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    A Pokemon Adventure Chapter 8

    Chapter 8

    Aurora's friend & Adams first Gym Battle

    Narrator: the next morning Amelia was catching up more with Aurora.

    Amelia: its good to see you again Aurora.

    Aurora: i was happy to see you again to it was a shock but a good one.

    Amelia: agreed.

    Aurora: well I am going to organise breakfast.

    Amelia: I will help.

    Aurora: thank you

    Narrator:just as they finished preparing breakfast the boys came down.

    Aurora: just in time boys I was about to come get you all.

    Byran, Adam & Ivan: morning girls.

    Aurora & Amelia: morning boys.

    Narrator: they then all sat down to eat.

    Ivan: so whats your plans for today.

    Adam: well we will be heading out to the gym to get my first gym badge.

    Ivan: well good luck what are you going to do Amelia.

    Amelia: remember I am getting my second badge here to Ivan.

    Ivan: oh yeah I guess we should head over there then.

    Byran: well I guess we better finish here and head of to the gym.

    Narrator: half an hour later and they had all left the pokemon centre and went to the gym.

    Amelia: hey Adam want to toss a coin to see who will go first.

    Adam: sure Aurora has a coin.

    Aurora: Adam is heads your tails Amelia.

    Narrator: she then flips the coin and it lands on the coin mat.

    Aurora: Byran look at it for me.

    Byran: its heads

    Amelia: its prob good you won Adam since its your firstone.

    Adam: thank you Amelia

    Narrator: they then arrived at the Rock Gym and they all went inside.

    Adam: yelled I am here to challenged the Gym leader.

    Narrator: a girl came out and said this way please.

    Girl: hey my name is Karen.

    Adam: hey Karen who is the leader here.

    Karen: her name is Yasmine, is this your first gym battle.

    Adam: yes it is and I am looking forward to it.

    Karen: good luck, YASMINE! You have a few Challengers here.

    Yasmine: thanks Karen, who is my first challenger.

    Adam: me then my sisters friend Amelia.

    Amelia: hey Yasmine my friend Ivan is also wanting to battle.

    Yasmine: so I have three gym battles okay here this is how I will go about it Adam will have his battle, then maybe two hours later Amelia you can come back for yours and then Ivan we can have yours late in the evening.

    Amelia: sounds good is that okay Ivan.

    Ivan: Yeah it is fine

    Yasmine: well then its setteled then shall we head to the battle field.

    Adam: yes

    Karen: I will be the ref this will be a three on three battle, here are the rule the gym leader has one sub out and the challenger can sub out a pokemon at any time.the rest of can sit behind me there, Okay lets begin.

    Adam: Mienfoo come on out.

    Yasmine: Shieldon I choose you.


    is a small, yellow, ceratopsian-like reptilian Pokémon. It has white toes and a white bump on its back. Shieldon has a dark-gray elliptical face, with a prominent white brow and a white rim on its black snout. Its facial hide is extremely hard; however, it is vulnerable when attacked from behind. 100 million years ago, Shieldon lived in dense forests. It has a habit of polishing its face against tree trunks. It eats grass and Berries.
    Karen: okay the challenger has the first move.

    Adam: Mienfoo use Pound.

    Yasmine: Sheildon doge and use tackle.

    Adam: Mienfoo doge and use force palm.

    Narrator:Mienfoo made a direct hit but not to effective.

    Yasmine: you can stand Sheildon.

    Narrator: Sheildon stood up.

    Yasmine: Sheildon use take down.

    Narrator: sheildon also got a direct hit in.

    Adam: use can do this Mienfoo.

    Narrator: Mienfoo stood up.

    Adam: Mienfoo use Swift.

    Aurora: you can do this Adam.

    Yasmine: Sheildon use hidden power.

    Adam: Mienfoo dodge it.

    Narrator: sheildon's attack missed.

    Adam: Mienfoo use double slap.

    Narrator: it was a direct hit though it was not very effective.

    Yasmine: Sheildon get up.

    Karen: Sheildon is unable to battle

    Yasmine: Tyrant it's your turn.


    are dinosaurian Pokémon, closely resembling theropods such as the Tyrannosaurus. Their bodies are grayish-brown, with a lighter gray shade on their bellies and lower jaw. The back comes to a peaked hump, and the tail is short and pointed. They have tiny forelimbs with only two clawed digits, both white. The hind legs are more robust, and its feet feature three white claws and an adjoining rear claw; this fourth digit is stone colored. The front part of each leg also features two, armor-like plates, which are rectangular in shape. Spiky, white "fur", similar to the primitive feathering on many dinosaurs, extends from the back of the neck. Their heads are proportionally large, with a ridged snout and powerful jaws. They have two pointed teeth in the lower jaw, and the upper jaw features tooth-like projections on either side and a slightly-decurved hook at the end. Their large white eyes are semicircular with a black border along the lower curve. Orange, triangular horns extend from above each eye and point away from the snout. A similar projection juts out of the tail.
    Tyrunt will throw tantrums and run wild if it encounters something it does not like. Its strong jaws have enough force to shred an automobile. This Pokémon lived millions of years ago.

    Adam: Mienfoo Return, come on out Chimchar.

    Adam: Chimchar use scratch.

    Yasmine: Tyrant doge and use stomp.

    Adam: Chimchar doge and use Ember.

    Narrator:Tyrant managed to avoid Chimchar's attack.

    Yasmine: good job Tyrant now use rock smash

    Narrator: Tyrant managed a direct hit.

    Adam: Chimchar you can do this budy

    Narrator: Chimchar stood up.

    Adam: I knew you could budy Chimchar use flame charge.

    Byran: keep at it Chimchar so what if your at a dis advantage

    Yasmine: Tyrant use bite

    Adam: Chimchar dodge it and use fury sw-

    Narrator: Chimchar did not get off it attack because Tyrant manged another direct hit.

    Karen: chimchar is unable to battle.

    Adam: good try Chimchar return, Staravia its your turn.

    Yasmine: I will now use my sub Tyrant return, its your turn Archeops.

    Adam: Staravia its up to you now use quick attack.


    is a grayish-brown, avian Pokémon with black and white markings. Its head and upper body are primarily black with an "M"-shaped pattern over its white chest. On its forehead is a grayish-brown spot, which is smaller on the female. On its face is a white, mask-like marking with a pattern of spikes along the lower edge. It has small, black eyes with white pupils and a long, orange beak with a black tip. On the back of its head is a long tuft of feathers, which curves forward. The lower halves of its wings are black, and it has black tail feathers with a single white feather in the center. Its orange,*anisodactyl*feet have black talons.
    Staravia lives near forests and fields, where it hunts for bug Pokémon. Aware of its own weakness, it forms flocks of its own kind and cries noisily if left on its own. However, these flocks can be extremely territorial. When two different groups meet, they will fight fiercely.

    Yasmine: Archeops doge it and use crunch.


    is a large, flying creature that bears similarities to both birds and reptiles. Its featherless, scaly head is red with a green stripe running along the top. Its mouth is filled with sharp teeth. Its eyes are white with black pupils and no irises. Its body is covered with frayed-looking, yellowish feathers with blue feathers designed for flight on its arms and legs enabling all four of its limbs to act as wings. All of these "wings" bear sharp claws. It has a ring of smaller green feathers on the ankles. Its tail is completely red and featherless except for a fan of blue feathers at the end, and as with the*Archaeopterygiformes, it has fully-movable vertebrae in its tail instead of a*pygostyle.
    It is capable of flying, but is more adept at running. It can outrun even an automobile. It has the intelligence to work with its partners in order to catch prey. Archeops is extinct, but can be revived via fossils. Archeops is omnivorous, along with hunting for prey, it has been seen eating fruit*

    Adam: Staravia doge and use wing attack.

    Narrator: Archeops managed to avoid Staravia's attack.

    Yasmine: good job Archeops now use quick attack

    Narrator: Archeops managed a direct hit.

    Adam: Staravia you can do this you may be at a huge dis advantage but lets put our training to the test.

    Narrator: Staravia stood up.

    Adam: I knew you could budy Staravia use take down.

    Amelia :Adam may have been at a disadvantage but he use that to his advantage it shows weakness means nothing depending on your bond with your pokemon.

    Aurora: he can surprise you.

    Adam: Staravia dodge it and use Aerial ace

    Yasmine: Archeops dodge it and use hidden pow-.

    Narrator: Archeops did not get off it attack because Staravia manged another direct hit.

    Karen:Archeops. is unable to battle.

    Yasmine: come back out Tyrant.

    Adam: good job Staravia come back out Mienfoo.

    i hope you enjoy

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