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    |Alexander "Father" Anderson|

    Basic Information
    Name: Alexander Anderson
    Nickname:Father Anderson,Freak,Monster,Candy-Stealer
    Age:Unknown(Aproximently 40s)

    Looks:Alexander "Father" Anderson is a tall(Over two metres) & muscular man with blonde and spikey hair.He is wearing round-shaped glasses and having green-blue eyes.When he was part of the Military group in the Land of Iron,he was wearing the usual armor,however when he went missing he changed his clothes with grey jeans,black boots,a large grey cassock,a black with blue tirm T-Shirt,a clerical collar,a huge silver cross and two white gloves that is writen upon them:
    • (On the Right)Jesus Christ is in Heaven
    • (On The Left)Speak With The Dead

    Personality:Alexander is usually calm and very kind when he is with his friends,however when he battles he becomes very aggressive and violent that we could say he loses with mind!

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth:Land Of Iron
    Village of Alliance:Kirigakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank:Sannin
    Specialty: Kenjutsu
    Your ninjutsu :
    Kenjutsu training achieved by Lili
    Normal Tai(Just Started)

    Background Info.
    History: Alexander Anderson was born in the Land of Iron by a normal family.His mother was a normal house wife that was staying in her house in order to take care of her child and her husband(women take examples!) and his father was a priest.His father always took with him his son in order to become a priest too.

    He was always very kind and positive with all the people around him until a certain day.When he was 5 years old,his parents bought him a little got killed by some rogue ninjas due to his disturbing barking ...That event made Alex so furious that it was the time he wanted to join the Military Army of his Land.

    After some years,he made his dream come true.He joined the academy and started training in the way of the sword.As he grew older and he became a real samurai,he came to know that the key in order to protect all the puppies on the known world was to become powerful.So one day,without any warning,when he was on a mission along with other samurais,he killed his own comrades and left the Land Of Iron.

    He started wondering when after a lot of time he arrived in the Hidden Mist Village.He saw a lot of similarities with his own birth country,such as the cold weather,the snowing,the fog/mist.He decided to stay there and train himself as he knew it was one of the 5 best Hidden Shinobi Villages.

    At that time,he started using his Kenjutsu abilities in order to earn his living.He started taking jobs in order to protect some people but even to kill some,he started stealing and whatever he could to survive.He started stealing metal in order to create his unique armor,food,fabrics for clothes etc.

    He knows lays outside Kiri and training himself in Taijutsu.

    • His Unique Armor:His armor is nothing as the usual.All of his clothes are from metal along with some fabricks in order to protect him from any kind of battles.For example his jeans are from a kind of "flexible" metal in order to protect his legs,his cassock is from metal too,his T-Shirt is from metal and it is similiar with the armor that Samurais were using from their inside for protection.
      NOTE:This armor is very heavy because he is also using it for training purpuses.

    • Strength and Speed:Because of the height he is carrying all the time,due to his armor,he is very strong and muscular.A problem that occured in the start though was the noise that the armor was making.However because he was a samurai,he was able to make it un-noticable by being very careful and knowing ,for eample,how to land or how to attack in "stealthness".When he throws away his cassock or his T-Shirt,he can obtain very fast speed. He also is very strong because of all that height.
    • Sword-Style:Alexander obtained over time a "dual-sword" style for fighting.His swords are reminding a bayonet.He is having 2 swords inside his cassock,keeping them un-noticable from the public eye.Each one is 80cm. long.
    • Chakra Control:Being a samurai from Land of Iron,he is able to control his chakra very well since samurais can use it in various ways such as provide chakra in their swords to make their attacks stronger.
    • Sword mastership:Being from Land of Iron and a member of its military forces,he is a master on the way of the sword.He also trained himself for years and also achieved training from some very respectful sword masters and finally obtained his personal sword style while fighting.He is an exceptional swordman.
    • Other Weapons:
      1. 20 "Bayonet-like" Kunais
      2. 2 "Bayonet-like" kunais is each shoe
      3. 10 explosive notes
      4. 10 shurinkens all over his body
      5. 10m. metal wire
      6. The silver cross can become a very small knife 10cm long.


    Theme Song and Background Music:



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    Re: |Alexander "Father" Anderson|


    I know that is is kinda "trash".I was bored.Just tell me the mistakes cause I want this bio
    Also this is my 2nd bio cause I have already dropped my Zabuza

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