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    Awards Showcase

    The Ariqun v1.2

    The Ariqun
    Struggle is what we create for ourselves when we refuse to accept what is in front of us. If we deny reality, what simply is and is not, we cause so much unnecessary strife and lose sight of everything else; drowning in this fruitless attempt to change what cannot be changed. If we accept, though, things move forward. We can focus on the other things, devoting time and energy to things that we can do rather than wasting it on things we cannot.

    Shok ebasit hissra. Meraad astaarit, meraad itwasit, aban aqun. Maraas shokra. Anaan esaam Qun.

    基本情報 | Basic Information
    Name: The Ariqun (Laura 'Hawke' Inuzuka)
    Nickname: Ariqun of the Isles, Qunoran Vehl
    Gender: Female
    Age: Twenty-Five (25)
    Clan: Ōtsutsuki

    外観 | Looks

    Standing at almost six feet (1.80 meters) the Ariqun makes for an impressive figure in all her glory. Though a descendant of the line of the Sealing Sage she is neither black of hair nor green of eyes, but white-haired and grey-eyed.
    The Ariqun’s body and garments are testaments to Qunari utilitarianism. The Qun dictates that wasting resources is an abominable act, thus beyond wearing clothes to keep themselves warm and armor to keep themselves alive the Qunari view clothes as an unnecessary, cumbersome burden that basra wear in disgust of their own bodies. Likewise; luxury goods like makeup and perfume are abhorred as symbols of basra lavishness and thus never used by the Ariqun.
    In the absence of cosmetics and most articles of clothing the Qun advocates marques as the primary means of identification. The marque is the Qunari’s elaborate version of a social security number, consisting of a set of lines and patterns tattooed on every Qunari’s back. The marque describes one’s sexual information (whether one is fertile or not), purpose (education, specializations, experience) and health (medical history, blood type, hereditary traits). With the information constantly changing new lines and patterns are constantly added to the marque, making it a symbol of one’s dedication to the Qun. The Ariqun, naturally, has a marque of her own, that is in addition to the Toad and Snake summoning tattoos she bears on her wrists, left and right respectively.
    Though she is slightly taller than most other women the Ariqun is not Amazon-like in her physique. Her role as the Primary Guide of the Soul is a Path of the Spirit, not of the Body. The Qun does, however, dictate that all three Paths should be honed so that one might uphold and improve society in all ways, and the Ariqun is nothing if not diligent. Her training in the Path of the Body has made her a thing of dexterity and flexibility. She is a lithe and sharp combatant, deadly with her knowledge of bone and muscle and nerve. Her body has developed accordingly, leaving no trace of excess musculature or body fat.
    While the Qun generally views clothes as a waste of resources it has been observed that basra often react negatively to exposed sexual organs and mammary glands. With that in mind it has become custom for those who interact with basra on a regular basis to wear more elaborate and covering garments. This also has the added effect of making the transition from Kabethari to Viddathari less extreme for new converts.
    As a spiritual guide the Ariqun deals with many new converts and many more stubborn and sometimes radical nonconformists. Both groups respond badly to nudity and while the Qun does not advocate conformism among its people it does view the unnecessary provocation of basra as sure way to wastage of resources. Thus the Ariqun wears strips of intertwining cloth over her breasts in an x-shaped pattern as a makeshift brassiere and an intricate breechcloth made from similar strips of cloth that are held in place by a strip of fabric in the shape of a skirt and fastened with a simple buckle made of metal.
    In the event of a combat situation the Ariqun always wears a set of leather vambraces and spaulders that allow her to deflect lesser blows to her sides. She also wears a set of small finger claws designed specifically for the use of Namikazerian Fūinjutsu. For use in a prolonged campaign, such as the Ancrathi invasion, the Ariqun has also been issued a sleeveless haubergeon of mail and faulds of intertwining plate.

    Existence is a choice.
    There is no chaos in the world, only complexity.
    Knowledge of the complex is wisdom.
    From wisdom of the world comes wisdom of the self.
    Mastery of the self is mastery of the world.
    Loss of the self is the source of suffering.
    Suffering is a choice, and we can refuse it.
    It is in our own power to create the world, or destroy it.

    -The 2nd Heavy Infantry Battalion of Edgard Redrook, the first Brotherhood converts.

    人格 | Personality
    The Ariqun’s very being is defined by the Qun and its teachings. Though she acknowledges to have been another person before her awakening the Ariqun considers all the relations and actions of her past self to be unrelated to her current self. This sense of detachment from her past has served her well as the Ariqun, allowing her to see many situations from an almost completely objective angle.
    The Ariqun’s disaffection with her former life stems in part from the lavish and decadent lifestyle of her father. The Qun greatly discourages individualism in favor of collectivism, a concept Garrett never could abide by. He lived without inhibition, without purpose, a grievous offense in the eyes of the Qun.
    The Ariqun may seem blunt and even dismissive, but this is simply the result of her every decision being directly influenced, if not dictated by the Qun. The cultural barrier between fully integrated Qunari and the people of the Elemental Nations is enormous and the Ariqun is no exception to this. The Qunari seek to impose upon the nations a society in which private property and all but the most basic of individualism has been abolished; a philosophy that is often incompatible with that of the people they interact with. Like all Qunari the Ariqun is extremely dutiful.

    -The Ariqun, age 21.

    村情報 | Village Info
    Village of Birth: The Land of Fire
    Village of Alliance: The Qun (Ancrath Archipelago)

    ランクチャクラ | Rank & Chakra Info

    Ninja Rank: Sage of Yang
    Specialty: Wind (primary) & Water (secondary)

    Wind Release Mastered
    Fire Release Completed
    Lightning Release Completed
    Earth Release Completed
    Water Release Completed
    Volcanic Water Practitioner
    Atmospheric Pressure Practitioner
    Silicon Co-Creator
    Empyrean Wind Creator
    Your ninjutsu:

    Ninjutsu Completed
    Taijutsu Completed
    NB Taijutsu Completed
    Kenjutsu Completed
    Genjutsu Completed
    Fūinjutsu Completed
    Kinjutsu Completed
    Toad Sage Mode Completed
    Byakugan Completed
    Summonings Toads

    -The banner of the Qun, symbolizing the combined powers of the people.

    Custom Fighting Styles

    Lazy Fist: Practitioner
    Kyotōryū Taijutsu: Practitioner
    Jeet Kune Do: Practitioner
    Namikazeron: Specialized
    Satsui no Hadō: Specialized
    ZX Buster: Specialized

    Body Seals
    [Fuuinjutsu: Boukun no Ryoudo] – Sealing Technique: Tyrant’s Dominion
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: B
    Range: N/A (+1 range to technique applied to)
    Chakra Cost: N/A (+20 to the technique used prior to this)
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: The user will have a seal on their body that can be activated whenever they use a technique that sends chakra through or into the ground. Upon activation, the seal will pump extra chakra into the technique and thereby extend it’s range by one (e.g. short-range techniques will be able to reach mid-range and mid-range techniques will be able to reach long-range). The chakra used for this technique will be added to the cost of the jutsu that preceded this. This technique counts as a move but occurs in the same timeframe as the technique it's applied to.

    Can only be used three times per battle
    Must have a one turn cool down the least between each usage
    Seal must be place within user's bio
    Can only be taught by Venom

    (Fūinjutsu: Hagane Hie no Ikkō) – Sealing Technique: Chilling Steel of the Militant Buddhist
    Type: Defensive
    Rank: B-Rank
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 20
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: This technique is a general, sealing-assisted execution of the hard style martial arts exercise known as the ‘Iron Shirt.’ The execution of Hagane Hie no Ikkō requires the user to find his central equilibrium using Zhang Zhuang and then aligning his breath, movement and chakra circulation. This immediate stress plus the spike in heart rate, will activate a small seal that is passively applied to the users chest. This seal further assists the flow of chakra, spreading it and adding a dense sort of chakra to flow around users muscles and body, strengthening it. These actions and chakra flow, combined with the user’s general physique and resistance to damage, can lessen the damage taken by the physical elements of an attack by 20 damage points. The seal functions autonomously, requiring no input from the user.
    -Must be included in the user’s bio or stated at the beginning of a fight.
    -Can only be taught by ZK.
    -Can only be used by a Tai specialist.

    ( Ura Shishō Fūinjutsu ) - Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique
    Rank: S-Rank
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Short – Mid
    Chakra cost: 40
    Damage points: 80
    Description: This is a sealing jutsu that is placed upon the users body, setting it to activate on the users death. It seals everything within a large, nearby, spherical into the users body.
    Note: Can only be activated upon the users death.
    Note: The placement of this seal must be stated on the user's biography.

    -The aftermath of the Ariqun’s first battle with the Brotherhood, later known as the ’Battle of Two Hawks’.

    "Karasten are soldier. The Qun made it so. They can never vary from that assigned path, never be other than they are meant to be, but they are free to choose within that role. To accept and succeed, or deny and die. Glory is clear and defined."

    背景情報 | Background Info
    Born to House Hawke of the Isles the Ariqun is a descendant of the House Renar of the Tenkaichian Highland. Before her awakening the Ariqun was known as Laura of the House Hawke, the only child of Garrett Hawke and Lucinda Renar, a half-Ōtsutsuki unbeknowns to anyone, of the Tenkaichian Highland. Laura was born with her distinctive physical traits and immediately shunned by her mother's family, who bemoaned that Lucinda had died giving birth to an abomination. Lucinda’s death marked the end of Garrett’s attempt to establish a foothold on Tenkaichi through an alliance with House Renar, but though the plan failed and Lucinda’s pregnancy had been an accident; the young man took surprisingly good care of Laura during her first years of life and never blamed her for her mother's death.
    When Laura turned five; her father brought her to the island of Hohki in the Ancrath Archipelago to live and learn with the children of Hawke’s Fleetmaster at the time; Lomborg Hoister. There, Laura grew up under the watchful eyes of Hoister’s wife and maiden daughter with regular visits from her father until she reached the age of 13 and flowered.
    Laura’s flowering marked Garrett’s second chance for an alliance with one of the greater houses of Ancrath. The elder Hawke had yet to make a serious bid for the archipelago and was busy gathering men and material for his Brotherhood in the southern mainland. After several months, however, Hawke’s search for a husband for his daughter had turned up no candidates, an expected turn of events given Laura's appearance, and thus Laura was allowed to travel to the mainland to study Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu under some of Garrett’s associates.
    Laura took well to the Arts, though she had never practiced them before and by 16 the young woman was a declared to be of ‘passable skill in the Ninja Arts’ by her teachers. When Garrett ordered his daughter back to Hohki, however, Laura refused and traveled to the Land of Hot Water in secrecy.
    Over the next couple of years Garrett balanced his search for his daughter with his now full-on invasion of the Ancrath Archipelago. He never found Laura, but descriptions of her frequently turned up in taverns, opium dens and dirty gossip. Needless to say; Garrett was livid that his daughter had taken after him when it came to ‘having fun’.
    Laura returned to Ancrath exactly one year after she had disappeared, seeking to reconcile with her father. Proud as he was, however, Garrett chose to have his daughter sent back to Hohki as he had originally ordered, and had her manor guarded by half a dozen of his Chuunin-ranked Shinobi allies. Enraged by his attempt to confine her Laura killed every Shinobi on the island and gathered a small army of rebellious islanders to overthrow her father.
    The two small armies met on the island of Nero in the Southern Cluster. Laura’s army of islanders outnumbered Garrett’s Brotherhood three-to-one, but the Brothers had superior arms and training. The result was a bloodbath that saw Garrett win a pyrrhic victory over his daughter. Wounded and exhausted Laura fled the battlefield and the archipelago altogether
    Battered and broken from her defeat at the hands of her father Laura sough out the deserts of the Land of Wind and isolated herself from the rest of the world. On her long exodus across the barren desert she stumbled across an old tome, buried in an ancient, forgotten chest there in the sand. The Tome of Koslun, as she discovered it was called, contained the writings of the Ashkaari Koslun, who in both his lost native language and in the common tongue explained the teachings of the Qun. Laura studied the tome intensively over the following years and spent hours every day meditating on its lessons that she soon came to accept as absolute truths. On the day of her 22nd birthday the now enlightened Ariqun once again crossed the desert and made her way to the Ancrath Archipelago. There she founded the first Qunari settlement and began attracting followers in the hope that one day she might establish a utopia of the Qun.

    -The Family Crest of the House Hawke.

    他の | Other

    After training with her father's personal technique, known as Tekken, for many years, the Ariqun has gained the ability to have it constantly activated through chakra circulation alone.
    Tekken | Iron Fist
    Rank: A
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Self
    Chakra cost: 40
    Damage points: +10 to Taijutsu that involves using ones hands
    Description: After spending years training in Taijutsu, the user has developed a way to push his fists to their maximum capability. By continuously having exposed his hands to extreme environments, (like training punches in hot coals and practicing hand movement in ice water) the users has made his hands incredibly strong. The user focuses chakra into his fists and uses it to amplify the effects of his training, with this the users hands will be close to indestructible, no amount of force or temperature will affect the user’s hands, only extreme amounts of continuously applied incredible damage will damage them. This technique doesn’t make the user stronger in general; it just allows him to deal with attacks more freely since he won’t have to think about his hands.

    -The Ariqun is outfitted with Tetsujō
    (Tetsujō) Razor Wire
    Rank: S
    Type: Armor
    Range: N/A
    Chakra cost: N/A
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: Tetsujō is a sentient, tight-fitting bodysuit that encases the wielder's upper body like a second layer of skin. Similar to Samehada in terms of function, Tetsujō shares a semi-symbiotic bond with its wielder, constantly absorbing his/her chakra, be it normal or abnormal, in order to remain sentient and functional. The main characteristic of Tetsujō is its ability to change the chakra signature of everything it absorbs. Through miniscule vibrations and fluctuations, the suit changes the signature of all the chakra it absorbs and injects it back into the user’s chakra pathway system in almost constant bursts. Normally, foreign chakra would disturb and disrupt the chakra pathways, but through the symbiotic bond the armor and its wielder shares, Tetsujō is able to function as a purifier of sorts, guiding the wielder's body through an almost instant process of adaption, though still altering its wielder's chakra flow. With its incredible ability to evolve, Tetsujō is also able to perform this process on unusual types of chakra. This constant process of change and evolution also serves to gradually, but continuously, change the wielder's chakra signature on a fundamental level. Generally, Tetsujō will render illusionists unable to use dual-layered illusions on its wielder. Furthermore, Tetsujō makes the user’s constantly changing chakra impossible to mimic. Through its continuous changing of the user’s chakra signature, Tetsujō also decreases the rank of all Genjutsu Techniques cast on its wielder by one rank. Finally, Tetsujō is able to harshly constrict itself around its wielder’s body for a short amount of time.
    If anyone but the wielder touches Tetsujō, the suit releases a harmful burst of chakra into the perpetrators chakra pathway system, ruining his/her balance and equilibrium for a short amount of time.
    With the ability to absorb its wielder's chakra, Tetsujō is able to repair itself, making it very hard to remove from the user's body.
    -Tetsujō cannot decrease the rank of a Mangekyō Sharingan Genjutsu.
    -Because of the fluctuations Tetsujō constantly causes, all Genjutsu techniques used by the wielder loses one rank in terms of strength.

    -The Ariqun always carries a longsword, a bow and a quiver of arrows with her.
    -When venturing into the Ninja World or engaging in battles the Ariqun always has two clones gathering Natural Energy at Mt. Myobokuzan.

    絵 | Pictures

    主題歌や | Theme Song and Background Music

    戦い | Battles
    Won: Zero.
    Lost: Zero.

    "To call a thing by its name is to know its reason in the world. To call a thing falsely is to put out one's own eyes."

    Updating the Ariqun.
    Permission from Vex.

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