It's time for another Username Change Event.

Senior members know what to do already but those of you who haven't been around last time the event was on, please visit and join the group below and you will find all further information there:

NarutoBase Forums - Request Username Changes

The 8th username change event will be held on March 26th & 27th.

On that day this thread will be opened and you will be able to post your new username there, after reading the instructions:

Username Change thread

The event will close on March, 27th (0:00 AM CET) and after that time, no more requests will be accepted.

Additional Notes:

-If you know that you will not be online this weekend you can send me a pm now (title should be: "username change event") and I will do so -on the preassigned dates. However, if I see you online this weekend when changing your name, you will be banned from this and the following Username Change Event. I am doing this to help those who can't be online during weekends, not to get abused.

-From this Event and on, I will not accept requests of people who don't care to read the rules. It is important to check if the username you would like to have is taken or not and you cannot expect me to do it for all of you. So, please oblige.

Thank you,

- NarutoBase Staff