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    THE RINNEMAKI CLAN: CLAN OF THE SIX PATHS Chapter 4- The 7 Eyes ( Part 1)



    Chapter 4

    The 7 Eyes
    (Part 1)

    At the scene at the leaf village in Sasuke's house

    Sarada, a young woman in her early 20s sitting on her bed with her hands around her eyes, blood on the floor and running down from her eyes to her cheeks, the blood also mixed with tears as she has unlocked the Mangekou Sharingan which design is similar to her father's Sasuke, with Sasuke standing at her front with his eyes fixed on her

    Sasuke: when did you unlock it?

    Sarada: few months ago while you were still away(she says as she wipes the blood off her face, then she looks you to her father) it hurts papa, anytime it happens blood comes out, I feel new powers which are to be explored but when I use them to an extent the pain comes and my vision seems to be leaving me

    Sasuke looking on as she continues talking

    Sarada: what am I going to do papa? what is happening? what is this new eyes of mine ? why is it painful? why do I feel new powers surging through my eyes? help me papa I need your help since you are the only one that can help me, I told mother but she doesn't know anything she just told me to not use it anymore and wait for you

    Sasuke: you should listen to her and not use it for a while

    Sarada: but that's why I am scared papa, no matter how painful it or how I know its affecting my vision, I LOVE IT

    Sasuke closes his eyes s for 5 seconds and then opens them, places his hands around her eyes

    Sasuke: don't worry, papa is here my girl, close your eyes and rest, go to sleep, when you wake you and papa will have a father daughter time, its what you wish for isn't it (he smiles)

    Sarada holds her fathers hands which were placed around her eyes, then bows her head as a sign of relieve then goes on to lie on her bed with her father covering her with her cover cloth, she closes her eyes to sleep and then Sasuke leaves her room goes downstairs, sees his wife

    Sasuke: when did you know Sarada has Mankegou Sharingan?

    Sakura: few months now, told her not to worry and not use it anymore for now seeing blood always comes out of her eyes, told her to wait for you, am not an Uchiha so I don't know much about Sharingan

    Sasuke: but you are married to one

    Sakura smile "and gave birth to one" she says, then looking straight into Sasuke's eyes, she was about to talk as Sasuke gave an irritated and angry sound with his mouth and then quickly goes out of the house

    At the scene at the Hidden leaf Village at the Raikage office

    Raikage: what makes you go against what I proposed for the Nation to do Hiri?

    Hiri is the name of his assistance

    Hiri: because you are causing a war against the Rinnemaki clan by telling the 5 nations to learn Sage powers INCASE (she stresses) they rise up against us? ever since they changed their names from Uzumaki to Rinnemaki and lived in their own fortress miles away from the leaf village they have not caused any trouble, so why are you looking for one? (she refers to the Raikage as he sat on his couch with both arms resting on the back rest)

    Raikage: like I said before they have become something else, while they were still with us bearing the name Uzumaki their chakra was like that of madara and their rinnegan abilities could still be comprehended but even still they possessed powers which holds mysteries just as one called Jagan struck me with fire blast causing me not to be able to form chakra for two months, I was like a body going up and down with no chakra and that was before they later became known as the RINNEMAKI CLAN THE CLAN OF THE SIX PATHS, So how much more powerful will they be now, powers unreal doing all sorts of experiments, creating their own Justus

    he continues

    Raikage: ability to take away ones powers from them even if genetic like I observed that fateful night by the one called Oyuski as she took away Naruto's third born son abilities away, now he cant even use his byakugan or form chakra at all

    Hiri: Jagan attacking you was self defence, he would have killed you if he wanted to, our people violated him, he was running away from us

    Raikage: so you believe his own part of his story?

    Hiri: yes I do, and Oyuski was just protecting their fortress, I mean if not for Sasuke you all won't be at their gates that fateful night

    Sage gramps: him...Oyuski? I have heard that name from my comrades

    Hiri: of course you would have ( as she turns to the sage gramps who is standing by her left side) she is the most popular Rinnemaki

    Raikage: due to her mentioning her name all the time

    Hiri: there are other things involved

    Raikage: you appear to be a fan of the Rinnemaki clan, its like you are against me

    Hiri: that is what am saying, and am not the only one, what you have done will not only bring war against the RINNEMAKI clan but also civil war as those who
    surport them will rise up against you and those who surport you in all five Nation

    Raikage: hmph....I will let the Kages decide that since they are coming over

    Hiri: how are we even sure sage powers will give us a higher power over them, they are born sages with rinnegan

    Sage gramps: speaking of them I heard that they have Nagato and Mito, did they resurrect them?

    Raikage: no? they are just people of the clan named after them as Nagato the first Uzumaki to have a rinnegan and mito the first nine tails jinjurinkin

    Hiri: but I believe everyone of the RINNEMAKI has the power to bring someone back to life

    Raikage: Sage gramps, can you please look at the scrolls given to you and help train those ready in the art of sage mode and she if their is anyone who will be able to carry the spiritual creatures

    Hiri widens her eyes and gave a surprising look

    Sage gramps: very well

    then he disappears with a white light appearing then disappearing

    Raikage: Hiri, prepare for the Kages on their way here and also for the Peace Ambassador of the RINNEMAKI clan

    Hiri: yes Raikage sama

    she leaves and as she leaves the Raikage says " hmph....Rinnemaki fan girl"

    at the scene of the RINNEMAKI FORTRESS

    RINNEMAKI Seun enters into the fortress through the front gate, the front gate is the entrance into the fortress which is large and wide and has two doors and on top of it is the symbol of the RINNEMAKI which is a rinnegan eye with an Uzumaki symbol in the middle in the colour of purple

    "RINNEMAKI Seun is back" says one of the protectors and Seun goes into the Royal court room and sees his sister and Jagan

    Seun: by looking at your faces I take it something went down while I was away

    Jagan: yes and how was your business

    Seun: there is news

    Beauty: we to also have news to share

    Jagan: but before we could spread it among the 7 Eyes we were waiting for you to arrive since you are our leader, and here is the report of what went down( he hands Seun a file and Seun takes it)

    Seun: okay where is mother

    Beauty: she is in another dimension n carrying out experiments

    Seun: okay, Jagan send forth a mesaanger to assemble all the 7 Eyes to Where THE EYES CONECTS

    Jagan: okay

    Beauty: I will be there also, it involves the whole clan

    Seun: whatever

    At the scene in the RINNEMAKI fortress at the training hall where they were training on Taijustu, a girl with short red hair and rinnegan wearing a white overall enters into the hall and goes to meet the man in charge of the training

    Girl: Hago, your leader calls you to meet at where the Eyes connects

    Hago: I got it

    Hago who wore a cape covering his entire body and his cloth covering his face from the nose down only showing his eyes to his head, his rinnegan is a normal one with his middle er shining bright forth the colour of purple like a light giving eye

    At the scene in the garden

    Mito: who destroyed my precious creations(as she looks down on the flowers appeared to be damaged by lighting)

    Garden keeper: I saw Oyuski, Jagan, Tobi and the princess earlier today

    Mito: Jagan, it must be you

    Girl: Mito! Your leader calls you to met at where the eyes connects

    Mito looks up and sees her, mito her rinnegan in the colour of blue with tiny ages of blue roses at the bottom of her blue rinnegan

    At a scene, everywhere is full of grass as a man standing I. The mist of the grass holding on his left hand a brown book with a symbol on it and on the grass there moved like a creature moving around the grass speedily appears to be gaint but unseen as that movement moved straight to the man and stopped at his front and the man stretching forth his arm and moving it lie he was carasing something like something was at his front his red hair fell on his face partially covering his face and eyes

    Girl: Nagato!

    The voice came from behind as Nagato stopped what he was doing and turned to his back to see the girl, before the girl could speak further

    Nagato: our prince is around and wants us to meet where the eyes connects

    As the girl could make an attempt to speak again

    Nagato: I will be right there( as he turns his head back to its original position)

    The girl leaves

    At the scene at a shop, a man wearing pink was writing on a book with Tobi by his side

    Tobi: am telling you Tola what happened earlier today is true, those thousand roars you were hearing they were...( as he was whispering to his ears)

    Girl: Tobi, Tola, your leader is here and asks you to meet where the eyes connects

    At another scene, Oyuski and Jagan moving down to an underground cave where they reached and end to the cave with 7 red doors around with names written on them

    Jagan: quick Oyuski get into your door it will lead you to where the eyes connects

    Oyuski: stop talking to Oyuski as if this is Oyuski's first time

    Jagan: well you really didn't help build this place so I thought...

    Oyuski: shut up, your voice is annoying Oyuski, and they call you the wisest one

    Jagan: huh?

    Oyuski enters into her door and then Jagan

    Through the for leads to a place which is called here the eyes connects, a place made out of ice, a very large wide opening with walls and everything made out of ice, at the middle is a big round table which in the middle is a big one eye rinnegan which in the more ddle of the eye is the symbol of the Uzumaki symbol in purple like me that at the RINNEMAKI gate, and underneath the table is like a tree trunk made of ice making the table to stand, around the table are 7 ice chairs with the 8th one positioned in front of it and higher and more designed than the rest of the chairs, at the back of the 8th chair is a giant statue of Hagoromo as he was when he appeared to Naruto and Sasuke and the statue is made of ice, and around the ice walls were 8 open doors at the bottom with 4 by the left and 3 by the right and one facing straight the round table and out of this doors came individuals in white clothing's and capes and at the middle of their Capes where drawn the rinnegan of the owner of the Cape as Hagan's cape has his rinnegan drawn in the middle, also Oyuski as her ERS are similar to Jagans', mito had her blue rinnegan drawn on her cape also with Nagato, Tobi, Tola,Hago. Hago, Tobi, Jagan and Nagato came from the 4 doors each while Mito,Oyuski and Tola came from the 3 doors each all wearing white clothing's with white capes having their rinnegan drawn at the middle of their capes, they all stood beside the ice chairs each and while standing Seun comes in through the 8th door wearing all white clothing with his own cape purple and having the symbol of the clan at the middle, as he comes in following him were his sister Beauty and Kanana the lady from the SECTION the dimension specialist, Seun walks towards the 8th chairing backing the giant ice statue of Hagoromo Seun looks at them and says

    Seun: RINNEMAKI JAGAN, RINNEMAKI OYUSKI, RINNEMAKI MITO, RINNEMAKI NAGATO, RINNEMAKI TOBI, RINNEMAKI TOLA, RINNEMAKI HAGO, there are many things to be discussed but first thing first, I welcome you all my 7 Eyes!!!

    To be continued in chapter 5........

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    Re: THE RINNEMAKI CLAN: CLAN OF THE SIX PATHS Chapter 4- The 7 Eyes ( Part 1)

    The combination between Rinnegan and Uzumaki?

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