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    Re: Will Rin, Jiraiya, Konan, Obito, come back in this war from the dead?

    1. His name is Kabuto. not Kabutomaru or Kabuto/Oro or KabutOro.. Kabuto

    2. if Rin was a powerful ninja than she most likely would be summoned. if not than she will not be summoned. Kabuto summoned STRONG ninjas. not just random ninjas for the eff of it. hes not gunna summon Rin for the sole purpose of erkking Kakashi. Kakashi is 1 man in a whole ARMY of ninjas.

    and if Rin was not strong why would Kabuto even waste his time summoning her? if she wasnt strong how would Kabuto even hear about her to summon her? only the strong dead ninjas who had great reputation or who were notorious would be summoned by Kabuto.

    also this is why Obito will not be summoned. he was weak! a genin/chunin ninja who died 2 seconds after awakening his sharingan. Kabuto wouldnt even have heard of Obito.

    also Shin was in Anbu Root. a top class ninja. being in Anbu puts you in leagues of Kakashi, Yamato and Itachi who were also Anbu ninjas. its an insult to compare him to Karin. he was summoned because he was obviously strong. Kabuto didnt summon him for the sole purpose of pissing off Sai. Sai is 1 person in a whole AMRY of shinobis!
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