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    ★The Amazing Avengers x Naruto Crossover Story - Revolution - Chapter 9★

    Greetings From Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

    Chapter 9 – Apocalyptic Christmas

    A quinjet travels over the snowy mountaintops. The snow falls in a quite storm that leaves the quinjet engine echoing.

    “Slow it down a bit Natasha. The sound will draw others if we continue at this speed.” Steve says. Natasha nods and continues to pilot as Naruto, Logan, Kakashi, Peter, and Shikamaru all sit by the hangar with their seatbelts buckled.

    “Natasha seem to be acting a little weird to you?” Steve asks Peter as he sits next to him.

    “Yea a bit. I think I understand why but it’d be best to just ignore it and keep our minds on what’s important.”

    “Ok then… you guys ready for this? There’s no telling what sort of attacks waiting for us down there. If we aren’t safe. We’ll alert Apocalypse.” Steve says.

    “How do you know he’s not watching us as we speak?” Logan asks.

    “If he knew we were coming he would have returned by now. Besides I think with all of the cosmic powered supers we got on this squad we can pull of defeating him this go around.” Logan says.

    “You underestimate this mutant’s ability. He has the power cosmic in him as well.” Steve says.

    “That doesn’t mean a damn thing Rogers. There are four of us with Cosmic and one of him.” Logan says.

    “Quality over quantity Logan. He has the experience therefore he has the upper hand.” Steve says. Logan puts his cigar in his mouth and shrugs his shoulders.

    “Who knows bub, the guys a mystery. To be honest it could be a damn stalemate.”

    “Can’t we all just be a bit more positive?” Kakashi says.

    “Positive equals cocky. Cocky is gonna get ya killed.” Logan says.

    “Jeez I’ve heard some of the stories about you but you really seem like this is just another average day for you Logan.”

    “This isn’t just some regular mission Shikamaru. This guy is not to be ****ed with and now we’re ****ing with his mutant b-f-f’s and we’re gonna pay for it if we get caught.”

    “Enough with the chit chat fellas. I’m parking the quinjet so get ready to go stealth.” Natasha says as she lands the quinjet in a large field of snow. The squad exits from the jet and suits go into camo mode blending them in with their surroundings.

    “Alright everyone. Move out! Head north until you reach the vantage point shown on your visor shades.” Steve says and the ninja rush into the trees while the heroes begin running on land. Naruto puts on a pair of green goggles that show him the vantage point of the cabin. He ducks and dodges limbs as the heavy snow hits his coat.

    “Damn wind. It’s making it even colder.” Shikamaru says.

    “Don’t ***** out on me because it’s a little chili. Let’s continue forward!” Natasha says dashing through a tree branch in front of her.

    “Natasha we’re almost at the vantage point. Visor is showing 10 soldiers guarding the cabin along with 3 guarding the inside. The ones inside appear to be gifted.” Steve says.

    “So they have other mutants with them. This won’t be as easy then.” Naruto says.

    “You’re forgetting how powerful you’ve gotten Naruto. Aside from the cosmic energy you will easily be able to take out a bunch of mutant guards.” Peter says.

    “Regardless we’re taking out Mystique with a vengeance.” Logan says.

    “Don’t let that anger fuel you over the edge Logan. We need to do this and stay under the radar.” Steve says.

    “Then why bring someone like me then? You know I don’t like the stealth missions.” Logan says.

    “Just in case things don’t work out. Alright Avengers X. Move out!” Steve says as they reach a large tree branch that sits behind the large log cabin.

    “Alright everyone. Camo on.” Steve says and every presses their Avengers A symbol on their chest making them nearly invisible to the naked eye.

    “This is hands down the most awesome thing I’ve gotten to use here Naruto says as they jumps from the tree above Steve and continues towards the cabin.

    “One mutant is in the control room. I think if I take him out we’ll be completely free to take out the guards on the outside.” Natasha says sitting on a balcony peeking in at a room where a man with blue eyes sits staring at the computer screen.

    “Alright Natasha if you think you can take him out with your gloves do so.” Steve says as he sits behind a truck staring at a guard who rubs his hands in front of a barrel of flames.

    “Damn. I’m not too sure on this one. He could be capable of resisting though I don’t see any shielding above the skin.” Natasha says as she turns to see Naruto sitting next to her.

    “The hell are you?”

    “I’m here to help! I’ll take him out and you continue through the cabin.” Naruto says opening the balcony door slowly approaching the mutant. He hits the mutant’s neck knocking him unconscious and Natasha moves forward smiling.

    “Alright the guard in the camera room is down.” Natasha says.

    “Okay every move forward on your targets!” Steve says walking up to the guard in front of him and bashing him in the face with his shield.

    “Natasha you got eyes on Mystique.” Steve asks waiting for a response. He turns and runs towards the cabin taking down 3 guards in front of the front entrance.

    “Natasha respond!” Steve says.

    “I’ve found her. She’s in the living room sitting with Destiny. They appear to be playing Chess.”

    “That’s also good to know I guess. Everyone else has taken out their targets so Natasha. It’s your go.”

    Natasha jumps from the stair well onto the ground in front of Mystique, who smiles and takes a sip of her tea.

    “You try this once again. After what Apocalypse tried his best to tell you.” Mystique says standing to her feet.

    “All he told us is that we need to get on the offensive. You’re nothing but a pawn in his playing field.”

    “I am the queen!” Mystique yells crushing the queen’s chess piece in her hand.

    “Over what? The world that he promised to give you?” Natasha asks as a door opens reveling the stairs that lead to the basement. Black Cat walks up the stairs carrying a food tray. She frowns as she sees Natasha and walks over to Destiny handing her the tray.

    “Why are you here? I thought the message would have been very much clear.” Felicia says.

    “Tony? Tony come in!” Steve says then pulling out his Avengers card that fails to gain a signal.

    “I can’t get in touch with Tony Natasha. The snow isn’t in a big enough cluster to be blocking our signal. Something must be wrong on his end.” Steve says.

    “Are you blocking our signal?” Natasha asks.

    “No. You took out the guard that was in the surveillance room. There is no way we could have done anything. We had no idea you were even here.” Felicia says.

    “Don’t lie to me! How are you blocking our signal!?” Natasha says pulling out two electric kunai.

    “So you’re here for a fight? How pitiful I thought you’d know better than to pick a fight with me.” Mystique says.

    “Where is the third mutant?” Natasha asks.

    “He’s where he needs to be Black Widow. Right under your nose.” Felicia says.

    “Going downstairs.” Naruto says making his way to the basement door.

    “He’s downstairs then.” Natasha says.

    “You catch on quickly. Now I would suggest you leave Ms. Widow. I don’t want to have to kill you in front of company. And certainly not in my favorite hideout.” Mystique says.

    “I’ll leave. But I will be taking Destiny with me.” Natasha says.

    “What don’t you understand!? I don’t want to go with you!” Destiny yells throwing the tray aside.

    “There was lobster on that plate.” Felicia says.

    “They have you right where they want you. Don’t let them do this to you.” Natasha says making Mystique scowl and begin to walk forward pulling out a large machete.

    “Finally. Talking’s over.” Natasha says clashing her kunai’s together and racing towards Mystique who swing her Machete at Natasha’s head. Natasha blocks it with her right kunai and swing with her left cutting Mystiques stomach as Mystique jumps into a backflip kicking Natasha into the wall.

    “I found the mutant three! Wait… who was two!?” Naruto asks.

    “Black Cat was two. Steve have you gotten in touch with Tony yet?” Natasha asks.

    “No I haven’t there is definitely a problem on his end. I got Black Cat.” Steve runs beside Natasha as she cracks her neck sprinting forward. Natasha swings her kunai and it clashes with the Machete md air. Mystique attempts to trip Natasha with a low swinging kick that Natasha jumps over as Mystique legs fly into the air spinning kicking Natasha backward. Natasha throws a Kunai that Mystique jumps into the air and knocking back with her Machete.

    “Gotcha!” Natasha yells catching the kunai as the two begin to clash back in forth sending blue sparks flying through the air. The Machete begins to chip away and finally breaks giving Natasha an opening as Mystique loses her footing. Natasha kicks her out the window into a large drop onto a thin layer of snow.

    “Dammit Mystique!” Black Cat says throwing darts at Steve who deflects them with his shield reflecting one back at Black Cat hitting her in the stomach. Black Cat falls to the floor slowly falling unconscious as Steve puts the shield on his back.

    “She was a bit out of her league on this one. Natasha what’s your status? You didn’t kill her did you?” Steve asks.

    “No. We’re at the backyard. Walk downstairs, we’re over by the pool.” Natasha says looking down at Mystique who is laughing.

    “You think this is so funny. You know how many people’s deaths you are behind. Apocalypse has destroyed Manhattan to the core. No one believes in us anymore.” Natasha says.

    “And they shouldn’t. You were foolish enough to attack us yet again. And after we told you to stay away. You confuse us and call us villains. But look at you as you have done this villainous deed.” Mystique says coughing up blood.

    “Natasha call in the quinjet. The fights over.” Steve says walking next to her.

    “I just want you all to know that I hate you for bringing me on this mission where I have done absolutely nothing but knock out a few damn guards and smoked up my cigars. Thank you so damn much.” Logan says.

    “It’s on its way Steve. And you’re welcome Logan. As for you Mystique. You are now going to watch as we take away the most pivotal plot in your plan.” Natasha says grinning.

    “Not if I do this.” Destiny says walking across from the pool holding an assault rifle that has a laser site pointed at Natasha’s head.

    “Destiny put the gun down.” Peter says.

    “No. I have tried my best to obey my Christianity but the devil has pushed me to do this. I have been trying my best to warn you all of what’s coming yet you all don’t listen. Heh whatever happen to a little southern hospitality.”

    “Look. I know you are angry with me, but what you are doing is not going to solve a thing.” Natasha says.

    “It’s going to show we mean business! It’s going to show you all what we are willing to go through to achieve our goal.”

    “Peter do something. She’s going to kill Natasha!” Naruto whispers. Peter shoots a lightning bolt from his finger shocking Mystique putting her to sleep.

    “What… What did you do to her!?” Destiny asks.

    “I just put her to sleep okay. There is something I need to show you. Something I couldn’t let her see.” Peter says taking off his mask.

    “I was just like you. Afraid of whether or not I was using my powers to do what was right or was it just a means to achieve what others wanted out of me. You can’t let them take your life from you. They’re using you Destiny. And why Apocalypse hasn’t took over your mind and made you do what he has wanted all along is no longer a mystery to me. You’re immune to mind control or any sort of mental attacks. You just might have the most powerful mind in the universe.”

    Destiny’s hand begins to shake as tears run from her eyes.

    “You don’t know a thing. Not a damn thing.” She says throwing the shotgun onto the frozen pool water. Peter puts back on his mask as Mystique awakes coughing.

    “The hell… did you do to me?...”

    “I put you to sleep. You were being very rude and we didn’t like your behavior.”

    “Peter… stop.” Steve says.

    “What? It’s true!”

    “You are all idiots! Apocalypse is attacking Manhattan as we speak! Why else did you think your communication has been down!? Haha!” Mystique says laughing.

    “Dammit! Let’s go ninja!” Peter yells as the ninja bolt into the sky leaving a purple lightning streak behind them. They speed through the sky going Mach 15 in seconds. As they approach Manhattan they see a ship the size of an entire city stretch over their heads and then sit still in the air, hovering over the battlefield.


    “Why didn’t you listen Stark!?” Apocalypse yells blasting Tony with a fireball that engulfs him in flames. Tony flies into the waters below and looks up as pieces of debris fall in after him. He flies out of the water onto land and falls to his knees waiting for his suit to repair itself.

    “How the hell can you even do that?” Lee asks kicking a Doombot away from him.

    “It’s called Extremis. It is a power node that gives me immortality and can repair my suits materials.” Tony says standing to his feet.

    “Immortality!? Whoa can I have one!?”

    “No.” Tony says bolting into the sky after Apocalypse who is now turned into a giant.

    “Manhattan shall crumble under the weight of my feet! No man will destroy what has evolved from him!”

    “Good thing I’m no normal man!” Choji says punching Apocalypse in the face with his giant hand. Apocalypse falls back onto the ground and stands shooting a beam from his right hand. Choji doges it and creates massive purple butterfly wings.

    “Butterfly Cosmic Bomb!” Choji yells as a massive ball of flaming purple chakra forms around his entire right arm. He dashes to Apocalypse who shoots another beam that hits Choji’s flaming fist. Choji’s fist blocks the attack as he continues forward clashing hands with Apocalypse creating a large explosion.

    The smoke clears and Choji lays on the ground panting as Apocalypse puts his left foot on his chest. The ninja stare at him with hesitation as he crushes Choji’s chest in.

    “Nooooo!!!” Shikamaru says controlling Apocalypse by his shadow. He makes Apocalypse uppercut himself making him fly into the sky hitting the green ship that stretches over the entire city.

    “Choji. Choji wake up don’t you leave me. Asuma wouldn’t want you to do this now stay with me!” Shikamaru says putting his head on Choji’s chest beginning to shed tears. Choji’s chest then pops back into place as Sakura removes her hand from his head.

    “I’ve stabilized him. Take him away from the battlefield. He needs rest.” Sakura says. Shikamaru dashes away with Choji as Ino stares at Sakura in disbelief.

    “Damn. You really are the best Medical Ninja alive now.” Ino says.

    “No. Tsunade created all jutsu I had to use to even get him stabilized enough.” Sakura says.

    “Why did he have to attack on a snow day? He’s covering the entire sky with his stupid ship and now I can’t build that awesome snowman as I had planned before.” Deadpool says walking next to Sakura who scowls.

    “Shouldn’t you be off helping civilians or something?” Ino asks.

    “Nah all of them were evacuated after the first attack. You know thissss my ninja sista.”

    “Why on earth am I even wasting my breath on you? Sakura you go check and see if anyone else needs medical attention. I have Apocalypse in the bag for now.” Ino says creating blossoms around her that levitate her into the sky.

    “Wait did she just say she had Apocalypse. Hold up wait. Ino vs Apocalypse!? HAHAHA She couldn’t even beat Sakura during the chunin exams HA!” Deadpool says.

    “How the hell do you know about that?” Sakura asks.

    “I read into stuff.”

    Ino levitates in the air next to Peter, Naruto and Kakashi who all stare down Apocalypse who levitates in front of them grinning.

    “What are you fighting for Avengers X? What is it that keeps fueling your return? Ah, I see it in your eyes Peter Parker. It is peace. But what is that when there is no testament to your will. You all are fighting for the weak. It is truly I who wants a better tomorrow.”

    “You’re insane!” Naruto yells throwing a rasenshuriken than Apocalypse teleports dodging. He ends up behind Naruto who ducks dodging Apocalypse’s punch. Naruto turns with a rasengan in his right hand and thrust forward hitting Apocalypse in the stomach breaking his armor and sending him flying backwards. Kakashi wraps glowing wire strings around Apocalypse who fails in an attempt to break the material. Ino creates a cluster of petals around apocalypse that binds him into a seal.

    “Be gone forever.” Peter says engulfing him in a large truth seeking orb. The orb begins to shake but then sits still as they all stand in a circle around it.

    “This was too easy. Maybe he wanted to be captured. We can’t send him to the Negative Zone with just Gin there. I might have to…” The orb explodes sending everyone flying backwards. Apocalypse is heard laughing as his shadow is seen through the smoke.

    Deadpool wraps his crotch around a Doombots face and throws him into another Doombot blowing them to pieces. He sheaths his swords and approaches Rhodey who lays on the ground bleeding from his missing left arm.

    “Oh man. Man oh man this is bad! What happened to your arm man!?”

    “A Commander blew it off. Knew he was gonna lose the fight hand to and blew himself to bits. Took my arm with him.” Rhodey says coughing up blood and pulling out a chip from his pocket.

    “Here. You got anywhere to upload this into and copy onto a mainframe?”

    Deadpool pulls out his mp3 player and Rhodey puts in the chip. He hands it back to Deadpool grabbing his hand and pulling him in close.

    “Get this to the green ship above as quickly as possible. Have others help you, hell even hand it over to someone who can get it done faster. Just plug your damn music player into the socket so we don’t become slaves to that thing.”

    “Got it. Whew gonna have to actually put in some work. First gotta fix this wedgie.” Deadpool says digging his suit from his ass.

    “Stop ****ing around pool and give me a hand!” Rogue yells fighting off two Doombots that shoot lasers from their faces hitting Rogues arms as she blocks them. She flies back under Deadpool who jumps forward into the air slicing the Doombots heads off.

    “Hey Rogue! Rogue get up! I’m on a mission! A top secret mission! I need to fly! Fly like a bird! Let the wind touch my magnificent curls! Can you do that?” Deadpool asks.

    “You’re asking if I can fly.”


    "Then yes I can."

    “Can you take me to the green thing in the sky.”


    “Okay let’s go.” Rogue jumps into the air grabbing Deadpool by his collar and the two fly up towards an opening bay in the ship.

    “Hey we got a few enemy pods approaching. I’m gonna throw you up towards them and you take them out alright?” Rogue says.

    “Hey wait can’t you destroy th…”

    Rogue throws Deadpool into the air at a pod and Deadpool hits the window face first. The Doombot stares at Deadpool and his eyes turn red as Deadpool busts into the window and throws the bot out. Deadpool jumps from the pod onto another in repeat.

    “Alright that’s all of them from this bay I’m guessing. We should be able to land safely.” Rogue says as the two approach the bay and Hiruzen flies by their side.

    “You have the chip Deadpool?” Hiruzen asks.

    “Yes I zipped it locked it and it’s currently in my pocket.”

    “Good. I’ll be helping you reach your.”

    A loud pop goes off as Hiruzen is shot in the heart. As he begins to fall to the ground another bullet goes off hitting Rogue in the leg.

    “Ah! Damn this! You’ll have to make it on your own!” Rouge says throwing Deadpool into the bay and racing towards Bullseye who puts away his sniper dashing away.

    Deadpool sneaks through the hallways as Doombots rush around him exiting from the ship.

    “Damn they must be producing like a bunch of jack rabbits.” Deadpool says making his way into a room that emits a large amount of blue lighting. He looks around for any sort of plug in. He then finds a small screen that has a round port on the bottom of it.

    “I have a square port! Dammit in this day and age!?” Deadpool says finding a plug in that connects to the computer alying on the floor. The other end of the cord esposes the wires making Deadpool jump in the air with glee.

    “Hey Tony! Tonyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

    “What! What is it Deadpool!?” Tony asks.

    “Oh hey. Um damn what was it that I needed…... Oh yea! I need to know how to connect this chip thingy that’s in my mp3 player to these exposed wires that is connected to the green ship.”

    “Oh Christ where the hell is Rhodey!? Hand him the chip so I don’t have to go through this with you!”

    “He got hurt soooo.”

    “Damn it all to…. Okay look I need you to open up the mp3 player and find the wires that lead to the data port. Connect those to the exposed wires from the ship and the virus should work its magic without you having to **** up anything.”

    Deadpool begins to connect the wires creating a Sparks that powers down the entire ship.

    “Oh yea baby.”

    The ship then begins to fall towards the ground.

    “Pool! What did you do!? If that ship falls on us we’ll die!” Tony says.

    “Not everyone only the ones who can’t survive the blast that would be at a high temperature. But I didn’t do anything! Promise!”

    The ship then fires back up levitating back to its state. Deadpool turns hearing Doombots rushing into the room.

    “Damn! I gotta lose em! One sec Tony!” Deadpool says rushing from the room as the mp3 player hits the floor hitting the play button. Causing a large boom that echoes from the PA system and across the city.

    “Dammit Deadpool!” Tony yells as Apocalypse teleports behind him and grabs him by his throat. Tony fires a pulsar blast from his hand destroying Apocalypse’s arm.

    “Thought he had you there for a second Iron Man!” Naruto says.

    “Look you ninja continue on… If things get worse I…. I gotta plan ahead. Tony says flying away.

    “What does he mean by that Spider-Man?” Tobirama says.

    “Too much to explain. We need to focus on taking this guy out. He is going to kill us all if we fail to destroy him.”

    “We’ve already failed once what makes you think we still have a chance!?” Shikamaru asks.

    “Because you were trained by a damn cosmic being okay. You have cosmic power that we trained with for months. You don’t have not even nearly as much as Naruto but you can still do damage.”

    “Alright ninja! Forward into battle!” Hashirama says as Lee blots in the lead with a flying kick that bursts into flames. Apocalypse catches his leg as his armor sheds from the flames. He throws Lee into Shikamaru and shoots a beam which sends them flying downward exploding a tower into ashes. They lay in the ash shaking as Naruto launches forward with a rasengan. Apocalypse teleports behind Naruto kicking his spine. Apocalypse throws back his elbow hitting Hiruzen in the jaw knocking some of his dead skin off.

    “Don’t back down now! We’ve got him surrounded!” Hashirama says slapping his hands together creating hundreds of large wooden Dragons that rush towards Apocalypse.

    “That’s it! Hit him with everything you’ve got!” Ms. Marvel says shooting a beam from her hands.

    “Giant Cosmic Rasenshuriken!” Naruto says creating a purple orb that crashes into Apocalypse exploding. Apocalypse falls to the ground landing on his feet as his armor continues to shatter to pieces.

    “I’ll destroy this entire city before I let you all defeat me!!!” Apocalypse says raising his arms into the air making the green ship above them begin to shoot blue lasers.

    “Everyone shield yourselves!” Peter says creating a black orb around himself and Ms. Marvel. The lasers hit Minato’s arms making him fall backwards onto the ground.

    “Not again.” He says as he runs inside of a destroyed bakery.

    “You will shiver among my strength!” Apocalypse says as the laser blast shake the ground bringing everything it touches to flames.

    “Am I going crazy or is this lunatic shooting lasers at our asses” Tenten asks throwing a shuriken at Apocalypse that explodes upon contact. The smoke clears and Apocalypse still stands but in a crater. He smiles as hundreds of blast are concentrated towards Tenten who dodges several few but is struck in the back by one making her stumble while being hit by the rest.

    “Naruto… everyone… everyone is going to…”

    “Enough Sakura! Get the ones who have fallen out of here.” Naruto says ejecting Sakura from his Kurama fox shield. Sakura rushes towards Tenten, Lee and Shikamaru creating a field of levitation around her carrying them into the sky with her.

    “Tony I have a few wounded. Where do I need to take them?” Sakura asks.

    “Underground. There are coordinates on your Avengers identification card.” Tony says.

    Apocalypse levitates from the crater with his arms crossed looking down at Naruto, Peter, Ms. Marvel, Hiruzen, Hashirama, and Tobirama.

    “Tony get the wounded off of the field. The ones that are left are facing Apocalypse as we speak. Ms. Marvel leave from the field.” Peter says.

    “You don’t tell me when to…”

    “Now!” Peter says cracking the ground around him. Ms. Marvel smiles and flies into the sky.

    “I’m not going to kill you Naruto, but hope that your friends are strong enough to defeat me so you don’t have to undergo being captured by the likes of me.” Apocalypse says.

    “Shut the hell up.” Naruto says teleporting to apocalypse clashing fist with him. The ground levitates into the air around them and shatters as the two trade blows that shake the Earth. Peter teleports behind Apocalypse kicking his back as Tobirama entraps Apocalypse’s face in ice. Hashirama creates a wood dragon fist punching Apocalypse into the stomach and Hiruzen thrusts his hands forward hitting him with a blue wave that engulfs Apocalypse whole.

    Apocalypse stands to his feet disoriented as he begins to crumble.

    “My mind! What have you done to me!?” Apocalypse asks grabbing his head.

    “My ice has a special effect that plays tricks on the mind makes you feel pain you’ve never felt and see horrors one has never thought he would ever face.” Tobirama says.

    “UGGAAAAHH! Apocalypse screams teleporting behind Tobirama who turns punching Apocalypse in the stomach. Apocalypse grabs Tobirama by the arm and shoots flames from his mouth engulfing Tobirama’s face. Hiruzen extends his staff sticking it into Apocalypse’s mouth. He throws Apocalypse into the air into Peter who pulls out a golden kunai.

    “1000 Cuts Of Heaven!” Peter yells slashing Apocalypse repeatedly ending his attack with a stab grabbing Apocalypse and carrying him into the air.

    “Let go of me you insect!”

    “No. This will end now.”

    Peter crashes into the green ship creating a hole. He and Apocalypse emerge from the other end still moving towards the sky until they begin to travel into space. Peter throws Apocalypse away from him as Naruto, Hiruzen, and Hashirama stand beside him.

    “You imbecilic Avengers! Feel the wrath of Apocalypse! The end is nigh!”

    Apocalypse begins to create a large blue ball above his head that continues to grow larger in larger by the second growing bigger that the size of a small city.

    “He’s trying to destroy us all or either destroy what lies below us. If we don’t equal max out his attack. We will be killed along with a piece of Earth.” Peter says throwing a truth seeking orb above him.

    “Then let’s stop this blue freak before he hurts anyone else!” Hashirama says as he throws his hands into the air along with the rest of the surviving group of Avengers. Tension begins to build as each of them stare off at Apocalypse whose orb has grown much bigger than theirs. Peter grits his teeth as blood gushes from his gum and through the tear in his mask.

    “We need to speed up this process before!....”

    “Goodbye! For your weakness is shining bright through your lack of understanding! Understanding that your means of an existence! No longer exists! Naruto Uzumaki! I have hurt your friends with the hot beam of a pulsar blast traveling at the speed of Mach 30! But this one here. This one will be slow and painful.” Apocalypse throws the orb at them hitting theirs creating a massive amount of sparks that fly into the ninja burning their skin as they all attempt to push back the attack.

    “Believe in yourselves! We can do this!” Peter yells.

    “It’s over Peter. We have to accept it this time.” Hiruzen says as the blast overpowers them and the orb quickly reaches the grounds of Canada destroying the entirety of Toronto.

    Peter awakes coughing up dirt as he lies in a crater. He looks down to see that he is in nothing but his pants as he slowly crawls from the crater onto the fiery ground above.

    “Why… why?” Peter asks as he crawls on the grown using his chin. Doombots are seen in the background shooting civilians who scream in terror. Peter closes his eyes putting his face into the dirt as he is suddenly lifted into the air.

    “I gotcha Peter.” Naruto says.

    Peter looks below at the carnage and at his bloody arms and legs below him. The tears sting his face as the fire of Toronto grows.

    “It was my responsibility.”

    Thanks for reading! This wasa hands down my favorite chapter to write!! So much awesome things coming next for Book 3!!! I know this is about 3 days late but dammit beauty takes time! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you wanted! (Storm 4 in 1 month WOOOO!!!)

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    Re: ★The Amazing Avengers x Naruto Crossover Story - Revolution - Chapter 9★

    Awesome read bro tho I didn't watch the vids do to gf being asleep. Also nice Sig.

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    Re: ★The Amazing Avengers x Naruto Crossover Story - Revolution - Chapter 9★

    Quote Originally Posted by Kēji View Post
    Awesome read bro tho I didn't watch the vids do to gf being asleep. Also nice Sig.
    Thanks my lovely! Glad you enjoyed it! The tracks help increase the experience imo. Love music while reading.

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    Re: ★The Amazing Avengers x Naruto Crossover Story - Revolution - Chapter 9★

    awesome read

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