Chapter 2


At the Rinnemaki fortress Garden leading to the back exit of the fortress leading to their fathers clan, in the wide open space of the Garden outside the fortress did Jagan,Oyuski and Tobi who were part of the 7 Eyes walking through in hopes to get the murderer who had killed 7 of ther clan members stealing their eyes.
In the Garden various kinds of flowers are grown in different shapes and beauty not seen in the outside world, a type of flower called the Rinne Blue Rose is grown there, the blue rose is a rose in colour of blue having the patterns of a rinnegan all around it.

Oyuski: wow! What beautiful flowers we have in our Garden

Tobi: most are the works of Mito

Jagan: Mito, what can be more attractive than a woman who can...(He paused as he sensed someone coming) guys! (He shouted)

Tobi: yes, we sense him too ( he replied) this ckakra (he says in a concerning way)

As the air rages around the Garden,then appeared a man with a Rinnegan whose in the middle appeared to be in a shape of a shuriken with rotating circle,from his hair to his feet were black in colour and nine Truth Seeking balls like that of the Six Paths appeared in his back which looked like they were set on fire which colour was close to that of purple but what appeared to be fire was not fire and his clothings too was deep black like those worn by pain but having no design,if one should gaze at him one will only see his eyes alone

Tobi: •this chakra,its very similar• (He thought) are you the one killing our clan brethren and stealing their eyes? (He asked)

As the man with the Rinnegan floating on the air replied "yes I am, and I heard that a new rinnegan power has being discovered, so? Which one of you is it (he said looking down on them) well who would have thought it will be from the 7 Eyes that a new rinnegan powers will be manifested"

Oyuski: he knows us

Tobi: yes of course, his chakra maybe something else but I can recognize it (he said as he paused for a second) its Cago

"What!?" Jagan and Oyuski both said

Jagan: Cago is it you? Are you the one killing your own people and stealing their eyes?

Cago: yes I am (he replied) •facing three of the 7 Eyes, I must be careful• (He thought) •wait (as he looked around) this is a trap, and I can just get away they have seen me•

Jagan: what did you expect to gain by what you have done Cago? Just what powers were you planning to achieve?

Cago: the new power I heard must be from the Twin Eyes and not Tobi (he says as he looked down to see them for he was floating on the air)

Jagan and Oyuski's rinnegan are similar and identical, as their both eyes are like rinnegan and sharingan combined in the colour of rinnegan,that is why Cago referred to them as Twin Eyes

Oyuski: Oyuski Justu: Amarod dogs

Oyuski says as she folds her hands together and two Dogs appeared together from both her side in the size of those used by pain, their body in the colour of black and amaterus burning from their Head to their back. They both jumped up to meet Cago in the air as one came from the left Cago used "limbo" to hit its head but only for the Dog to regain its posture almost immediately •it didn't affect him?• Cago thought as the second dog came from his right opening its mouth to form a big amaterus fire ball and firing it at Cago, before it made contact Cago disappeared and appeared at a higher altitude in the air •he teleported?• Jagan thought as he looked on with his eyes watching what was happening. As Cago appeared in the higer altitude in the air the Amarod Dogs landed and Oyuski attacked again "Oyuski justu.." She says as she took a deep breath and fired out of her mouth multiple amaterus big fire balls towards Cagao in the air

Jagan: we are not to kill him Oyuski but to capture him alive!! (He shouted at oyuski as she kept on sending forth multiple amaterus fire balls)

As the amaterus fire balls were approaching Cago, he crossed his hands and spread them wide open repelling her justu away from him

Jagan: don't just attack blindly, we don't know his true powers or what he is capable of ( he says as he was refering to Oyuski) his rinnegan is different

Tobi: which could be due to the him stealing and fusing other people's rinnegan to his own (as he replies to Jagan sentence)

Jagan: yes, and his chakra looks unlimited yet still increasing, •i have a feeling he can control his own newly found powers and his chakra seems unstable,meaning he can control it• (He thought

Tobi: let's quickly end this, Rinnemaki justu: water barage (as he stretched his two hands towards Cgao in the air, water coming forth from both hands at full speed moving in circles heading towards Cagao hitting him at both sides causeing water to surround him round about forming a ball around him

Tobi: got you, now let's seal this

As Tobi was about to activate his sealing justu to seal Cago using the waters, Cago simply moved away from the water barage floating backwards away out of the water holds

Tobi: what! (He says surprised) no one can escape my water barage not even a rinnegan user, you won't be able to move nor will you be able to perform any justu!

Cago replling his justu away from him

Jagan: stop attacking, we don't know what his true powers her capable of!

Cago: Jagan, it seems you are the wisest of the 7 Eyes, well since you want to know what I am capable of then let me tell you since we are of the same clan ( he says has he stretched forth his hands towards them)

Jagan: guys move away he is about to perform a justu ( as he stretched forth his right arm indicating the should get back)

Black Truth seeking balls like those around the Six Paths appeared in the sky in multiples and Cago caused it to fall on them like rain, but as it hit them in the ground Jagan called out to Oyuski "come Oyuski let's link our eyes together" as Oyuski came close to Jagan and both of them said "cancel" immediately all the multiple truth seeking balls disappeared as if they were never created by Cago and Cago felt as if he didn't even perform the justu

Cago: of course, when two rinnegan users come together, they can cancel out any justu as if they were not performed making them non existing, what a beautiful power

Tobi: Cago explain yourself! (He shouted)

Cago: well since you could survive that guess I can tell you what my powers are (he bagan) since I fused my eyes with 7 rinnegan I can discovered that no justu be it ninjustu,genjustu,senjustu or even sage powers can affect me

Oyuski: what?

Cago: yes, sage power doesn't work against me or any justu of any level for that matter and moreover this new eyes of mine can see the future and not only see but manipulate it while am still in the present

Tobi: what terrible power

Cago: but that is not all, my chakra is so vast so powerful that it surpass that of Uzumaki Naruto himself and that of the juubi, and can also give life to non living things, to whatever I wish I can give life to and I can create anything and it will have life in it

Jagan: create? What do you mean create?

Cago gave a smile "you cannot understand until I show you, well come to think of it I have always wondered of a Creature stronger than Juubi but now I can create one

Jagan: if what you are saying is true, then I hope you are not going to do what I think you are going to do

Cago: Jagan, you really are the wisest of the 7 Eyes, yes I am going to create my own Bijuu which will be stronger than Juubi, it will be the strongest beast ever to exist and will exist ( he says as he folds his hands together and out of his nose and mouth came forth chakra flowing down like water to the ground forming a creature rapidly and fast

Tobi: we have to stop this

Cago: sorry I can't have that (as part of the charkra flowing from his nostril moved towards the ground and flowers, immediately the ground and the flowers with the rocks came up and formed a gaigantic humanoid form with their eyes glowing purple and they gave out a roar to show that they are alive

Oyuski: whao!! Oyuski has not seen something like this before

Jagan: Rinnemaki justu: lightening strike (as lightening came from the sky striking down the Humanoid rocks and flowers being brought to life

Cago: killed them just like that, well no matter my Bijuu is ready

As below him was coming a roar of that of a thousand beasts so loud that the whole fortress heard

At the training hall

Beauty: what was that? •its coming from the Garden, it must be them, but the feeling this roar is bringing is saying so much more•

The Queen Mother enters the training hall

Queen Mother: what was that Beauty? As she faces and moves towards Beauty) am sensing the collision of chakras I have never sensed before

"Princess!" Said a man who entered the training hall in haste "the roar" he continued

Beauty: I know, don't worry 3 of the 7 Eyes are at the Garden were the roar is coming from, am sure they can handle it, if in the next 15 minutes they don't come back then we will move,you understand Hago?

Hago: Yes Princess! ( He replied)

Back to the scene at the Garden

Tobi: I see six tails coming out of that beast

Jagan: I see eight tail

Oyuski: am seeing twelve tails guys, the beast he is creating is having twelve tails

Cago: yes Oyuski, am creating a twelve tailed beast of my own

As the beast kept growing in size and weight with its twelve tails, it was twice bigger than that of the full Juubi and its chakra was overwhelming,and its skin being Black and having no eye but a mouth and a nose

Jagan: Oyuski

Oyuski: yes?

Jagan: go and meet the Princess to come help us seal this beast, there is no need to worry, by the looks of it, it is incomplete and Cago cannot give it its finishing touches

Oyuski: what about Cago?

Tobi: don't worry since we now know his powers we can easily take him down and before you get here we can even still deal with this twelve tails

Oyuski: okay, Oyuski is on her way ( as she quickly moves to inform the princess)

Cago watches her and tries to prevent her from leaving as he uses one of the Six Path powers to take away her life in form of a creature coming from his left hand moving towards her as she turns to her left side seeing it was getting close to her she formed a sign with both her hands and said "Oyuski" and disappeared causing the creature to hit the ground

Jagan: Oyuski has gone, now its our turn to no more play around but get serious, Tobi we have to release ourselves of the seals and we will also have the help of Oyuski's Amarod Dogs since they are her justu I can control them

Tobi: that is why she left them, to aid us

Jagan: okay, let's release

Jagan and Tobi: Release!

As both on their foreheads a seal in the form of X showed and later disappeared and both of the activated their Six Path powers as Jagan's dress became white like that of Hagoromo and six truth seeking balls appeared at his back rotating and a rod exactly like that of Hagoromo appeared in his hand with his hair turning white

And Tobi his cloak was red with four truth seeking balls appearing in his back,his six path mode is like that of Naruto but in the colour of red, as from his feet to his knee was red the cloak around his body red,his hair red.He is like Naruto with a rinnegan and colour red

Once they have fully activated their Six Path mode, Jagan flew up to the air to the same altitude Cago is and Tobi remained on the Land

Cago: •so they have being holding back, forcing me to reveal my true powers to them•

Jagan: its time to End this Cago, enough time has being wasted

To the scene
At the training hall, in front of Beauty appeared Oyuski

Beauty: Oyuski, what has happened?

Oyuski: Princess there are many things to be said but please we need your help to seal a beast

Beauty Opens wide her eyes in surprise then later composes herself

Beauty: very well let's go

To another scene
At the Hokage office, a knock was heard at the door

"Come in" says Shikamaru, as Rinnemaki Seun and his two Protectors came inside Naruto's office

Naruto: Glad you came at this very hour

Seun: what seems to be the problem

Naruto: before we move to any formalities, what I want to discuss with you is something that will affect both the future of your clan and the shinobi world

Shikamaru: Have a seat ( he say to Seun pointing to the chair in front of the dest of the Hokage)

To be continued in chapter 3.....