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    ★The Amazing Avengers x Naruto Crossover Story - Revolution - Chapter 7★

    Greetings From Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

    Chapter 7 – Lightning Nova


    Nova walks into an all-white room, his shoes lightning the ground blue as he walks. HE looks down at the floor smiling stopping at a white desk in front of him.

    “The floor is trying to scan me. It doesn’t know who I am so it is telling you I am…”

    “Nova.” A female voice says from behind a chair that is faced away from Nova and toward a window that shines bright from Xandars city lights.

    “Yes Queen Adora?”

    “Where in the heavens have you been?” She asks spinning around her chair. Her long brown her glistens in the light and the blue mask in her face crinkles showing that she was in anger.

    “I had to travel to Earth. It was an Avengers emergency.”

    “What if something had happened here? Then what the hell would you have done Nova?”

    Nova pauses as he looks out the window at the city and the Queen sighs shaking her head.

    “I know that Earth is also your priority at the moment but it is not like Xandar doesn’t face the same threats as Earth does.”

    “Oh it doesn’t. I know that for a fact.” Adora scowls as a soldier rushes into the room falling onto his knees panting and in sweat.

    “What is this!? What have you interrupted this meeting!?” Adora yells.

    “It’s the capital my Queen! A portal has opened in the sky and people are running amok in complete chaos!” The soldier says as Nova helps him from the ground.

    “Nova find out what’s going on immediately!” Adora yells. Nova flies out the door activating his visor and clenching his fists tightly.

    “I will avenge!”


    “Still no sign of a signaling here Tony. I don’t know what to tell you. Orochimaru may be running things but I think he’s talking to Doom in a secretive location. Only way we are getting to it is if we go through the underground layer. That sets off a lot of sirens and will release thousands of Doombots is what I have heard from an operative working in the sewer division. There’s just no use being here. We might as well just wait for the return.” Clinton says as an uproar begins in the middle of the city.

    “Clinton what was that!? I’m picking up a large portal like signal from your location.” Tony says.

    “Oh God…” Clinton says. As the sky darkens and thousands upon thousands of Doombots enter the sky covering it making it pitch black. They all begin entering the portal and Clinton begins to ruin but is stopped in his tracks by Orochimaru who grabs his leg with his tongue.

    “So. You are the little spy I have hearing so much about from my men.”


    Nova arrives at the city to find civilians screaming in terror as the Doombots kill and capture them on sight.

    “Doom… You will pay…” Nova whispers teleporting to the ground crushing the ground beneath his feet upon impact. The ground shakes as he begins to fly to each Doombot crushing them to pieces with a single blow. The Doombots begin shifting their focus from the civilians and all begin running towards Nova who sticks his hand out smiling.

    “Cosmic sniper!” Nova says as focused cosmic blasts shoot from his palm hitting Doombots and exploding the ground underneath them. The Doombots fire back at him and he shields himself with his arm and pulls out his element gun as he finds cover behind a sidewalk turned on its side.

    “The hell am I supposed to do? Use all I’ve got and endanger these people… No… I’ve got to stay focused…” Nova says as a green light shines above him and a green blast of energy launches down upon him bursting the ground open.

    “Nova! Nova come in! Tony says the bots and soldiers came from Earth! They are only sending ships through the above portal so it can only mean they have another open in a different location throughout the city!” Adora screams in Nova’s earpiece.

    “Copy that milady. On my way to find the second portals location.” Nova says slowing crawling to his feet as his armor begins to repair itself.

    “Can’t believe I let those damn bots best me. I need to get ahold of myself. Rusty as ever.”

    Nova makes his way from the large sinkhole created by the blast and looks up to see a colossal castle enter through the portal.

    “No! No not now!” Nova yells punching a cement wall to pieces.

    “Tony! I know you have found out about the portal on your planet! I need you to fly to Latveria immediately and…”

    “It’s too late Nova they… they’ve closed it…” Tony says. Nova hears the sound of Tony shooting pulse blasts in the background and Nova scowls as he watches the castle land to the ground with a humongous thud.

    Nova slowly walks from the blast site looking around as Doombots line up to his left and right creating a path from him to the location of the castle.

    “Thor… I’m going to need your help. Bring Zeus along with you…” Nova whispers as he arrives at the castle to find Doom, Sasuke and Karin staring him down.

    “An Avenger. Bow before us and claim this land as ours or we shall kill you and every person on the putrid planet.” Sasuke says.

    “What’s happened to you Sasuke!? You were on our side and now you side with him!? A man who would sell his own brothers soul to the devil!” Nova yells.

    “Or his sons.” Sasuke says smiling. Nova scowls clenching his fists as he looks over at Karin.

    “I know you question his ways as well. I can see it in your eyes. You don’t want to be under the hood of such darkness.”

    “You don’t know what I want fool. I am here to support Sasuke.”

    “And you’ll follow him to the underworld if you continue.”

    Karin looks away as Sasuke throws his sword into the ground clenching the handle.

    “Don’t speak to her! This is between you, me and your soon to be dead people of Xandar. Either you comply with my wishes or you all die and we build a new upon your burning flesh.” Sasuke says holding a flame in his palm.

    “Before I answer I will ask you to think of a hero’s deed. What one must endure to become the man in the mask or the woman in the armor fighting against people like them? People who have also endured. But have made the wrong choices. They have choice to take what isn’t theirs. All because of power.”

    “You act as if power doesn’t rule over everything. IT does and I shall demonstrate!” Sasuke yells throwing his sword at Nova who stands still as the blade approaches him. It begins to move faster and Nova catches it with his bare hands before the tip hits his nose.

    “You know nothing Sasuke Uchiha.” Nova says entering a swordplay stance with his left foot shifted backwards. His other foot forward as he tilts the blade above his head and over his right arm that is stretched out revealing his palm.

    “Are you sure you can’t be a hero?” Nova asks as Sasuke begins to slowly walk towards him with Amaterasu armor surrounding his skin.

    “No, it was never part of my Destiny.”

    Sasuke teleports to Nova Swinging his gold sword that Nova catches quickly pulling out his elemental pistol shooting a fire blast at Sasuke’s stomach. Sasuke catches the blast and it explodes in his hand creating a large cloud. The two begin clashing in the cloud, sparks of metal flying everywhere.

    “Don’t be fooled by my heroics! I will do what needs to be done here ninja!” Nova says kicking Sasuke in the stomach sending him flying backwards into a burning tower. Sasuke begins to scream making the fire grow as he walks out smiling. Nova looks down to see his foot in black flames and he sheds the armor off and it grows back as he slowly walks toward Sasuke.

    “This will be a tricky…” Sasuke says throwing his hand into the air summing all the fire around the tower into a ball that forms into a large dragon. The dragon opens its mouth and begins to shoot cosmic blasts at Nova who begins to fly through the sky hurdling under bridges and around trees trying to avoid them.

    “He really has lost it… This man has to…” Nova shoots a rock blast from his gun hitting the dragon bursting it into smoke. Sasuke dashes through the sky in blinding speed clashing swords with Nova. Nova grits his teeth as Sasuke sends electricity through the swords blasting Nova onto the ground. Sasuke takes his sword from midair and he launches into the air with both blades faced down. He begins to fall towards Nova who tackles him into the air beginning to punch Sasuke in the stomach repeatedly.

    Sasuke stabs his two swords into Nova’s back flipping over him and thrust his swords while spinning, throwing Nova into the ground.

    “Chidori Grave.” Sasuke whispers as it slowly begins to rain. Nova stands to his feet blood gushing from his back.

    “Why don’t you understand… this isn’t the path that a ninja chooses? This is the dark side.”

    “Don’t act as if you have lived the life of a ninja. You don’t know what I’ve endured. The pain that the world has been through. Once I return. It will be no more.” Sasuke says as lightning hits the ground behind him.

    “But at what cost?”

    Sasuke scowls as he creates a giant lightning bolt that stretches throughout the clouds. He swings his arm downward and the bolt hits the ground creating a large explosion that sends the entire city in shambles.

    “Nova we have managed to save half of the city. Stand to your feet so we can tarnish this child together.” Thor says his hand reaches out to Nova who lays on the ground covered in dirt.

    “We have no other choice but to take him out Thor. He has killed innocent people with his actions. Avenger or not. This person has to be stopped.” Nova says as he grabs Thor’s hand standing to his feet.

    “Is this being really as strong as the Nova force!? To be able to have you squandering on your back is a shock to even myself. Stand back while I test his might.” Zeus says beginning to walk towards Sasuke who stands on a hill of debris.

    “Sasuke you don’t have enough power to handle all three. Your might is almost that of Galactus, but Zeus has held his own against even those beings. Nova has been holding back as well being able to go against a herald. Thor even stronger than the might of Nova. You will need my assistance…”

    “No… I want to go farther into my power. Father into the doom.” Sasuke says creating Susanno plates over each of his skin cells lighting his entire body in a purple aura.

    “If such a man as yourself knew of Zeus’ legacy. Ye would be beside, not against.” Zeus says, his voice echoing through the sky.

    “The power is far greater on this side.” Sasuke says teleporting to Zeus thrusting his sword forward. The sword misses as Zeus dashes to the right of the blade and throws his right fist forward. The punch flies by Sasuke’s head and a Susanno fist catches it slinging Zeus into a car. The car then explodes as Zeus walks from the flames throwing a lightning bolt that Sasuke catches spinning and throwing it back at Zeus who blocks the blast with his hand.

    “Ye shall pay dearly for the sins against my will!” Zeus screams dashing to Sasuke who throws his swords aside and begins to fist fight the God of Olympus. With each punch Sasuke grows stronger the aura lifting the ground around the two. Sasuke thrusts his arm down sending Zeus flying to the ground. Sasuke falls into Zeus’ stomach feet first and jumps into the sky.

    “Chidori Fire Phoenix!” Sasuke says creating a large bird of flames that surrounds itself in lightning. IT collides with Zeus who has created a shield of lightening in front of him.

    “This is a children’s brawl! Let’s begin the real battle!” Zeus yells knocking the phoenix aside and launching toward Sasuke punching him in the stomach. Sasuke kicks Zeus’ side and Zeus grabs his leg slinging him into a building. Zeus enters the building and begins to throw punches at Sasuke who begins to dodge them all.

    “With every punch!” Sasuke yells kicking Zeus out of the building.

    “I grow stronger! I will kill every single thing on this planet down to the insects if I wanted to!” Sasuke says creating a large ball of cosmic energy throwing it at Zeus blinding him with a flash. Sasuke throws another ball into the sky that expands into the size of the city and slowly begins to fall towards the planet.

    “Good… the power… it will drive him into a state of pure dooming essence.” Doom says clenching his fist.

    “I sense something massive! Nova! Thor! Launch forward as I regain my sight!” Zeus says rubbing his eyes.

    Thor launches toward Sasuke who creates ten clones that battle against him each being knocked back by Thor’s hammer attacks. Thor leaps into the air attempting to swing his hammer at Sasuke but is tackled by another clone that bursts into flames around him.

    “Cosmic lightning rain!” Sasuke says as the ball sends raining pieces of white lightning that explode upon contact of a surface.

    “My skin! Damn this child and his arts!” Zeus says as he quits rubbing his eyes.

    “If your sight has returned let’s all begin our attack before that orb hits the ground!” Nova yells and the three fly towards Sasuke who begins to exchange blows with them all. Each hit lightning fast as they all attempt to land a blow at the turned avenger. Sasuke dodging and blocking them all flips backwards his arms spear open. His swords burst from the ground and hit Thor and Nova in the back causing them to fly in the sky towards the cosmic ball. They collide with it and Zeus jumps back from Sasuke. Zeus shoots a blue blast of lightning at the ball consuming it in lightning as Sasuke shoots at the ball making it grow larger in size.

    “Ye is not ready to face the might of an Olympian!” Zeus says as his eyes widen and the ball explodes consuming half of the planet in flames.

    “I didn’t ask for your help.” Sasuke says sheathing his swords.

    “They energy would have backfired and sent into space. I will no longer assist you.” Doom says disappearing into the smoke.

    “Nova… Nova wake up… It is time we all end this battle before anyone else has to suffer this madman’s chaos…” Thor says as blood falls from his head.

    “How did he become so strong? He could have destroyed this entire planet if the ball had been any bigger.” Nova says standing to his feet, his armor slowly repairing. Zeus walks up beside them his silver armor scuffed and his cape torn to shreds. He rips it off and it blows in the wind attaching to a stick.

    “Let’s begin the ultimate offence. Lightning based attacks by Thor and I while Nova grants us with aerial assault along with elemental blasts to stop the movement of our foe.”

    “Damn good plan to my Olympian. By the might of my swing the caged bird shall fall.” Thor says swinging his hammer and shooting into the sky. He conjures up lightning that increases the rainfall as Nova begins to fly in circles around Sasuke. The smoke clears and Sasuke looks out at the fiery landscape smiling.

    “You have already lost you Gods of no one! What more do you want me to take! Your lives!?” Sasuke yells going into Susanno mode, his armor a metallic purple. Thor summons lightning and shoots it at Sasuke who absorbs it with his right hand and shoots it at Zeus who challenges the blast with a cosmic bolt. Nova begins shooting blasts of rock element at Sasuke but the rocks crumble in the Susanno fire as Sasuke’s wings begin to flap blowing away Nova and creating two tornados that begin circling the area.

    “He created tornados by just flapping his wings. How strong has he become?” Karin asks.

    “Strong enough to defeat a herald. We need him at Galactus level. We need him to get stronger.” Doom says.

    “But why? No one would even dare to face him back home.” Karin says.

    “But we are not back home.”

    Zeus launches into the sky, his blast overpowering Sasuke’s. He launches into the Susanno and breaks it to pieces tackling Sasuke onto the ground. Nova and Thor land beside him as Sasuke kicks Zeus into the air. Sasuke slices Nova and Thor’s backbone in a quick flash, dashing behind them heading towards Zeus.

    “Ye has made a big mistake boy!” Zeus says dashing to Sasuke and hitting him in the stomach causing the planet to shake. Sasuke punches Zeus in the face causing another planetary earthquake. The two continue on trading hits as Thor and Nova look up to find Zeus’ staff laying in front of them.

    “Touch the staff. It will teleport you to Olympus. IF I do not return. Do not tell the others where I had gone. For revenge is a strong force of light and darkness.” Zeus’ voice says throughout their minds as they touch the staff that teleports them away.

    “Hmph.” Doom says as he launches between Zeus and Sasuke. Sasuke falls to his knees as blood falls from his head and the planet crumbles around them.

    “Zeus you are clearly the winner in this fight against my son. But I am afraid you must lose something else.” Doom says.

    “I told you not to interfere!”

    “If I didn’t you would be dead now silence!” Doom yells. He unsheathes his sword and points it to Zeus’ chest.

    “Why didn’t you attempt to resist me just then?” Doom asks.

    “I accept the death ye is giving me. For it is just the beginning of the pathway to your demise. The demise of others, the demise of the innocent. The demise of the guilty. A gateway to a new chapter.”

    “A chapter of Doom.”

    Doom stabs Zeus in his heart and blows him forward launching him in front of a wooden post that carries a ripped green fabric that blows in the rain. Sasuke slowly walks to Zeus’ golden staff of lightning and rips it from the ground admiring its beauty.

    “The queen is here my lord.” A Doombot says as a platform carrying the queen on her knees in shackles, lands in front of him.

    “Please. There are still people living throughout the other half of this planet. I beg of you… do not destroy them… but take my life instead…” She says tears running from her eyes. Sasuke walks beside Doom who looks around at the landscape pondering.

    “Sasuke. What do you think of this bargain?” Doom asks turning to Sasuke who stares the queen in the eyes as she smiles.

    “First I shall take your life. Then the life of these civilians. After that have this planet as my own.” Sasuke says crossing both of his swords under her chin and pushing them into her skull.

    Hope you all enjoyed! Thanks for reading! 24 and 25 will be out shortly! Have a Merry Christmas!

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