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    ★The Amazing Avengers x Naruto Crossover Story - Revolution - Chapter 8★

    Greetings From Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

    Chapter 8 – Cosmic Shippuden Ninja Chronicles

    “Their coming through.” Reed says to Fury who stands beside him at the control desk facing the portal.

    “We did what we could Reed. All we can do now is hope that Strange wakes up soon. They don’t deserve this.” Fury says.

    “A man who created a portal to the Negative Zone can’t do something as simple as get a few lost heroes to their home. Some genius I am.”

    The ninja walk from the portal, their cloths ripped and rugged. Naruto walks up to Fury and Reed shaking their hands.

    “Good to have you all back. The Earth missed you for a week.” Fury says.

    “A week? We’ve been gone for almost a year!” Ino says.

    “11 months 2 days to be exact.” Deadpool states.

    “The hell has been going on here? An attack that transpires as soon as we leave the portal?” Peter asks.

    “Not only an attack here, but one on Xandar soon after Nova’s departure from Earth.” Fury says.

    “One on Xandar!? This is insane! What the hell is Doom trying to accomplish by doing this?” Peter asks.

    “He’s concurring planets. Settling old rivals and trying to kill anyone in his way. Nova and Thor are in the medical bay I suggest you all go to them. They have some information on Sasuke.”

    “On Sasuke!? How’d they manage that!?” Naruto asks.

    “He’s the one who put them in the medical bay.” Fury says.

    “He killed half of Xandar. Blew the crust of the planet to flames and continued on as if he didn’t care about anything. Nothing but his people. His heritage. It’s like it means everything to him.” Nova says.

    “How could he take down you two? He would have to be as powerful as a damn herald. Probably even more so than Thanos.” Peter says.

    “Your Sasuke was toe to toe with a God. Zeus. Zeus hasn’t returned so it only means one thing.” Thor says.

    “He’s been killed. So has the Queen I no longer sense her presence. He will pay for this….” Nova says gritting his teeth.

    “What kind of power was he using? Any particular source of energy?” Peter asks.

    “No he was using cosmic based attacks along with his ninja Justus. My guess is they will train on Xandar using their informational center as a catalyst for their attack on Earth.” Nova says.

    “We need to go to Xandar. We need to work together and end this once and for all.” Naruto says.

    “Naruto none of us are strong enough to face him yet. Not even you to be honest. You took 75% worth of Galactus’ power, but Sasuke seems as if he could go toe to toe with Galactus if given proper training.” Peter says.

    “We have to try. The People on that planet are counting on their hero, but their hero can’t do this alone.” Nova says a tear rolls down his right cheek.

    “I agree with Naruto. We have a lot of training with our strength and if my calculations are correct we are even be stronger than Galactus together.” Hashirama says.

    “For once something I can stand behind.” Tobirama says.

    “Can you not be smart for one second, Second? I vote we go.” Tsunade says.

    “Second second Haha.” Deadpool says.

    “I agree as well. The boy must be stopped as soon as possible.” Hiruzen says.

    “Then it’s settled we rid the universe of his presence!” Shikamaru says.

    Nova smiles and puts his hand on Hashirama shoulder.

    “Thank you.”

    The Avengers X sit in a large battleship awaiting their arrival at Xandar. Each of them looking out of the window to see a green orb in the distance.

    “That must be it.” Hinata says walking next to Naruto.

    “Yea. Soon the pain will be over.” Naruto says.

    “I um… I could tell it was getting colder back on Earth. I was wondering if you had a scarf.”

    “Nah afraid not. Wonder if they create Avenger scarfs. That’d be kind of rad right?”

    “Yea it would…” Hinata says smiling then looking over at the green orb.

    “Aren’t you afraid Naruto… of what we’ll have to do?”

    “Of course I am. I’d be a fool not to be. Everyone else wants to kill Sasuke. I want to handle this myself. I know that he must be stopped but… I was meant to handle this. Not anyone else.”


    “We will be arriving at Xandar soon Naruto. Kakashi wants to speak with you before we arrive.” Sakura says. Naruto walks over to Kakashi and sits beside him. Kakashi close his book and sighs looking over at Sakura.

    “She wants him dead the most ya know?” Kakashi says.

    “That’s what she thought the last time, but we both know she’s not the one to do it sensei.”

    “Exactly why I’m trusting you with this. Take out Sasuke. He isn’t the brother you had on Team 7. He’s Dooms assistant and a man who we no longer know.”

    “To stoop this low… to kill thousands upon thousands… I can’t believe it…”

    “We are arriving at Xandar! Beginning to fire at enemy pods! Avengers who can stand the vicinity of space move out!” Fury yells into the PA system. The ninja along with a few of the hero exit the battleship into the depths of space.

    “There is a large green barrier around the entire planet of Xandar. Reed how do we destroy this?” Ms. Marvel asks.

    “I’m guessing you and the others will have to give it your all and attempt to breach it.” Reed says.

    Hulk flies toward a pod smashing it to peace’s and continues to his next target yelling in rage. Emma Frost in her diamond form flies next to him smiling.

    “That’s one way to get it done.” She says crashing into the window of a pod and throwing the pilot out of the window.

    “Engaging at full force! Everyone watch your back!” Reed says as he begins firing blasts from the battleship. The cannons bursts violently as each blast hits the target with complete accuracy. Pods shift around attempting to outrun them but they blasts lock on hitting them as they attempt their maneuvers.

    “This is everything that we hoped for. Progress. Actual progress!” Tobirama says creating a giant water dragon from his hand.

    “Water jutsu without a water source. That’s damn good cosmic control Tobirama.” Peter says giving him a thumbs up.

    “Steve you haven’t said a word since they arrived. What is it that’s bothering you so much?” Charles asks. Steve lifts his head up looking at Charles. He sighs then looking up at the ceiling and closing his eyes.

    “Mourning Manhattan while going back into battle hours later. Tony chose to stay behind and guard the city. Just thinking if maybe I should have done the same.”

    “We need you Steve. Your guidance is the key to beating out foe.”

    “Why do I feel like I’m not in control of this one? I have no idea where this guy is gonna hit us next so we keep getting hit with knock out punches. We’re not going down by any means but if one of those punches hits the right spot.”

    “He does know how to get us riled up. But don’t let that stop you from leading us. You have to be the level headed one captain. God knows we aren’t fit for it.”

    “Ya know…. Tony couldn’t even face them when they returned. Neither could I. We both stayed out patrolling Manhattan. We failed them again.”

    “It had been 20 hours since they left. If you can track down a specific universe that by no means is connected to ours in anyway. So stop pondering Rogers. Lead on.”

    “Stop attacking fighter pods and head for Xandar. We can take care of them.” Steve says. The Avengers X rush towards Xandar as pods explode to pieces around them.

    “A war in the stars. Damn we’ve come a long way since the chunin exams.” Shikamaru says.

    “Haha you ain’t kid!” A says lariating a pod in front of him. They begin to approach Xandar’s shield when suddenly the sky beneath it turns pitch black.

    “What are they planning?” Hashirama asks.

    “Whatever it is we need to stop it before….” Peter stares down at the black hellfire that begins to rain upwards towards them.

    “Everyone! Cover yourselves and maneuver! Amaterasu flames 12 o clock!” Tsunade yells. Peter slams his hands together creating a shield around everyone as the flames blaze into them knocking them backwards.

    The Avengers float through space as lightning crackles around them. Sasuke walks to Naruto who stares him in the face scowling.

    “You’re just a clone.” Naruto says pulling out a kunai sword.

    “Don’t attempt this Naruto Uzumaki… You and your friends will die on Xandar.”

    “We’re taking you with us!” Naruto says punching the clone and dashing towards the green shield. Naruto holds both of his hands out creating a giant rasengan and shoots it at the shield. It collides with the thick green layer creating green sparks that fly throughout the space.

    “Everyone… attack the shield!” Peter yells as each of the ninja shoot blasts at the shield in an attempt to make a breach. They hold the formation from minutes as they each begin to sweat with exhaust and shake with each second that passes.

    “It’s… growing larger…” Lee says as the shield turns purple expanding its size.

    “Peter get everyone out of their now! It’s about to create a pulsing blast! This isn’t regular Doom arts! He has Sasuke’s power in the mix as well!” Reed yells. The Avengers rush back to the ship as the pods retreat and the shield fades back into the green.

    “Foolish to think that old man could teach us a thing. And here we sit thinking that we could actually defeat the devil himself.” Tobirama says.

    “Don’t question Gins ways. If not for him you would have died as soon as those flames touched your dead body.” Peter says.

    “I know I’m not the only one tired of sitting in the defensive. If we continue to get our asses handed to us what do you think they’re going to do? Continue to gain more strength. They will have the upper hand in the end and it will cause our defeat.” Rogue says.

    “Attacking them so recklessly will get us killed. This was a mistake. We should have waited for Dooms guard to let down.” Beast says.

    “Quite everyone! I’m receiving a distress call from Xandar!” Reed says touching the screen below him that creates a hologram of Doom.

    “Greetings Avengers X.” Doom says standing tall, his arms crossed.

    “You son of *****. Face us like a man and quite your hiding.” Logan says.

    “I am not hiding. That green shield is not a sign of weakness. But of strength. It is a barrier of power that separates the strong. From the weak.”

    “You’ve become so powered by wanting to overshadow the universe. Wanting them to know who the hell you are. Wanting to showcase that you can defeat us all. Well come out and show us! We’re ready! We want you to! We’ve gotten stronger as well!” Reed yells.

    “I will when Sasuke is ready. You want to kill him so badly it amuses me. You won’t take the life of my son. You will not take the life of me either. You shall watch as we conquer the galaxies.”

    “Afraid we can’t let that happen Doctor.” Peter Quill says walking into the room along with Drax, Rocket Groot and Gamora.

    “Guardians. When the hell did you get here?” Steve asks.

    “Few minutes ago. Reed was nice enough to let us in.” Quill says.

    “More of you? How many people are you trying to get killed Steve?” Doom.

    “Oh we’re not gonna die. You. You will get… killed…” Quill says.

    “Horrible Comeback.” Rocket says.

    “Yea thought I was gonna come up with something rad but it didn’t work out.”

    “Well if you are all done making a scene outside of my Planet I have to go train your ninja’s next leader. I will bring him to Earth when he is ready. Come back before then and I will kill all of Xandar.” Doom says as the hologram disappears. Tenten shakes her head and walks away.


    2 Months Later

    “In the park again huh?” Peter asks. Naruto holds his cell phone to his ear as he sits on the park bench looking out at the snowfall.

    “No place else to go. They don’t want us anywhere else. The entire world doesn’t trust us. They say ever since we got here we’ve cased nothing but trouble.” Naruto says.

    “Don’t listen to the press Naruto. They aren’t around to make you feel good all the time. Sometimes they only want to shoot an article. Sometimes it’s all delusion.”

    Naruto looks to his right to see Hinata practicing her whale fist combo. Her punches hitting each drop of snow falling in front of her.

    “Hey Peter I’ll talk to you later. Going to get some ice cream.”

    “Ice cream!? It’s winter time!” Naruto hangs up the phone and approaches Hinata who begins to blush.

    “What are you doing practicing out here in the snow? You could be at the mansion getting more done inside.”

    “Um… I don’t like the atmosphere there and um… Sakura said I should go outside and stop watching Netflix so much.”

    “Yea Netflix is pretty addictive. Have you seen that Narcos show yet?”

    “No still watching Orange is the new black…”

    “Meh a bit too feminine for my taste. Sakura would love it I bet.”

    “Do you think she is really over Sasuke?”

    “It seems to me as if she is but… who really knows until we meet Sasuke face to face. Until then it’s all but confusion for us.”

    “Oh I forgot. I have this with me.” Hinata says reaching into her purse and grabbing out a Christmas present with tailed beast snowmen on it.

    “Awesome! Oh man I wonder what it is!” Naruto says quickly tearing off the wrapping to find a red scarf inside. He grins widely putting the scarf around his neck.

    “Thanks Hinata! An awesome gift! Gotta figure out what to get you hmm.”

    “You’re Welcome… You don’t…”

    “Naruto I need to speak with you.” Natasha says approaching the two. She looks over at Hinata and scowls and Hinata looks away as Naruto scratches his head.

    “Um… everything okay here?” Naruto asks.

    “No… I need for you to keep your cell on at all times… What if I... or anyone else for that matter needs to reach you for an emergency?”

    “Aw dammit the battery died again.”

    “The battery died!? Ugh look I came to you to tell you I’m gathering together a small team to go find Mystique and take her into custody.”

    “Mystique? Oh that blue skinned naked woman. Man there are just so many weird names I can’t remember em all.”

    “Yes the blue skinned woman. She is up north in Canada according to Barton’s findings. If we attack now maybe we can get a hold of some of Dooms plans.”

    “How are you sure she even knows anything?” Hinata asks.

    “I am sure.” Natasha says giving Hinata a stern look.

    “Well even if it’s just an assumption. This is certainly something worth investigating. Hinata would you like to come with?”

    “Afraid she might not make the cut. I’ve already got in mind who I want and I don’t need too many on the squad. The cosmic power will attract Apocalypse and that’s the last thing we need.”

    “Well that sucks we need strong people like Hinata with us.” Naruto says.

    “So you accept the mission?” Natasha asks. Naruto clenches his fist and smiles with glee.

    “Believe it!”

    Thanks for reading! Hope you all are having a Merry Christmas! Chapter 9 is a Christmas special but it may be coming after Christmas at this rate!

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    Re: ★The Amazing Avengers x Naruto Crossover Story - Revolution - Chapter 8★

    That's interesting.

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    Re: ★The Amazing Avengers x Naruto Crossover Story - Revolution - Chapter 8★

    Quote Originally Posted by MrTucket View Post
    That's interesting.
    Thanks love!

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