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    Finishing Gen

    Last stopped with the Genjutsu: Mist Technique years ago. Ready to get this done with, no more being lazy! ._.

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    Re: Finishing Gen

    Good, you know how I do training. Only analyze the posted techniques. This case we got two last C ranks.

    ( Kasunda Genjutsu ) - Illusionary Arts: Hazy Illusion
    Type: Supplementary/Offensive
    Rank: C
    Range: Short - Mid
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Damage: N/A
    Description: This is a simple and not to difficult to discern genjutsu. The user places the target in an illusion where they see the world around them heavily distorted, preventing the target from discerning his surroundings while within the illusion. The technique also gives the impression of the target sinking in quicksand and thus acts as a means to immobilize them slowly.

    ( Genjutsu: Shibari ) - Illusionary Arts: Binding
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: C - A
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 15 - 30
    Damage: N/A
    Description: A very simple yet powerful paralysis genjutsu. The user will cast an illusion which sole purpose is to restrict and paralyze he target. The technique can be cast on more than one opponent at a time, though with the cost of power. The stronger the user is in genjutsu determines how strong their technique is. Non-genjutsu specialists can only cast only use the C-ranked version of this technique and use it on up to two others making the hold D-rank for each individual person. Users with genjutsu as their secondary specialty can use the B-ranked version of this technique and cast the jutsu on a maximum of three people. Users with genjutsu as their primary specialty can use the A-ranked version of this technique and cast the technique on a maximum of three people. Members who specialize in genjutsu are immune to this technique being placed upon them on others with a lower skill level than them; i.e a users with a secondary specialty can't use this on a primary specialist, only those of equivalent rank or lower can be caught with this technique.

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