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    [ARCHIVE] Official NB Summoning Contracts List




    • You can only own and/or sign a maximum of two animal summoning contracts. When you reach the rank of jounin you can sign or make your first contract, when you reach the rank of kage your second.
    • Most summons (if not all) appear to have their own "king" or "boss" that rules over their own kind, so it would be wise to create your own.
    • Summons that are originally from the manga (like toads, snakes, dogs, slugs etc.) can only be summoned by characters who have shown being able to do it in the manga (like Naruto, Jiraiya, Sasuke, Tsunade etc.) and custom characters who have learned it. Canon characters who have not signed the contracts in the manga can not.
    • If you make a canon character that knows a canon summoning (like Jiraiya toads, Orochimaru snakes etc.) you get the contract by default and you don't have to be trained in it. However in return when you drop the bio you loose the contract with it. On the other hand a custom bio has to be trained in it if he wants to know a specific contract, but he can keep it till he drops it. In both cases summoning related jutsu's still have to be taught (like hidden shadowsnake hands).
    • Canon summoning contracts can only be taught to custom characters by sensei's who have made the bio of the main contract holder (an Orochimaru bio for snakes, a Jiraiya bio for toads, a Kakashi bio for dogs etc.). If a contract was made before it was shown in the manga (like hawks) only the original holder of the contract can teach it.
    • New custom summonings can be made for canon contracts.
    • A custom summoning contract can only be passed on by the contract holder to a maximum of five people for them to sign it (so six in total). When one of those drops the contract a new person can sign it. In the case the owner wants to drop/change the contract he has to give it to one of the persons who signed it, that person then becomes the new contract holder. He then can teach it to five new people.
    • Summoning animals from both your contracts in the same battle is forbidden (with the exception of Pein, neither can the Pein summonings be taught to anyone).
    • You can only summon a maximum of four animals per battle.

    How to make a custom summoning contract

    1: First and for all this thread is not to get your contracts approved, but for already approved contracts.

    2: Second check whether the species you want to make already exists or not. For that check this thread. If you can't find it here search in the Custom Jutsu Submission thread as this list is far from being complete. Eventually you can also just ask around with sensei's and mods. If you haven't found anything you can post your contract with that species. In the case it does already exist someone likely will react when they see it.

    3: Your summoning has to be believable and not humanoid. That means do not make things like the Olympian Gods, legendary heroes or creatures, zombies etc. Things like dragons and phoenix' (contracts already taken) are acceptable because even though they never really existed a lot of different cultures independent from each other believed that they existed. For instance you can find dragon-like creatures all over the Eurasian continent.

    4: Do not make a contract called birds, insects, mammals etc. These are not animals, but terms that refer to a large amount of different species. Be sure your summoning is clearly defined.

    5: You post your custom contracts here for approval: Custom Jutsu Submission

    6: To post a contract in the CJ-thread you have to fill in this template:

    Summoning Animal:
    Scroll Owner:
    Other Users who have signed contract: 
    Summoning Boss if existing:
    Other Summoning Animals tied to contract:
    Logically you can only fill in the Summoning Animal and Scroll Owner (maybe even Other Users) when you post it for approval the first time. The rest you can fill in when your individual summoning animals have been approved. Be sure you give some global background information about your species.

    7: The summoning animals themselves also have to be posted in the CJ-thread, however for that you use the normal jutsu template. Of course first your contract has to be approved before you can make your summonings.

    8: Don't whine when your contract got declined. It's up to the mod whether he finds the species acceptable or not.

    9: When your contract is approved you post it here according to the previously mentioned template + you add the link to your post in the CJ-thread where it got approved.

    10: When you want to update your contract (new signer, a new summoning etc.) you quote your previous post and post again the previously mentioned template, only this time with the new updates, and the link of approval. You can also ask a mod to edit your post.

    List of Current Contracts

    => Approved Custom Summons <=
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