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    Any one reading Golem Hearts by Osuka Gen?

    Golem Hearts

    For those who would like to know what I'm talking about even:

    In the world of Golem Hearts, creatures known as golems have become integrated with society, performing all sorts of tasks. Being artificially created by widely respected "sorcery scholars", golems obey the commands of their human masters without question. Noah is a sorcery scholar who strives to become the second best of his kind. To that end, he travels far and wide to study unique golems around the world.

    Genre : Adventures, Fantasy

    If you want to check it out:
    One shot can be found at
    Translations/Release by

    Nine chapters so far. So is anyone reading it and if you do, do you recommend it? What are your thoughts about this series?

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    Re: Any one reading Golem Hearts by Osuka Gen?

    I like it so far.I hope it doesn't get axed

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