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I don't think your arrogant, and not sure about 2 sentences but I'll try.
In my theory I think the sage is was an Uzumaki. Why, because he has a huge collection of sealing juitsu, sealing weapons, huge amount of chakra to split between his two sons,even the rinningan resurfaced in Negato who was of the Uzumaki clan. I also said he was from the eddy village because they had large amounts of chakra, long lifes, and thats where the Uzumaki clan(s) seem to be from. Narutos mom stated that the first hokage and the uzumaki had a distant relative so figurativly speaking the Uzumaki of the eddy village are also related to the Uchiha.
My Bad bro bout the other thread

You have to understand that villages were long after the Rikudou Sennin.
Uzushiogakure or something close to that housed the Uzumaki Clan
*Keyword is Clan.

So Yes, I think its likely that he was an Uzumaki. Him being Uzumaki means that the Senju & Uchiha are offspring of the Uzumaki. I like this, but I'm not too sure about it.

How about No? Kushina's statement probably means that the Common Ancestor/Distant Blood relatives ends/started at the Younger Brother/Succesor to the Will of the Sage. That means he fathered the future of the Uzumaki Clan but wasn't an actual Uzumaki.

Could be either. Madara is a big mystery, but the RS is more of a mystery with the most questions!