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      Sara is the best! Apocalypse's Avatar

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      Mar 2014
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      PhoTM #33 Valentine's Day

      ❝Valentine's Day❞

      This Months Theme is - Valentine's Day

      This contest is designed so as to bring Narutobase and Real life together. To achieve this feat, the contestants must enter each month with photos, taken by them, which will have to relate to a given generic theme and also have some "NB Proof"; something visible in the photo, made by the user, that makes it clear the photo is related to NB. Although now, the photography taken by the contestants which goes to the next stage of voting does not need to contain NB proof but rather extra photographs taken by the participants as to prove authenticity of the ''main'' photography. The overall themes given are broad but you can choose to show how far NB goes in the globe, where you log on NB or simply find a normal, every day scene of your life, and introduce NB somewhere. Photography is all about capturing the moment and showcasing what it represents by using a simple still image. It needs to be appealing visually yes but that doesn't mean high end technology or highly digitally edited photographs, so you don't need to go all out into semi or professional photography level pictures.

      • You can enter with one photo which will proceed to the voting stage however you have to take another two or three with NB proof on them (one supporting picture with NB proof is okay as well). The other photos should be similar to the main one, just taken from a different angle as well as with addition of the NB proof. However, there is also another option: Users will have the option to submit one picture with the NB proof on them, which will proceed to voting (note that this image doesn't have to be supported with other pictures)
      • Photos must have been taken by you.
      • The contest will be open for submissions for 3 weeks minimum.
      • You can use any device capable of taking photos such as Cellphones, Cameras, DSLR Cameras, etc.
      • Photos must have been uploaded into a 3rd party photo hosting site such as Imgur.
      • Photos need to abide by the global rules of NB (no cursing, no foul language, no adult content, etc).
      • You cannot submit photos of yourself and photos of people may only be used if you are taking a picture of a public scene.
      • All photos that are submitted in the submission thread and that follow the rules will be put to voting.
      • Voting will last for a week minimum.
      • Participants cannot vote for themselves with their main or an alt account.
      • One submission for each member.
      • No suggestive pics either and no bikini and underwear pics. Keep it clean and according to the rules.

      1st Place -

      Cyan Username
      2nd Place -

      3rd Place -


      PM Title: [Username here: PhoTM #33]

      I am going to temporarily host this contest. The submissions are to be submitted via PM to me (Apocalypse) with the appropriate title. The pictures that you are submitting that will go to voting should not contain your name in it. The supporting pictures can contain them if you want. Therefore the submissions that are heading towards voting would be anonymous.
      But once the NB proof is in any of the images, whether the supporting pictures or the main picture, its fine!

      PS- To post an embedded picture please follow these instructions if you don't know how to do it FAQ - IMG Codes

      Submission time ends 24th of February, 2018 23:59 EST.

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      Senior Member Michelle's Avatar

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      Awards Showcase

      Re: PhoTM #33 Valentine's Day

      I wish to take part

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      A child - like man is not a
      man whose development has been
      arrested; on the contrary,
      he's a man who has given
      himself a chance of continuing
      to develop long after most
      adults have muffled themselves
      in the cocoon of imposed
      habits and convention.

      Awards Showcase

      Re: PhoTM #33 Valentine's Day

      I'm in.

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      Sara is the best! Apocalypse's Avatar

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      Awards Showcase

      Re: PhoTM #33 Valentine's Day

      13 days left to submit.

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