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      Why don’t they do this

      Why doesn’t naruto just have Sarada sit and watch every ninja do their tricks. sarada is a good kid, wants to be hokage, she is still young. Just stuff her with unlimited jutsu. Have her watch the chunin exams every time to stack up some jutsu. Same thing with the shins. You will have the best army ever.

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      Re: Why don’t they do this

      Even though it appears as though you're banned, I'm still gonna answer this.

      If she sits and watches people fight, she will be able to copy nearly everything.. However it will be a while before she'd be able to use any of it. Just like when Sasuke copied taijutsu from Lee.. he wasn't able to replicate his speed and power with it exactly. He had to train his body to be able to fully pull it off. Or like chidori. I'm sure Kakashi actually had him copy it with the sharingan to save time with the up coming exam, but again. He had to train in chakra transformation and speed to be able to pull it off fully.

      Sarada was able to pull off the feats she has already because what she copied, she already knew enough of to pull it off. In due time she'll be the next copy ninja.

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