLE…” Hi was immobilized by a cursed seal.


    “PRESSURE DAMAGE!” A tornado-like mass with air pressure to the highest blasted everyone! “DIE!” {End}

    Border Town was destroyed. Fu’s body flew like a ball from a slingshot and landed near Shinda and Ama. The blast awakened him from the torturous genjutsu. He still was weak though. He observed that a dead hero of the Leaf, Uchiha Shinda, now stood before him, and that the town they once battle din was desolate with every civilian dead or dying. Danzo stood amongst the rubble an stared at a very bloody Hi. ‘That blast…was huge! I just hope Ama is ok’ Ama arrived to heal him. “Ama, I know when he placed the cursed seal! When he placed the seal on my eyes!”

    She just started healing when Danzo shouted, “Very smart, but you’re too late. WIND STYE: VACUUM WAVE!” Multiple blades of wind flew at the couple!

    Ama used her new jutsu, “SUMMONING JUTSU: WATER CASTLE WALLS!” Massive walls that were 50 stories high surrounding the two! Hi with three tails now on the demon fox’s cloak, was behind Danzo, and used something new.

    “AMATERASU ENHANCED RASENGAN CANNON!” The black, fiery orb was launched and hit Danzo directly! The black flames consumed him, and the blue orb expanded to fit a shape of destruction. Hi breathed over and over again. Danzo emerged scorched with no shirt, or bandages on his upper body. His chest had a bloody swirl shape. He was utterly shocked and severely injured! His arm had numerous… Sharingans on the right, but two on the left. Shinda’s eyes were ripped out and put into his left arm, but for what?

    “You forced me to use the Izanagi! I was a little late too!”

    “What’s that? What did you do to my mother?”

    Shinda answered, “The Izanagi is a forbidden jutsu used by Uchiha Shisui. It could warp reality to make even your death an illusion! It was forbidden because the use of it caused that eyes to go blind forever. He used my two eyes so his wouldn’t be wasted”

    {Play:} “SO YOU’RE BLIND NOW?”

    “Right, but as I said, I want you to kill me!”

    “No…NO! I miss you mother!”

    “AMA! NOW!”

    “RIGHT, LORD DANZO!” Ama jumped into the air, kunai in hand, and prepared to kill her lover!

    Ama loves Hi! Why is she preparing to kill to him? Why did she call Danzo her “Lord”? Next time! A sad Chapter 16 filled with action and heartbreak! You don’t want to miss it!

    Here are the other chapters:

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    Re: Tales of Hikusa Chapter 15

    i'm not sure how to comment at the moment.....
    good writing style but i got kinda lost at the fight scene... i think everything was suddenly being crammed into a smaller story there.
    quite good....

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    Re: Tales of Hikusa Chapter 15

    Not bad, I'm really looking forward 2 see what happens......nice way incorparating a new twist between Hi, Ama and Danzo, love it

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