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    Re: President Obama order's war in Libya

    Quote Originally Posted by Darthlawsuit View Post
    Actually we invaded Iraq as aggressors without any clear plan or purpose. Thank you Bush.

    Al Quida attacked us in 9/11 an we responded by attacking the country that was harboring and working together with Al quida. We didn't help Afghan we invaded in response to their attack on us.

    get your facts straight.

    No, cause we would lose. Any country that invades another knowing they will lose is stupid. Its like Mexico attacking us because we Illegally invaded Iraq.
    what were the reasons given to why we invaded iraq? top of the list WMD(a lie), #2 to stop a tyrant that terrorized & used gas on his ppl, to bring freedom....democracy... yea i dont buy it but those were the reasons given.

    you got some of the Afghan part right, but its a FACT they had plans to invade afghanistan since around 1998. 9/11 was what really pushed it. and then why did we stay? freedoms ect ect
    we are also helping s.korea, israel and idk who else

    & i was being sarcastic when i said it.. the point was that they obviously hate us and same thing will be with libya...........we will spend millions and get nowhere

    about china. thats my point exactly.. so dont see difference you are trying to make to what i said.?... "Its like Mexico attacking us because we Illegally invaded Iraq".. bad example but ok.... w/e you say.

    its a hypocrisy to say "we are doing this to stop civilians from being killed" but choose when to look away, we should just say Sorry and let them sort their own junk. if we intervene everytime there is a genocide/civilwar/idk what. all we are doing is pissing off 1 side and its neightbors. unless the people we help say --YES! thanks for helping us, we are now allies, your enemies are our enemies.-- then its pretty much useless to intervene.

    and lastly holy hell on a stick. last time i type this much

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    Re: President Obama order's war in Libya

    As a Canadian this frightens me because we will likely have to support the USA's choice to go to war, I understand that what is happening in Libya is terrible, but I do not feel that the USA is in any position to start another war they cannot finance, it has drastically effected the USA economy(war in afghanistan/iraq) and may cause the US dollar to lose it's place as the worlds reserve currency. This would cause MAD CHAOS in North America, causing serious price increases on just about every item we consume. However, the UN also supports USA in this war so maybe it won't have as bad of an affect on the lives of North Americans, we won't know until it is too late

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