Beta: Writer of the Month

The purpose of this contest, like all competitions, is to affirm a Will to Power (specifically in written expression) and grant a select few the privilege of standing triumphant over their fallen adversaries. Thus, the victors bask in their superiority and the losers express their ressentiment and seek to negate the Power of the victors in perpetual cycle of activity and reactivity.

In non-Nietzschean terms; to see who is evaluated as the best writer by popular vote. To those of you who read Nietzsche you should know what he'd have to say about leaving things up to a "herd" mentality but I'll leave that alone. Nevertheless, this is a reconstruction of the previous "Fanfiction of the Month" contest.

Trial Run Rules

For this all will adhere to the following.
  • All participants wishing to participate will submit a single entry specifying what type of writing (short story, poetry, narrative, etc).
  • The style of writing is merely an indicator of how those judging the material should consider the literature. Something classified as a piece of poetry will not be treated as though it is a short story and vise versa. Regardless of the type of creative literature all participating pieces of writing must be between 500 and 8000 words with a margin of 250 words.
  • Those wishing to participate must follow the template at the end of this post to the letter (format as well) and submit their application to the contest host (Reborn) through PM only, within the deadline for the contest.
  • All participating entries will be anonymous, meaning that a member can not have previously published their submitted piece here on Narutobase. They may, however, use work they have written elsewhere as long as they do not post links, advertise, or in anyway compromise their anonymity in the contest. Members are free, after the voting for the contest has ended, to publish their works and make themselves known as the author.
  • If more than one member has participated on a submitted piece, both must be credited in the initial application. Obviously only you can submit your own works, if anybody submits a piece for somebody else or plagiarizes, then obviously it won't be accepted.
  • Voting for yourself is obviously against the rules, even if it's an anonymous contest, the proctor knows who is voting for what.
  • Breaking the rules resulting in bans of any length of time will result in disqualification from the contest.
  • Common sense clause: This clause essentially means that any attempts to otherwise circumvent not explicitly mentioned in the rules about proper etiquette for this contest will be punished as if they were written. Don't try to be slick, I don't like slick people, I discriminate against smart asses who want to be like "well this wasn't explicitly said sooooo." And yes, I am one of those people myself, which makes me a hypocrite, but not on Narutobase so yeah. If there is any confusion about something ask me first.

For this trial run there will be two methods of judging. In later contests, should this persist, there will be a decision made regarding which method to keep, or if both are to be kept. The first method of judging will be by an group of odd numbered individuals, myself potentially included (if I am trusted enough to remain impartial). These judges will read each entry submitted and cast their votes to me. The second method will be a public vote open to all members (with the exception of the selected group). The criteria that should be used to judge is as follows:
~Spelling and Grammar
~Flow/Structure of writing
~Plot/Cohesiveness of the subject
~Imagery, Detail, Vividness
~Overall impact (based on reader's own bias)

Title of Work:
Style of literature:

<insert text>

Note: This is not the same as in my initial post in the discussion thread, so please read through everything again carefully. This is a beta test so I won't be going all out with thread design or whatever. I've obviously started late, I've just finished my exams and only have a few more endeavors left to take care of in this semester. I will be fully capable of monitoring and managing this contest by the time it starts.

I will allow submissions for a week; the first 7 members to give eligible entries to me via PM (as per rules) will be allowed. I will keep general public voting open for two weeks and will give the results based on both methods of judging by the end of the voting period. Contact through pms or skype if you have any questions.