Birthday: May 5, Age 19, Taurus
Height: 166cm
Weight: 50.8kg
Blood Type: AB
Personality: self-respecting (be proud?), militant
Favorite food: Bakudan (boiled egg wrapped in surimi)
Dislike food: Maze-gohan (Japanese food)
Wants to fight: Itachi
Favorite word: Art is a Bang
Hobbies: Creating art = Blowup

Mission completed
D: 4
C: 27
B: 35
A: 13
S: 3

Deidara's using forbidden jutsu for detonating his clay.
Deidara used to be a well known great artist in his village (Iwagakure = Rock village).
Deidara loved to stay in the Akatsuki, because he thought all of the Akatsuki members are kind of artistic and is easy to get a chance to fight against a strong enemy by catching Biju.
Spoiler: His last jutsu is called "CO" (not zero, O)


Birthday, Age: unknown
Height: 175cm
Weight: 55.9kg
Blood Type: unknown
Personatily: luck-pusher(?)
Favorite food: ?
Dislike food
Wants to fight
Favorite word: Secret
Hobbies: accompany Deidara(?)
Spoiler: Madara
Birthday: Dec 24


Birthday: Nov 8, Age 35, Scorpius
Height: 164.1cm
Weight: 47.3kg
Blood Type: AB


Birthday: April 2, Age 22, Aries
Height: 177.1cm
Weight: 56.6kg
Blood Type: B

Hidan hails from Yugakure (the Village Hidden Amongst Hot Springs), the village purported to have forgotten war.
Even as the Great Wars disappeared from the world and the Hidden Villages were scaled back as military powers, those with an abundance of nature and tourist resources gained positive position in the new times. Hidan, who had lived as a shinobi constantly starved for strife, grew frustrated and discontent with this new pacifism, eventually directing his feelings at the village itself.
It was inevitable that the newly found religion of Jashin would set its eyes on him.
Thou shalt massacre thy neighboor.
The religion's teachings would prove be abundant with elements that affirmed Hidan's own desires.

Height - 177.1 cm
Weight - 58.8 kg


Birthday: Aug 15, Age 91, Leo
Height: 185cm
Weght: 63.2kg
Blood Type: A

Kakuzu was given the mission to assassinate the Hokage, but was defeated by the Mokuton jutsu. The next sentence says something like he returned to his village barely alive. Apparently the forbidden jutsu Kakuzu used to get the hearts or whatever is called "Jiongu". The kanji split up mean something like "Earth Hatred Fear"

All that awaited him (when he returned from his mission to kill the Hokage) was the dishonor of failing his mission and heavy punishment. Feeling intense hatred for village's cruel deeds after he risked his life for it (or something along those lines), he broke out of prison.

After that is where he learns the forbidden jutsu and kills the village leaders. jutsu and kills the village leaders.

Age 91


only known thing is his height, 177.0cm

Kagerou: the jutsu Zetsu uses to vanish and reapper in/from the ground.


Konan: 169.4cm x 45.3kg (age unknown, birthday 2/20)

Konan's wearing a pretty sexy gettup under that Akatsuki cloak. It's kinda like Karin's outfit, except strapless, and partially reveals her outter bossom. She's got a pierced belly buttom.

Shikigami no Mai: Konan's jutsu when she was floating in the air and her body transformed into paper.


Pain (Clearly says "pain", not "pein", BTW... not that I expect that to change many people's minds)

Catchphrase Text:
People, countries, and the world will know pain!!

Title Text:
The shinobi in which the Rikudou eyes reside, a "god" born form a cycle of strife

Body Text:

Akatsuki, the group that secretly plots to hunt the Jinchuuriki and capture the Bijuu!! Their leader is none other than Pain. In pondering his mysterious true identity, that which serves as a hint is the Rinnegan appearing in his eyes. What will this "god", describing himself as having "attained growth through pain", bring to the world? Will it be "peace", or will it be "destruction"!?

Ninja ID: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: 176.5 cm Weight: 57.2 kg Blood Type: ?
Personality: Emotionless
Favorite Food: Unknown
Least Favorite Food: Unknown
Desired Opponent: Uzumaki Naruto (the Nine-tails)
Favorite Phrase: 雨夜の星 "The stars hidden on a rainy night" (idiom referring to "things that may exist, but are nonetheless unseen" or "things that are extremely rare")
Hobbies: Unknown

Mission Stats, Academy Graduation, Chuu-nin exam passing: All "?"

Lower Left Text:
The expressions of Pain are always devoid of life. One is incapable of finding any form of emotion in his face.

Nothing special about Nagato. It talks about how the Second Ninja War totally ruined his life. He lost both his parents. But at that time he miraculously gained one of the 3 Great Doujutsu, the Rinnegan, when he was trying to save his friend. (at least confirms that he wasn't born with it . He activated it while saving Yahiko)

Shouten no Jutsu - the jutsu Pain used to transform random men into Itachi and Kisame.

Rikudou Sennin - nothing new. All as stated in the manga.

He is the ancestor of shinobi. He created all the jutsu. He can bring peace or destruction to the world. I can't read the last sentence though.

Held by Rikudou Sennin, ancestor of shinobi. Noted by its ripple shape. One of the 3 Great Doujutsu along with Sharingan and Byakugan (so, confirmed the third one is Byakugan). Known as the noblest eye. Holder can learn all the ninjutsu and all 5 elemental recompositions (yes, only 5). It's said that he will either be the God of Creation that brings peace to the world or the Destroyer that ruins the world.


Kisame Hoshigaki (stats): Nin 4.5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 2.5 - Int 3.5 - Str 5 - Spe 4 - Sta 5 - Sea 3.5

Ninja registration number: -
Birthday: 3/18 (32 years old, Pisces)
Height: 195.0cm - Weight: 83.1kg - Blood type: AB
Personality: merciless, belligerent
Favorite food: shrimps, crab
Food he dislikes: fukahire (shark fillet)
Person he would like to fight: anyone
Favorite word: survival of the fittest
Hobby: taking care of Samehada

Graduated from Academy at: 10 years old
Became chuunin at: ? years old
Mission history: 3 D-rank, 68 C-rank, 154 B-rank, 78 A-rank, 29 S-rank

Akatsuki Rankings

Note that these are figured from Kumanri's scans, and even though the databooks are by Kishimoto, Rankings based off Skill charts aren't definitive since two characters with all 5s could be on completely different levels)

Ninjutsu - Taijutsu - Genjutsu - Intelligence - Power/Strength - Speed - Stamina - Skill Mastery

1. Itachi Uchiha: Nin 5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 5 - Int 5 - Str 3.5 - Spe 5 - Sta 2.5 - SM 5 = 35.5

2. Sasori: Nin 5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 4.5 - Int 5 - Str 3 - Spe 4.5 - Sta 5 - SM 4 = 35.5 (hardest to see, could be a point lower)

3. Kakuzu: Nin 5 - Tai 4 - Gen 3 - Int 5 - Str 4 - Spe 4 - Sta 4.5 - SM 3.5 = 33

4. Kisame: Nin 4.5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 2.5 - Int 3.5 - Str 5 - Spe 4 - Sta5 - SM 3.5 = 32.5

5. Deidara: Nin 5 - Tai 3.5 - Gen 3.5 - Int 4.5 - Str 3.5 - Spe 4.5 - Sta 4 - SM 3.5 = 32

6. Hidan: Nin 5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 3 - Int 3 - Str 4 - Spe 3.5 - Sta 5 - SM 3.5 = 31.5

Pein, Tobi, Konan, and Zetsu all have ? stats.