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    Vegeta & The Cell Games

    Most of us who have watched dbz, dbz movies, GT or Super know that while Vegeta is powerful, he is often little more than a plot device to show how strong the new villain is. Very rarely does he get his shining moment, and if/when he does, it usually is quickly followed by a humbling moment. (Think when he saves Goku vs Android 19 and then destroys 19 only to be easily dismantled against 18 shortly after.)

    With that said, I had always thought that Vegeta should have ascended to SS2 during the final acts of the Cell Games. In my opinion, SS2 was more of an emotional transformation than SS1 (which might sound like common sense) because it requires a person to essentially change their way of thinking.
    When Gohan ascended, he realized that he would need to be able to control and use his power in order to save his friends instead of relying on someone else.

    I think that Vegeta should have gone SS2 and helped Gohan finish Cell when Trunks was killed by Cell upon his regeneration back on Earth. We hear Vegeta have an inner monologue after seeing Trunks on the ground and he charges Cell in an effort for revenge.
    I thought that Vegeta really changed at that moment, because for the first time he was fighting for someone other than himself, a type of change that i believe is enough to trigger the transformation into a SS2, but apparently Toriyama thought otherwise.

    To me, this would have been a great way to keep Gohan as the hero of the future (which is what I think Toriyama originally wanted before he caved to public appeal and brought Goku back as the MC) and to give Vegeta his due as a developed character.
    I thought it would have been a great moment to see Vegeta standing side by side with Gohan as an homage to both Trunks and Goku as they take down Cell for the final time.

    Some may argue that Vegeta had that change in personality when he first ascended to SS, but I feel that it was more of an anger/frustration transformation than a true change in character.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Do you agree that Vegeta should have transformed, or was it handled the right way?

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    Re: Vegeta & The Cell Games

    Maybe writer think Vegeta is not yet ready to be the 'responsible face' of DBZ yet at the time. Thats why writer let Gohan to shine bcus he as much as Goku think about other people and not only himself. While Vegeta just wanted to prove himself and brag about.

    Vegeta see the battle as game and not something that put the fate of the planet on the line. Even if he won the battle, he will continue to be a selfish, self bragging individual that will put himself above anything and I believe you he will belittling his friends and continue to be a negative persona
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    Re: Vegeta & The Cell Games

    I would agree but Vegeta's character development is Buu saga was well done

    He still gets the short end of the stick in fights though even in Super :/

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