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    (Pokémon Fanfiction) A Trainer's Resolve Ch. 2

    Hey guys! I made a mistake on making it look like I was plagiarizing someone's work, which apparently is mine from the actual Fanfiction website.

    Reason for why I never revealed that is because I don't want to make it look like I am promoting any of my work. I want to abide by the rules of this forum as much as possible. Anyway, Chapter 2 is posted here and I hope you all enjoy it!

    Chapter 2: The Battle

    Ash Ketchum looks up at the Pyramid with a smirk. The hovering quivers in silence as the Pyramid has been set in place. Ash turned to Pikachu. “Well buddy, I guess this is it. Let’s do our all!” Ash cheered. Pikachu raised his paw up too with a determined smile. Brock smiled. ‘Good luck Ash. Show Brandon how much you've improved.’

    As Ash and Brock approached the Battle Pyramid, they see a familiar man who is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. Ash smiled as he walked up to him. “Hey Scott! It’s been a while!” Ash greeted. Scott nodded. “Same to you Ash. Have you been training to beat Brandon? I can tell you’ve been getting stronger.” He said. Scott then noticed May and Max are not with them. “Hey, what happened to May and her brother? Are they catching up or something?” Scott asked with concern.

    The atmosphere suddenly dropped 10°. Ash’s eyes hardened when May was mentioned. No matter how many times he tried to forget her, Ash still hadn’t let go of the incident and he was sure May will pay one day. Scott was taken aback by Ash’s change in mood. He wondered what had happened between them.

    Brock answered for Ash attempting to calm the situation. “Scott, Ash and May had some... fall-out last week and it did not go well It is a touchy subject for Ash so I think it’s best we drop this,” Brock explained calmly. Scott raised his eyebrow in curiosity but accepted the explanation. Just like that, the temperature turned back to normal.

    Ash sighed and ran off into the Pyramid with Brock following him closely. Despite almost turning 14, the aspiring Master has never changed much. As the boy barged inside the building, instead of finding Brandon, Ash saw Nurse Joy. However, this Nurse Joy seems different due to her smile. It reminded Ash of the various trainers he had fought before which is why he is unnerved by this Nurse Joy.

    Brock on the other hand, usually he would be smitten every time he sees a beautiful woman, particularly Nurse Joy, but in this case he too felt unnerved by her smile. The Nurse Joy noticed Ash and squealed. She ran up to him and grabbed his hands.

    “I know who you are! You’re the Ash Ketchum that made it to the Top 8 in the Ever Grande Conference. It’s very nice to meet you!” said the uncharacteristically exuberant Nurse Joy while she was shaking Ash’s hands. Said trainer looked a bit freaked out but nonetheless smiled back albeit reluctant. Nurse Joy also showed him the pictures she had taken which consisted of Ash’s battles. “Can I get an autograph too Ash? It will help me complete my scrap book of hotspot trainers I have met.” She asked nicely. Ash shrugged and wrote his autograph and gave the book back after. Ash then turned to Scott as he and Brock caught up to where Ash went.

    “There you are Ash! Why did you go off like that? I was going to walk you to Brandon for the rematch.” Scott asked. Ash sheepishly smiled. “Sorry Scott, I was too excited for the battle and I couldn’t control myself. Can you please show me the way?” Ash asked. Scott smiled and gestured his hand to follow.

    Meanwhile, Brandon has been sitting for a while waiting for his challenger. It has been at least 10 minutes and he was beginning to get impatient. His inner rant has been cut as he hears footsteps coming in. Brandon turns and sees Ash and Brock but noticed that he doesn’t see the other two kids. Ash walked up to Brandon and smiled.

    “Hey Brandon, sorry for the wait. I got lost on the way so Scott helped me find the battlefield.” Ash said. Brandon would have scolded Ash but he decided to give him slack. “It’s fine Ash. Have you been training for the rematch?” Brandon asked. Ash nodded. “Yeah, I have been training for a week. By the way, I want to do a 2 on 2 battle.” he requested. Brandon was surprised confused. “How come Ash? I thought you wouldn’t mind doing a 1 on 1.” He asked. Ash shook his head.

    “You’re right but I know that you will battle with either Registeel or Regice so I have decided that I want to battle both of them!” Everyone was shocked at Ash’s words. If Brock’s eyes were visible, it would have displayed his shocked expression.

    Brandon recovered from his uncharacteristic display of shock and nodded. “Very well Ash, I accept your request. Let’s begin our battle now.” With that, the opponents walked to their battle positions.

    The Pyramid Referee makes his appearance. “Now, the Battle Pyramid Frontier Battle rematch is just about to begin. Our challenger on the left is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!” Ash nodded, his face firm and serious. The referee turned to his right. “On the right corner, the man of the hour, he's the Frontier Brain of the Battle Pyramid: the Pyramid King Brandon!!” Brandon’s face was as stoic as ever.

    “This is a 2 on 2 Pokémon Battle. Both you may bring out your Pokémon and begin!” Immediately, both trainer and Fronter Brain reached their pockets and grabbed their Pokéballs.

    “Registeel, I need your assistance!” exclaimed the Pyramid King. A big metallic Pokémon appeared on the battlefield. It has dots in the middle like its rocky counterpart but aligned differently and is red colored. Ash threw out his familiar and notable Pokémon from his journey in Kanto.

    “Charizard, I choose you!” he shouted as the Flame Pokémon appeared. “RAAAAGH!” Charizard roared as he shot a flamethrower in the air to show his dominance. Brock was amazed at Charizard’s growth. ‘To think he used to disobey Ash and now he’s stronger than last time.’ Brock thought. Ash smirked at Charizard’s power. Brandon also hid a smirk at Charizard’s power. It seems he has found a worthy opponent to match Registeel.

    "Since Ash is the challenger, he has the first move!" Ash nodded and had fire in his eyes. “Charizard, use Flamethrower!” He exclaimed. Charizard immediately executed a blank shot Flamethrower, directly hitting Registeel. However, Registeel doesn’t seem affected by the attack despite having a type disadvantage. After the Flamethrower dissipated, it turned out Registeel was hardly damaged.

    “Registeel, use Lock-On!” Brandon yelled. Registeel’s red lights glowed and formed a red circle in his arms. The red circle landed on Charizard, making it inevitable for Charizard to take damage.
    Brock was getting worried for Ash. “Charizard won’t be able to dodge this one. This isn’t looking good for Ash.” He said. Scott smiled. “Don’t worry Brock, Ash knows what he is doing. I’m sure Ash will find a way out of this.” Scott reassured. Brock nodded but is still worried.

    “Now use Zap Cannon!” Brandon commanded. Registeel formed a bluish-green electrical orb and chucked it towards Charizard, hitting successfully. A dust cloud formed around Charizard as Brock was beginning to get worried. What occurred next made Brandon wear a shocked expression the second time.

    “Charizard, charge at Registeel and use DragonBreath!” Charizard roared and flew in a corkscrew and shot a powerful dragon breath in front of Registeel, pushing the Iron Pokémon a few yards back. When the attack stopped, Registeel rested on one leg from the attack. It was caught off guard but it can still battle.

    “That was quick thinking of Ash. I almost forgot this is Charizard. His Charizard is known for resisting attacks.” Brock said. Scott nodded. “I see. I remember Ash’s Charizard beating Articuno so maybe he is able to beat Registeel.” Scott said. Brock nodded at that. After all, Charizard has the advantage for both Ice and Steel.

    “Charizard, use Flamethrower!” Charizard once again gathers the flame inside his mouth. Before he could execute his move, Brandon chuckled.

    “Very impressive Ash, but it’s time to show me what you got.” He said and looked at Registeel. “That’s our signal! Registeel, use Sandstorm to return the Flamethrower towards Charizard.” Registeel twirled around and created a devastating sandstorm. The sandstorm collided with the Flamethrower and it combined into a Flaming storm. The combined force struck Charizard, giving the Flame Pokémon serious damage. Ash couldn’t help but awe at Brandon’s amazing strategy.

    “Sometimes, my opponent’s attack is used to deal the final blow. That’s how strategy is used.” Brandon said and smirked. Ash scowled at how his own mistake.

    “Registeel, Sandstorm again!” Brandon repeated. Registeel kept throwing multiple Sandstorms at Charizard. Charizard’s growls echoed in the stadium. Ash began thinking on getting Charizard out. If Registeel keeps throwing Sandstorms, what is the best way to counter it? A smile crept up to Ash.

    “Charizard, use Flamethrower to throw the Sandstorm back at Registeel!” Charizard roared and blew the Flamethrower along with the Sandstorm. Brandon however, wasn’t going to give up.

    “If you want to match up on wills, that’s fine with me! Registeel use Sandstorm to push back!” The battle is now a tug of war consisting Flamethrowers and Sandstorms. The funnel kept increasing while the Pokemon were executing their moves. Eventually, Charizard’s will was stronger and the combined force swallowed Registeel. Brandon didn’t order Registeel to do anything and the Iron Pokémon understood his trainer’s intentions so he allowed himself to get inside of the funnel. Ash was confused but kept his guard up.

    “Now use Zap Cannon!” Brandon commanded. The electrical orb soared out of the Sandstorm-Flamethrower combination quickly towards Charizard. Ash smirked. It was game over.

    “Charizard go inside the funnel and grab Registeel!” Brandon, for the third time, was shocked once again as Charizard went straight through the funnel and held a firm grip on Registeel. Before Brandon could even do anything, Charizard’s roar made him look up and was shocked that Charizard is able to hold Registeel in the air!

    “Charizard, let’s finish this! Use Seismic Toss!” Charizard roared and spinned downwards along with Registeel. It caused a big black dust cloud which took a while to dissolve. Charizard flapped his wings to get rid of the cloud as Registeel is shown on the floor not moving. The referee raised his hand.

    “Registeel is unable to battle, this round goes to Charizard!” Ash smiled and Charizard flew back to Ash, both cheering and exchanging a fist pump.

    Brock was shocked but then smiled and clapped. “Ash has done it. Registeel was a tough opponent but I knew Ash would prevail.” He said. Scott also smiled. “Ash used a stroke of genius to catch Registeel off guard. Ash gave it his all along with Charizard and secured the win.” He said wisely. Brock nodded in agreement. ‘Ash has truly grown as a Pokémon trainer’ Brock mentally said.

    “You said it Brock. I’m proud of him. He went from a trainer that overslept his first day to an upcoming Pokémon Master,” said a familiar voice. Brock turned and was surprised to see Professor Oak.

    “Professor?! When did you get here?” Brock asked.

    Oak shrugged. “I was here the moment the battle started. You must have been too focused on the battle.” Brock sheepishly nodded.

    Brandon returned Registeel back into his Pokéball. “Well Ash, I commend you for beating Registeel. Your Charizard is exceptionally powerful.” He said as he pulled another Pokéball. “Now it’s finally your turn Regice, I need your assistance!”

    Out from Brandon’s Pokéball came a Pokémon composed of Antarctic ice that resembles a crystal. Its face has an unusual pattern consisting of seven yellow dots in a "+" formation. It has four spikes on its back. Its legs are conical and it balances its entire body on those two points. There are three fingers on each of its cylindrical arms.
    Ash smirked at the strength of the Iceberg Pokémon. He was confident that Charizard is able to take down Regice. Charizard shared the same confidence.

    “Regice, use Blizzard let’s go!” Regice made a swiping motion with his arm and a raging blizzard went towards Charizard. It hit the Flame Pokémon but it didn’t really damage much except frosting his wings, which went unnoticed by everyone else.

    “Charizard, Flamethrower!” Charizard roared out the flames towards Regice. It was a direct hit, but it seems there wasn’t any damage.

    “Regice, use Ice Beam!” Regice unleashed his ice beam point blank range at Charizard. The attack was faster than the usual move itself.

    “Dodge Charizard!” Charizard flew up and narrowly dodged the attack but his left wing was hit, making him fall down. The stage was becoming more of an ice field every time Regice uses his ice beam. Charizard’s wings were becoming coated with ice.

    “Regice, use Ice Beam in the air!” Regice unleashed another ice beam and Charizard couldn’t dodge it so he took it head-on and spiraled downwards. Ash was shocked when Charizard was struggling to get back up.

    How will I get Charizard out of this mess?’ thought the Kanto native trainer. Ash began recalling his dark hour moments throughout his battles. He suddenly remembered Charizard turning the tides against Gary’s Blastoise back in the Johto League.

    Brandon looked at Ash in a patronizing way. “Ash, you have done well but it seems Charizard has lost his fighting spirit. Regice, use Rest!” Regice sat down and a soothing aura surrounded him.

    Ash looked at Charizard. He began remembering their moments together in battle. From nearly dying when he was a Charmander, evolving into Charmeleon, evolving into Charizard while facing Aerodactyl, using Seismic Toss against Dragonair, his Flamethrowers against Ash, and even defeating Articuno. “Charizard, we have been through too much together and you have worked hard getting stronger. Well, now it’s time to step up and prove our fighting spirit. Show what you are made of Charizard!” Charizard remained unresponsive. It seemed Ash’s message didn’t get through to him.
    The referee began declaring the match over. “Charizard is unable to-“

    “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWGH!” The deafening roar reached the ceiling and vibrated in all places. Ash was surprised to see his faithful fire-type standing back up. “RAAAAAAGH!” Charizard’s tail ignited a bigger flame that could make a Ho-Oh proud. Ash smiled when he saw Charizard's power-up. ‘Way to go Charizard! You're finished Brandon!’

    “Charizard, let’s start this with a supercharged Flamethrower!” Charizard roared loudly as he blew the flames towards not only Regice but the area as well. Brandon was surprised at Charizard’s determination. ‘I guess he does have his fighting spirit.’

    Regice woke up after taking damage from the Flamethrower, despite having its rest. Brandon was getting worried about Regice. “Regice use Focus Punch on the Ice.” Regice began punching the ice pillars and it was aiming towards Charizard.

    “Charizard, dodge and use Steel Wing!” Charizard dodged in an arch motion and picked up his speed while his wings glowed. Regice couldn’t dodge the attack and tried blocking, failing miserably.

    “Steel Wing, which is a Steel type move has an advantage against Ice types. Ash has grown into a skilled trainer.” Brock said. He was impressed of Ash having the knowledge of type advantages.
    Brandon gritted his teeth. “Regice, use Ice Beam!” Regice desperately attempted to make another ice beam but was interrupted by Charizard’s proximity. Ash smirked, understanding what Charizard was going to do.

    “Charizard, you know what to do. Grab Regice and fly up.” Charizard roared and lifted Regice into the air. Regice was trying to knock Charizard off-course but gave up, knowing his fate.

    “Now use Flamethrower on yourself and finish it with a Seismic Toss!” Charizard threw his flames, covering himself and Regice, representing a funnel. The fire version of Seismic Toss came down like a rocket, creating a huge dust cloud. Ash and Brandon covered themselves as the dust was getting into their eyes. Moments, later the clouds evaporated. There laid both Regice and Charizard, not moving at all.

    The referee was shocked and stammering but regained his composure. “Both Pokémon are unable to battle! With only one Pokémon left, the winner is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!”
    Ash was on his knees. He had finally did it. He won the Battle Frontier!
    Charizard woke up and sat on his bottom. He beat two legendary Pokémon and it wasn’t an easy feat. Ash walked up to Charizard and gave him a hug. Charizard smiled and performed a flamethrower in the sky.
    Brandon recalled his Regice. “That was brave fighting friend.” He walked up to Ash. “That was excellent Ash. You battled with an original style that is yours and yours alone. I am pleased to present the Brave symbol.” It was a gold medal with four triangles in a square position. Ash received the symbol and jumped into the air.
    Outside of Battle Pyramid

    It was sunset and everyone gathered outside. Scott smiled at Ash as he held up a plaque, which contained all of the frontier symbols.

    “Congratulations Ash, you have conquered all seven of the Battle Facilities. You are now a member of the Battle Frontier Hall of Fame.” Ash smiled at Scott. “It’s a real honor for me Scott,” he responded.

    “It would be an even bigger honor if you can consider being a Frontier Brain like the rest of us. What do you say?” Scott offered. Ash was shocked at the opportunity. However, he knew that he still has his journey on becoming a Pokémon Master. He couldn’t just stop and settle being a Frontier Brain.

    “Thanks Scott, but I still have my journeys and I also have lots of people I haven’t battled yet. I also have my dream to become a Pokémon Master too.” Scott nodded in understanding. Professor Oak chuckled. “To be honest, I didn’t expect anything different from you Ash.” Ash sheepishly smiled.

    “Good luck Ash. I hope that one day we will engage in battle once more. You have potential too young man. Don’t waste it.” Ash thanked him.

    The Pyramid flew off as Ash and Brock looked into the sky. “I guess we should get going Brock. What’s the closest place?” Brock looked at the map. “We should head to Terracotta Town first. Then we part ways.” Ash felt a little sad but nodded. ‘Yeah… part ways…’

    Ash looked into the sunset as if he found it interesting. Another journey is coming to a close end.
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