(Here’s Chapter 17! It’s the last chapter in Ama’s point of view and the last of Part II! Stay tuned for 18 the beginning of the final part, Part III! Today is a special! The very short Chapter 17 will sum up Part II. On the same day, I will release 18! Play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps0Kq...eature=related)

We lived such a wonderful life! Everyday, I cooked and cleaned while he farmed. The simple farm life we had cleansed our souls, purified our minds! In fact, I am here now, mother and father! Please take my journal! It describes everything about our lives, and with the events preceding our first meeting, my darling helped me with it. That wraps up my journal for now, since we’ve decided to stay here! I love you! Oh, right, I almost forgot! The title is, “Tales of Hikusa”

That ends the shortest chapter I have ever written! Listen to all the happy music you want, because, Part III is going to be the darkest story I’ve ever written! Here’s a clue of what is to come:

A certain serpent comes to tempt Hi,
He does it so cleverly.
Murder, suicide, ambition, hatred, revenge, passion, and slime,
Await poor Hi and Ama, see you next time!

Here are the other chapters: