[QUOTE=KawaiiPhoenix;2937836]But I wonder if he'll have any Doujutsu.

1. It's true dead bodies keep their ocular powers, therefore nins dispose of their bodies, but Madara took at least an Eye from Nagato to replace it for the one he used in battle with Konan. Will he have both? That would be a big mistake unless explained somehow.

2. Madara states he gave Nagato the Rinnegan, at his revival, would he have them? or not? Genetically speaking (as the whole Edo tensei is based on genetics) he should't develop any doujutsu in his body reconstruction. Or so I think.

3. With or without the Rinnegan, what powers would he display? He could be hokage material, or just a regular ninja.

4. Bonus question: how did Kabuto got Deidara's DNA? he was blown to nothing in the explosion battling Sasuke [/QUOT

maybe some of deidaras clay survived... but that seems unlikely... maybe scraps of his robe? those are the only 2 possibilities i can think of and both unlikely but... oh well:D