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    Tales of a Gutsy Jinchuriki. The Seal

    Narrator: In Iwagakure, towards the end of, or shortly after the Third Great Ninja War, a ninja came forth with great abilities, and great potential.
    Onoki: But, you are such a great ninja; a descendant of the first Tsuchikage. You must take the position!
    ???: I don't want to, and I don't have to!
    Huron: HAN!
    Han: (In a whinning voice) DAD!!!
    Huron: It is an honor to be chosen for such great power.
    Han: I've seen what happened to Fu! Everyone in her village despises her, and I don't want to be like that!! And you can't make me!

    A minute or two, Huron had his late teenage son, Han, down on the ground, struggling to get up.
    Han: No, let me go!
    Huron: This is for your own good, son. It'll make you a hero.
    Han: It'll make me a monster!
    Onoki: It'll make you the guardian of our village.
    Han was knocked unconcious by the young(er) Onoki and was dragged out of the Tsuchikage's office to an open field so the top ninja of the village could reseal the five-tailed beast from its temporary jar into its new jinchuriki.

    ???: Would you stop it!?
    ???: I'm sorry, this body is going to take some getting used to.
    Huron: WHO'S THERE!?!?!?
    ???: Good job, he's found us!
    ???: You were the one who was talking!
    ???: Shut up, snake boy!
    ???: Fish breath!
    Huron: I'll kill you both if you don't tell me who you are right now!
    A candle was lit, and it revealed black robes with red clouds on them.
    Huron: Y-You-You're-
    Kisame: The Akatsuki.
    Huron: We were warrned about your type; we're ready!
    A snake slithered up Huron's back and bit his neck, injecting a poison into his system, paralyzing him.
    Orochimaru: You're ready for us, are you?
    Huron fell to the ground, unable to move.
    Orochimaru: Now find the boy.
    Kisame: Why do I have to!?
    Orochimaru: Because I took out his guard.
    Kisame: When we get back, I'm asking Pain for another partner.
    Orochimaru: What did you say!?!?!?
    After Kisame nearly destroyed the entire house, he returned to Orochimaru.
    Kisame: The jinchuriki isn't here.
    Orochimaru: WHAT!?!?
    Kisame: There's no trace of tailed-beast chakra anywhere.
    Orochimaru glarred at Kisame.
    Orochimaru: How can you tell...?
    Kisame shifted his stance a bit, trying to make sure his sword was on properly.
    Kisame: It doesn't matter; he's not here.
    Orochimaru: Pain's not going to be happy about this one.
    Then, there came laughter from the floor. Orochimaru and Kisame looked down to see Huron on the floor, drool, blood, and poison seeping from the corner of his mouth.
    Huron: You'll never find him. We've hidden him somewhere you Akatsuki JERKS will never be able to get at him!
    Orochimaru kicked Huron in the face, the last measure of pain that was needed to put Huron out of his misery and pain.
    Kisame: We should report this to Pain.
    Orochimaru: And hope he doesn't partner us with Kakuzu.
    Kisame shivered.
    Kisame: I may have to try and leave if he does that.
    With ninja speed, Kisame and Orochimaru disappeared from the house of Han, and the entire Earth village itself.
    In the basement of the Tsuchikage's mansion, several platoons of ANBU surrounded Han as he slept to make sure the beast didn't try to take over and/or kill him in his sleep. They were also there to stop all Akatsuki threats. That night, while Han slept, in his dreams, the five-tailed dolphin-horse had a conversation with him.

    Gobi: It seems that you are the ninja they have sealed me within.
    Han: Hey, I don't like this any more than you, so just suck it up. I won't use your chakra if you don't try to kill me!
    Gobi: On the contrary, I want you to wear a certain armor to set yourself apart.
    Han: No thanks; I want to fit in, not stick out.
    Gobi: Wearing this armor will allow you to use my coveted Steam Style jutsu...
    Han: I'm not using your chakra, or your jutsu! So, I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone!
    Gobi: If you insist. But if you ever need me, I'm just a thought away...

    Han woke up in a cold sweat that startled every ANBU ninja there (which was almost every ANBU ninja in the village). The ANBU made sure everything was alright, and then they made Han go back to sleep. The Gobi did not talk to him anymore, and Han had no other dreams.

    Narrator: The next day, Han went to his home to find his father dead on the floor.
    Han: Who did this!?
    ANBU 1: Most likely the Akatsuki looking for you. It is lucky that we kept you where we did.
    Han: Lucky for WHO? My father's DEAD!!!
    ANBU 1: But you are safe, master jinchuriki.
    Han stood, frozen in fear of what the Akatsuki had done, and rage in the fact that no one cared.
    Han: I may be alive, but my father's dead! My mother was dead before him, and now I'm all alone. I'm alone in a village who think's I'm a monster!
    ANBU 1: But you're safe. That's the most important thing.
    ANBU 2: That, and the fact that the Akatsuki doesn't have-
    The first ANBU stepped on the toes of the other ANBU, causing him to stop talking, but too late.
    Han turned back to the ANBU with a look of disgust and questioning on his face.

    Han: The Akatsuki are after this, THING inside of me, aren't they? And the most important thing isn't my families safety, or my safety, or even the villages safety, is it!?!? It's the fact that the Akatsuki doesn't have this beast!!
    ANBU 1: If the Akatsuki had your beast, they'd-
    Han: Save your breath! I'm not listening to you anymore!
    Han stormed out of the building, and went off to his old taijutsu sensei.
    Ghoro: Ah, Han. It is good to see you. Have you come to test your caliber again?
    Han: No time!
    Han grabbed his black gi and taijutsu gloves, and stormed out of the dojo.
    Ghoro: It was nice to see you too!
    Han (To the Gobi): What kind of armor did you have in mind?

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    Re: Tales of a Gutsy Jinchuriki. The Seal

    Hey dats some beast Shit, [email protected] Oro and Kisame, not wanting to be Kakuzu's partner!

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    Re: Tales of a Gutsy Jinchuriki. The Seal

    well, Kakuzu killed all of his previous partners, and that's why he's with Hidan; he can't kill him.

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