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    Whats ur prediction f NARUTO

    well pain is gunna fall or it will b a twist if he wants to join naruto
    but anyways it is siad they need pain to get the bijuu out of the host
    wat will happen if word gets 2 them that Pain has fallen then there main plan is broken
    so i was thinking wat if madra decides 2 make 4 new jinchuri

    hear i think is how its gunna work

    Suigutsu gets bijus 3 and 1

    karin gets bijus 4 and 2

    jugo gets 5 and 6 and saskue gets 7 & 8

    well i think narutos trainign will b done and all the jutsu during thosese 3 yrs he was away wil come 2 pass
    he obvisouly know s that kushina and the 4th r his parents he prob just doen't wanna talk about them or he has memento of them anyways
    saskue will get the ems
    we will see the kage finally

    the tsuchikage must hate narutos family by the way Y
    because minato ended that war with 1 jutsu ......
    so he may not b an ally with konha
    it would deffint'y bee the Kazekage with raikage and HOkage
    versus miukage
    tsuchikage and rain village

    then kabuto unexpetedly walking with a power of a God( like way stronger than pain and Rinnegan) and riding onthe biggest snake ever along with sound nin and a scrool that hold the 3rd and 4th hokage makes his way to konoha ready 2 battle naruto and saskue

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    is kabuto that strong? he join with orochimaru...thats all

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