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    Awards Showcase

    2017 Fantasy Ninja World Draft

    Rules for the Draft are as follows:

    • The 5 Great Villages will all have 2 possible picks, creating 10 possible choices. These picks will be placed into a randomizer, and the first pulls will be set as the official order or selection. For example, if Konoha is the first name pulled, they will have the first pick. If Suna's name is pulled second, then they will have second pick and so on and so forth.
    • There will be 4 rounds, each with 10 pulls.
    • There will be a 10 minute in between time between picks being announced. This is to give other villages a chance to re-evaluate their pick selections after each pick is announced.
    • Village Picks are able to be traded among other villages. These picks can be traded for other picks (such as one trading their 5th pick for two later 2nd round picks ), for a CJ/CE/CFS package deal ( such as one trading their number one pick for 2 CE and 3 CFS ), or for other possible choices as determined between the Kages in trade negotiations. After deals have been reached, they will be announced.
    • Forum Rules apply (Spamming, flaming, member bashing, etc are all still against the rules and infractable offenses )

    The draft order has been randomized and set. Each village's name was entered two times and randomized to form the draft order. The list can be found below as well as a link to the picture of the order.

    1. Kumogakure
    2. Sunagakure
    3. Konohagakure
    4. Kumogakure
    5. Iwagakure
    6. Konohagakure
    7. Kirigakure
    8. Sunagakure
    9. Kirigakure
    10. Iwagakure

    Soon, I will update this post with a list of all the applicants that have applied. The thread will remain closed until applications have officially ended and hours afterwards, the draft will commence. The Kages or representatives for each village is listed below.

    Kumogakure: Daemon
    Konohagakure: Flash
    Kirigakure: Aizen
    Iwagakure: ????
    Sunagakure: ????

    Note: Ame was accidentally included in the draft list.
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