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    Awards Showcase

    Art Contest of the Month [April 2017]

    Art Contest of the Month [April 2017]

    Welcome to the Art Contest of the Month!

    Art Contest will be judged on:
    • Creativity
    • Use of Shade
    • Use of color (if any)
    • How clean it is
    • Complexity
    • Details

    All submissions will be reviewed by Caliburn. Only the best artwork will move on to the voting in which a thread/poll will be created for you to judge on, unless the amount of submissions is limited, in which case everyone will make it to the poll.


    1st Place -

    Cyan Username
    2nd Place -

    3rd Place -


    Submission time ends on Sunday April 30th, and the Art work chosen will be announced through out the week after submission time ends.

    Art Contest of the Month RULES!

    ► To take part in this contest please fill out the given form
    ► NO copying other contestants
    ► You must use a Drawing you have made - not someone elses
    ► Voting with more than one account is prohibited, as well as asking people to vote for your work
    ► Advertising the contest via PM's, VM's or in any other way is forbidden, the only exceptions on this are the scrolly thingy and this thread.
    ► You may NOT Vote for your own work
    ► You can only enter ONE submission, however you can change this submission as often as you like untill the thread closes
    ► Manipulation with things like PS or Gimp is forbidden and I mean by that coloring it, adding backgrounds etc. However you can change, of course, the canvas size to slice away unnecessary parts. Graphic tablets are a seperate case and will be discussed with Caliburn.

    ~Disobeying the rules will get you disqualified~
    ~Making fun, insulting or flaming in any way any contestant or his/her work, will get you immediately infracted~
    ~Posts such as: "Mine is Better!" or "Yours is fake" will not be tolerated and you will receive an infraction~

    If you want to submit your work please fill out this form and post it

    PHP Code:

    U][B]Artwork:[/B][/U] [URL="http://"]Name[/URL]
    U][B]Image of artwork:[/B][/U] [spoiler][img]url of image[/img][/spoiler
    If you don't know how to post a picture, follow this guide: How to include a picture in your post

    To discuss everything related to the Art Contest of the Month, go to this thread Click here.

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    Re: Art Contest of the Month [April 2017]

    Eternal Solitude:
    Artwork: Ember-chan
    Image of artwork:


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    Re: Art Contest of the Month [April 2017]

    Username: Sirius Black
    Artwork: Skull
    Image of artwork:

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