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      Awards Showcase

      🌹 SOTM #18: Your Anime Valentine 🌹

      SOTM #18: Your Anime Valentine

      "Roses are red, violets are blue,
      Here is a valentine contest just for a weebu!"


      Sorry, couldn't resist! But with Valentine's day just around the corner, I think we can use a little spicy fun-we won't judge the choices, just the work . So this month's theme for the forum signature contest is "Your Anime Valentine".

      You can pick any character who has some quality you like - be it's personality or the design which you may wish in your partner. Or just go with your favourite pairing or so. It's up to you how you interpret the theme as long as it fits in.

      Please pay attention to the rules before entering.

      Always remember to read the rules before entering the SOTM.
      And also think about next month´s theme.

      All submissions must be sent via Pm to me

      Put this

      SOTM #18: SUBMISSION ~ [Insert Your User Name]

      on your pm title.

      Last day to submit is, Monday 28 February (GMT+1:00) Central European Time (Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid)
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      Re: 🌹 SOTM #18: Your Anime Valentine 🌹

      Quote Originally Posted by Avani View Post
      Only two more days -
      So posting a picture from google search is not allowed?

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      Awards Showcase

      Re: 🌹 SOTM #18: Your Anime Valentine 🌹

      Quote Originally Posted by Uverdore9 View Post
      So posting a picture from google search is not allowed?
      You cannot submit a signature you didn't make.

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