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    Re: Official NB Summoning Contracts List

    Update my Wombat summoning

    * Summoning Wombat *

    Summoning Animal: Wombat
    Scroll Owner: oasis2082
    Other Users who have signed contract: Yoshi..
    Summoning Boss if existing: Diprotodon
    Other Summoning Animals tied to contract: Cracker

    Link to the approval: Wombat

    Summon Animal : Diprotodon, Lord of Wombat

    (Kuchiyose no Jutsu U~onbatto no ryōshu)- Summoning: Diprotodon, Lord of Wombat
    Type: Summon
    Rank: S
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: User bites their finger drawing blood then performs a row of 15 handseals then slams their hand to the ground summoning Diprotodon from where ever he maybe. Diprotodon is a huge giant Wombat known as the Lord of Wombat and it size about 4 meters (15 feet long) from nose to tail, standing 3 meters (10 ft) tall, Diprotodon is covered with short, grizzled fur. Its thick legs end in massive digging claws, he also able to dig up the ground in fast speed and travel underground to create a huge hole/pit, and he has two large tusks project horizontally from its lower jaw. he shakes his head threateningly and prepares to charge. Diprotodon is the master of earth jutsu and can only be perform up to B-Rank and down earth jutsu with no hand seal. With his large tusks project horizontally from its lower jaw diprotodon capable of blocking C-Rank and down elemantal jutsus with more effort but counts towards one the users moves.

    Note: Diprotodon Earth jutsu's count as a move.
    Note: Diprotodon summon only lasts 3 rounds.
    Note: Can only be summoned twice per battle.
    Note: Diprotodon digging technique count as one of three moves per turn.
    Note: Only Oasis2082 can summon/teach Diprotodon

    (Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Kurakkā)- Summoning: Cracker
    Type: Summon
    Rank: A
    Type: Summoning
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 30
    Damage points : N/A
    Description: After performing 25 serial hand seal the user bite his finger then slamming his hand onto the ground to summon Cracker. Cracker is a wombat warrior at the same size with of Gamakichi. His whole body are covered with sharp white solid fur making taijutsu and other sharp object useless. cracker able to shot off his sharp white solid fur from his body.
    By stomping his right feet on the ground, Cracker spread his earth chakra to Short-Mid range to senses any chakra within the covered range then link it to the user who summons him.

    -Can be summoned once per battle and stays for 4 turns
    -Must have signed the wombat contract.
    -Since he has an Earth affinity he is weak to lightning based attacks
    -His shot white solid fur ability count as a move
    -The senses ability counts as 1 out of 3 move used.

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