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    [Ability] Custom Weapons

    Custom Weapons


    Weapons always had some kind of weird charming personality which often jinxes people. It gives them the feeling of wielding imaginable power and gives them a sense of safety. That's why certain characters in manga/anime always have weapons, it gives them a je ne sais quoi, a certain depth to their role, that bit of extra. Zoro wouldn't be Zoro if he didn't had his three swords, Ichigo would have died ten thousand three hundred and four times if he didn't had Zangetsu and Zabuza would be so lonely without his big, bloody knife. So it's logical that a lot of people start making their own custom weapons which then can be used in RP-battles. But people tend to get carried away easily, so a set of rules/restrictions has been made specifically for custom weapons.


    • Custom weapons are submitted here: Custom Jutsu Submission
    • You can only make one custom weapon. When you want a new one, you drop the old one. This weapon does not count towards the 35 CJ limit.
    • A custom weapon can have a set of abilities, though there are limits to it and it's up to the mod who checks the customs to decide whether it's approvable or not.
    • The rank you place on the weapon doesn't matter much, however this doesn't mean the abilities of the sword become automatically the same rank as the weapon. The rank of the abilities has to be stated, if that would be necessary, in the description. For instance the standard rank for a weapon is S-rank. If you say your sword can fire a fireball the rank is not S, you need to state in the description which rank it is. In the case you don't, by default it can be countered relatively easy with a low jutsu.
    • Making only one custom weapon means you can only make one jutsu for it, thus you can add more than one weapon (for instance dual swords) in one jutsu. Of course this doesn't mean that you can add effects equal to two custom weapons. The effects of the original weapon are now just spread over two (or more) weapons.
    • A custom weapon can be anything: swords, daggers, spears, halberds, battle-axes, warhammers, whips, bows etc. but no guns or any other modern weapons!!!
    • You can have as much weapons as you want without abilities, however these weapons must be mentioned in your bio.
    • Other objects which can't be considered a weapon, for instance a metal wall, are not included in this category.
    • If you are a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist you can still have a custom weapon, however you can only use one of the weapons in a battle and which one you use has to be stated at the start of the battle.
    • You can only make one custom weapon yourself, but other people can allow you to use their custom weapons too. However these weapons have to be summoned during battle and can't be added to your bio. Also only one of the custom weapons you own can be used during battle.
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