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      Can you return option to read Naruto manha here

      Before those changes I was able to read Naruto manga here , now I no longer see that option. Can you return that ?

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      Re: Can you return option to read Naruto manha here

      The Administration removed the Anime and Manga because Google has hidden the URL from the search engine. Go to mangalife you would not be disappointed.

      Here is the full explanation:

      Quote Originally Posted by Avani View Post
      Re-posting for convenience:

      • NB won't be releasing new anime episodes or manga anymore.

      • NB Forums will continue as it is. Meaning the community, RP and discussions etc will continue as they are now.

      • Another important change is Domain name, meaning the name NarutoBase will be changed to something else. The new name is not finalized yet but whenever it's done, you will be simply redirected to that page of this forum. It may take a few weeks yet.

      • V plans to upgrade the forum software, so some of the features may be temporarily lost in transition- till he finds new plugins or writes his own.

      • There may be some new aspects added to the forums activities, if everything work out as planned. Hopefully we will be able to announce at least some of it, by the time the domain name changes.

      Replies to some other questions that are being asked:

      • No it's not exactly sudden. It was on cards for a long time.

      • Yes, it is necessary move since NB has been dropped from Google searches since 2012 itself. Only those who know about the site can find it, at the moment. So to get back on search results changes are a must.

      • These changes were long overdue. V delayed the decision due to time constraint as well as to choose a time when the shock of changes would not be too big for members and made it gradual. Links for any releases or manga were removed from the forums months before.
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