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    A Trainer's Resolve Ch. 3

    Enjoy! -pr0dz

    Terracotta Town

    Ash and Brock are currently walking down Terracotta Town. The seaside town is situated below a range of steep cliffs, resulting in several rivers which the town has cultivated around. The streets are decorated with streamers and bustling with concessionary stands.

    Recently, Ash had finally beaten Brandon. Not only that, he also defeated two legendary Pokémon and it only took one Charizard to do it all. He felt kind of guilty that Pikachu didn’t get to battle Regice but his starter didn’t seem to mind. Although he has a feeling that Pikachu will eventually battle a legendary at some point in the future. Ash also had Team Rocket in his sole thoughts due to their last encounter.


    Right after Scott and Brandon left, Ash decided to do his business in a bush. Before he began to do his business, he freaked out when 3 familiar figures overshadowed him.

    “GAH! What do you guys want now?!” Ash angrily asked as he fixed himself. The trio looked sheepish when they shushed Ash.

    Jessie was the first to speak. “Well… you see…”

    “We came here to let you know my team and I decided to quit. We realized our boss never cared for us much and we were practically dispensable in his eyes,” spoke James. Ash was stunned but he knew better.

    “How do I know this isn’t another one of your schemes to capture Pikachu? After the pain I went through because of you for almost 4 years and now you guys suddenly quit? Sounds like a bunch of Tauros-“

    “Ease it here, twe- Ash. We did change our ways even if you don’t believe us. What James was trying to say is that we are sorry for chasing you all these years and we will never try to take Pikachu ever again,” explained Jessie.

    Ash still didn’t believe them. But if anything else, this is the closest thing to a truce so he gave them the benefit of the doubt. “I still don’t believe you guys but I’ll consider this a truce for now. If I see you guys trying to steal my Pokémon or anybody’s Pokémon again, Pikachu will be the least of your worries.”

    It’s always best to show promise to send the message properly.

    Team Rocket’s bodies went white at the thought of an evil Pikachu attempting to fry them into crisps.

    “Come on Ash! You don hafta do that! We will be good people from here on out!”

    “A new day another shout!” exclaimed James.

    “Team Rocket that’s not what we’re about!” shouted the Magenta-haired woman.
    Ash sweatdropped. “Okay… well I guess I won’t have to worry about you guys anymore.”

    Team Rocket waved it off as if they weren’t offended. “We’ll be cheering you along the way, Ash! You too, Pikachu!”


    End Flashback

    Ash slowly trotted behind Brock as he thought over having to part ways with his older-brother figure. He knew that he can’t rely on him forever. The Kanto-Native trainer is approaching age 14. He knew he should be old enough to become more independent in his life.

    ‘Perhaps I should learn how to cook?’ he thought. Ash stopped when he noticed Brock stopping for a few seconds. He looked at his friend’s direction and slightly tensed.
    Brock spotted a contest hall and looked at Ash. “Hey Ash, why don’t you try out a contest for once? It might help you inspire some Pokémon moves in the future.” He suggested, oblivious to his friend’s distress. Ash thought of it over. He would have said no because it would just remind him of May but it might not be a bad idea.

    “You’re right Brock, let’s go. I’ll use you for both appeals and battle rounds Pikachu.” Ash said as Pikachu nodded with a ‘Pika’.

    “Yes you can enter the contest young man. All you have to do is fill out this application here so you can participate,” said the registration man, who is young and has brown hair and black eyes.

    “Thank you so much! But do I have to be a Coordinator?” Ash asked. Contests was never his kind of thing. In fact, he doubted that he would be good at it. Then Ash remembered what Brock said about new moves. Hence why he is registering.

    “No, you don’t have to at all! It’s an unofficial contest all trainers are welcome,” the man said happily.
    Ash smiled and signed his name in the paper. “Pikachu is definitely my partner for the Appeals round. Who do I pick for the second round?” Ash put his finger around his chin. “Oh! Definitely Sceptile!”

    “The final match will be a battle between the top two Coordinators on the stage. Whoever comes out on top is the winner of the contest,” said the Registrar.

    Brock smiled. “Good luck out there Ash. I’m sure you will win this easily.”

    Ash turned to smirk at Brock. “Yeah, thanks Brock. I’ll do my best!” “Pika Pika!” said Pikachu.

    The crowd quieted down as the Registrar walked up to the middle of the battlefield and brought out his microphone.

    “Hello everyone and welcome to the Terracotta Contest! I’d like to introduce your hostess and MC for the Terracotta Contest, your very own and wonderful Nurse Joy!!”

    The crowd cheered loudly as the Nurse Joy of Terracotta Town stood up from her seat and picked up her microphone.

    “The winner of today’s event will receive this handsome Terracotta Town Medal. Best of luck to every contestant! It’s true that there is one winner but every one of you are #1!” Brock’s eyes turned into hearts and professed his love to Nurse Joy… again.

    In the contestant room, a certain Kanto-Native trainer somehow noticed Brock’s entranced face and facepalmed. Pikachu doing the same.

    “JOY! I’d compete for you!! You’re more beautiful than any ribbon!!” Brock ran up right next to Joy and crouched down, holding her hand. “Promise me that I will be your first prize!!”

    The Nurse was too baffled to do anything. A few guards safely dragged Brock back to the audience. They gave him a fair warning not to do that again or else he will be removed from the building.

    “Okay… I wish you all the best luck and be sure to have fun too!” The crowd cheered for the nurse as she sat back in her chair.

    The following contestants were either decent or awkward to say the least.

    What appeared to be a fisherman, had used his Magikarp in the Appeals round, only to fail deeply due to the Fish Pokémon flailing on the ground. Needless to say, the man grabbed his head in annoyance, as the crowd sighed.

    A young lady wearing an apron and a yellow shirt and her Gloom failed as well. Her Gloom used Sleep Powder, which made Nurse Day and the Registrar fall asleep, indicating that she also lost. The lady began panicking hysterically in the process.

    A performer of some sorts had a whip, which he used to command his Charmeleon. The Fire Lizard used Flamethrower to form it into a flaming circle and jumped through it like he was doing a circus act.

    A Seel was using Ice Beam to create an icicle statue of some sort. The crowd roared loudly.

    “Now that was an amazing bout to Coordinators and Pokémon alike! However, this final bout will be the best out of all,” The Registrar spoke. The crowd was getting excited at the man’s words.

    “Our final contestant is none other than Kanto Region’s Ash Ketchum! He is Pallet Town’s pride and recently made Top 8 of the Ever Grande Conference! Let’s give him our best wishes!!”

    Ash ran through the arena with Pikachu beside him as the crowd began chanting ‘Ash!’ as he stopped. Half of the female audience, mostly young teen girls squealed for Ash and wanted his autograph and held signs that had their phone numbers written on.

    “Alright! Pikachu, let’s give this our all. We’ll show them how great our combination works not only in battles, but contests as well!” Ash declared. “Pika!!” Pikachu cheered.

    Ash curled his right hand into a fist. “Pikachu, jump into the air and spread your Thunderbolt across the arena!”

    “Pika!” Pikachu leaped 20 feet in the air and used his red pouches to manipulate and expand his electricity. The crowd went deadly silent but were anticipating for Ash’s next move. The thunder circled around the field whilst Pikachu was still in the air producing more electricity. The Thunderbolt turned into an electrical fence/field.

    “Now use your Iron Tail and combine it with Thunderbolt. After that, aim the Iron Tail dead center!”

    "Chuuu… PIKA!” Pikachu’s tail glowed white and manipulated his electricity to center it into his metallic tail and somersaulted onto the ground. As his tail is on the ground, the electricity around Pikachu began centering around him as if Pikachu is a magnet.The crowd’s eyes widened. Brock was amazed by Ash’s stroke of genius. 'He made Pikachu a magnetic pole… amazing. Just what are you doing Ash?'

    The Registrar was gobsmacked. “Amazing! Ash’s Pikachu has ingeniously made himself an electric rod. What is Ash trying to pull? I certainly have no idea.”

    Nurse Joy however wasn’t surprised. “He did make Top 8 in the League. His Pikachu is practically an elite level Pokémon.”

    “Alright, Pikachu now use another Thunderbolt and rotate as you do so,” commanded Ash.
    Pikachu began using Thunderbolt again. To his surprise, Pikachu’s Thunderbolt came off as even bigger than before. The electricity around him began forming into an electrical tornado. However, the tornado is surprisingly not that large but only almost twice Pikachu’s size.

    “Okay Pikachu, finish this by using your Iron Tail to kick the Thunderbolt away!”

    “Piiii-ka!” Pikachu corkscrew kicked the electricity off him. The crazy Thunder Tornado landed in the center and exploded into a drawing of Ash’s head and Pikachu’s head right next to him. The crowd roared. Roared a lot more than before and even roared more than the Hoenn League.

    The Registrar walked up to Ash with the Terracotta ribbon. “The winner of the contest is Ash Ketchum!” The crowd roared even higher for their Kanto-representing Pokémon trainer.

    Ash was confused. “Excuse me sir, but I thought there is going be a Battle round. What happened to that?”

    The Registrar smiled sheepishly. “I thought so too. However, when I checked into the area for the contestants, they all magically disappeared. Since you’re the only one here, you win by default!”

    Indeed he was right. The other contestants ran away, vowing to never encounter Ash and Pikachu in the future. The Registrar handed Ash the ribbon and walked off with Nurse Joy. To Ash’s surprise and Brock’s horror, they were holding hands as they walked off the arena.

    Ash patted him on the back even though Brock was being overdramatic. The Breeder stopped his ridiculous sulking and smiled at Ash. “I’m proud of you Ash! Once again, you have become the attention of girls. You do listen to me!!” Now Brock was embracing Ash tightly, making the Pallet native squirm.

    “Alright Brock! Let me breathe for a second!” Ash pleaded. Brock immediately separated himself. “My bad Ash. I’m just proud to see how much of a heartbreaker you’ve become,” Brock said. Ash raised an eyebrow. “I’ll never understand why it’s so important but I hope I’ll never do. Anyway, Brock I guess it’s time…” Brock knew what Ash meant and nodded silently. They along with Pikachu walked down the road.

    Road Path – Viridian Forest Exit

    The two travelers walked down the pavement. The Pokémon around them consisted of Pidgey and Ratata. The trees were decorated with various berries that were usually used for medicinal purposes.

    A sign that pointed two different paths stopped the travelers. They both stared at each other; the neither of them making any movement.

    Ash broke the silence with a sigh.

    “Well… this is it Brock. It was a good journey Brock and I’m happy I get to do it with you,” Ash said, his voice cracking a bit. Brock knew how much Ash feels about him and it makes himself sad as well but he can’t let Ash know about that. “Yeah, despite what she did last week, in the end it was still a good adventure we had and I don’t regret a thing.”

    Silence echoed in the air. Ash suddenly embraced Brock. A few tears escaped his eyes. “I-I’ll m-miss you Brock. I’ll give you a shout out when I win the next league! Trust that!” Brock reciprocated the hug while gently rubbing Ash’s back. “It’s ok Ash, I understand how you feel. I’m sure one day we will see each other again. I’ll be seeing you by the time you win the next League,” he said.

    Ash broke the hug and wiped his tears. He smiled despite having tear marks under his eyes and curled his hand into a fist. “Don’t worry Brock. From here on out, Ash Ketchum will never lose again!” Ash turned around and began running. He looked back at Brock and waved his hand.

    “Goodbye Brock! Thank you for everything!”

    They both went their ways home. Ash and Pikachu ran all the way to the Viridian Forest. A screech echoed in the air. Ash and Pikachu looked up as they heard a couple of wings flapping. The pride of Pallet Town focused on the middle and saw a familiar bird Pokémon. The creature had a large, mostly brown avian Pokémon with a vulturine neck and broad, powerful wings. A Long, pointed, pink beak planed on its center and a decorative red coxcomb on top of its head. Its narrow eyes have very small pupils, and do not appear to have colored irises. It has shaggy, feathers on the base of its neck and covering the upper portion of its wings. These feathers are cream-colored, as are the tips of its flight feathers. Its sharp-clawed talons are pink, with three toes pointing forward and one pointing backward.

    The Pokémon was Ash’s nightmare: Fearow. The Pokémon that became vengeful over a pebble when it was a Spearow.

    The aspiring Pokemon Master grimaced at the sight of Fearow and his platoon of Spearow. It seemed today will not be a good day for Ash and he knew this himself. He looked at Pikachu and nodded. Facing your fears is the usual solution.

    That Fearow will not roam free anymore.

    “Pikachu.” The yellow rodent turned to his friend. “It’s time we stop Fearow from wreaking havoc. Who knows what it’s been doing while we were in Hoenn. Use Thunderbolt to knock out the Spearow.”

    Pikachu leapt off of Ash and somersaulted into the air. His red sacs sparked and yellow electricity emitted from him as it surrounded his body. The bolt of thunder crashed all the Spearow, connected as if it were circuits. One by one the Spearow fell down. The ring leader was stunned at his enemy’s display of power but shook it off as mere luck. His elongated beak suddenly glowed white and his bodied rotated in a corkscrewed manner. The speed of the attack put Ash and Pikachu off guard.

    Ash rolled out of the way but Pikachu took the attack. He yelped in pain but however, he managed to come back up, despite the pain coursing through his small body. The Kanto-Native trainer scowled at the Beak Pokémon. Just as Fearow began another Drill Peck, Ash immediately responded.

    “Pikachu, use your tail to spring up into the air!” The Mouse Pokémon smacked his tail on the ground. As he propelled himself into the air, he did a 135 degree clockwise turn and changed his tail into an Iron Tail attack. Fearow did not see it coming and was careened back several feet. He used his talons to grab onto a tree branch and held his beak.

    However, Ash was not having it. “Pikachu, use Agility to climb up the tree!”

    “PikaPika!” Pikachu began running and used his paws to attach to the wooden material. His aura slightly turned white and made a blur. Just as Pikachu was about to hit Fearow with another Iron Tail, another screech echoed in the air. However, it seemed familiar. Ash’s mind went blank for a moment. There was only one Pokémon that made that noise. He looked up into the sky and was shocked at who it was.

    The Pokémon was a bird just like Fearow but however, it was an avian-like Pokémon with large wings, sharp talons, and a short, hooked beak. Its glossy plumage was mostly brown with cream-colored underparts and flight feathers. Its plumage was also described as beautiful. Its head was decorated with a red and yellow crest nearly as long as its body. The fan-like feathers of its tail adorned a red color. Its beak and legs were pink, and angular black markings adorned around its eyes.

    The wings appeared to be powerful. Every flap the avian made created breezes which made Ash hold his hat. The bird looked at Ash and screeched happily.

    Ash smiled. “Man I’m so glad to see you Pidgeot!” The avian chirped and dove into Ash, crashing him down. She nuzzled into his neck, showing her unwavering affection to her master. Ash smiled and reciprocated the hug.

    “You’ve grown big Pidgeot. How’s the Pidgey and Pidgeotto you’re protecting?”

    The Bird Pokémon chirped loudly into the forest. Various squawks rustled around the trees. Ash was surprised that there were about ten other Pidgeot followed by platoons of Pidgeotto and Pidgey.

    The aspiring Master proudly smiled at his old Pokémon. “That’s amazing Pidgeot! I’m very proud of how far you’ve come without me. Say, after we deal with Fearow, you want to come back to the team?” Pidgeot squawked again and wrapped her feathers around her old friend, indicating it as a yes.

    Ash rubbed her head as he stared his opponent. His visage went back to callous-mode. He took out his PokéDex and scanned Pidgeot. Yes, he had released her beforehand, but he never released her out of his PokéBall, which is safely in Oak’s lab.

    Pidgeot – Bird Pokémon
    Description: Pidgeot, the Bird Pokémon. The evolved form of Pidgeotto, it can fly at twice the speed of sound at an altitude of nearly one mile.


    Quick Attack



    Sky Attack

    Ash was astonished at Pidgeot’s moveset. While she still retained Gust and Quick Attack, she apparently learned two different attacks. Ash was familiar with Sky Attack since it is from his region but the “???” he read in his PokéDex he’ll have to ask Professor Oak later on.

    He turned to Pidgeot. “Hey Pidgeot, you wanna battle like old times?” She cawed wildly and flew up into the air, ready for battle. Ash smirked. “Well, let’s get started! Pidgeot, start off with Gust!”

    “Grr *Caw* *Caw*!” The vengeful Fearow, who was holding his beak a while back managed to fly back up into the air.

    His new opponent was all too familiar but he did not have time to reminisce. He gasped as he felt powerful blows of air push him back further, the air directly careened to a large tree. Fearow groaned in pain once again due to not only the tree’s material, but also the force of the wind. The Beak Pokémon once again fixed his composure and glared at Pidgeot. His wings glowed white and began flapping them rapidly. By then, crescent-shaped wind blades emitted from his wings. They appeared to be as fast as Pikachu’s half powered running.

    Ash gritted his teeth. “Pidgeot, dodge that Razor Wind with Quick Attack!” The Bird Pokémon did as she was told and blurred off leaving a white trail behind her. She bobbed and weaved majestically from each blade. To Ash’s surprise, Pidgeot began using another move. She, like Fearow, flapped her wings in a rapid motion and also glowed white.

    Saw-like blades emitted from the lovely avian and zipped in Fearow’s direction. The speed was too much for Fearow to dodge and he was engulfed in the attack. He began plummeting down akin to an airplane crashing down.

    The Kanto-Native trainer smiled and cheered. “Great work Pidgeot! I knew you could win this!” Pidgeot chirped happily and dove towards her friend. Ash held his arms out to welcome her embrace.

    Until a brown blur intercepted the elegant bird. The blur turned out to be an angry Fearow. His wings were white, indicating that he used Steel Wing. Ash scowled at the Beak Pokémon but remembered Pidgeot. He knelt down next to her and checked to see if she can still fight. Fortunately, she is okay but a bruise was formed around her left wing. With boiled anger, Ash looked at Fearow menacingly. His roasting chocolate orbs unnerved Fearow a little.

    “I’m sorry Pidgeot but Pikachu and I will deal with Fearow from now on,” he said. Ash expected Pidgeot to stand down and comply. However, it seemed he never knew her at all. Pidgeot smacked Ash over the head with her good wing and chirped at him as if a mother scolded her child. Pikachu, who was about five feet away snickered at Ash’s expense.

    Ash glared at his best friend but knew it wouldn’t make an outcome. Sighing, he turned to Pidgeot. “Are you sure you can still battle? I don’t want you to get any more damage.” She nodded. The Kanto-Native trainer conceded. “Okay, Pidgeot let’s wrap this up with Sky Attack!” The avian soared back right into the sky and her body glowed a mixture of orange and white. Her speed increased further as she bolted towards her opponent. Fearow, who was exhausted, couldn’t do a damn thing and just took the attack.
    Pallet Town’s pride had no time to waste as he threw a PokéBall at the defeated Pokémon. The ball shook a few times until it did its signature ding.

    Ash ran and picked up his capture. For the first time in his Pokémon journey, Ash did not do his signature cheer. He checked Pidgeot to make sure she is in good condition. The bruise was still there but it didn’t bother Pidgeot at all.

    Ash looked into the sky. It was close to dusk and he was close to his hometown. His mind was made up. No matter what, Pokémon was always Ash’s priority in his life. Pidgeot, knowing what Ash was going to do, already bent down for Ash climb onto her back. Pikachu ran back into Ash’s shoulder and they took off to Viridian City.
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